The Lady Of The Gift: Psychic Tarot

The Lady Of The Gift: Daily Psychic Tarot

The Lady Of The Gift: Psychic TarotKeywords for The Lady of the Gift are, generosity, receiving, withholding

The Lady Of The Gift was the card drawn today from the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid. It is the 20th card in the deck.

In numerology the number 20 becomes 2 + 0 = 2. The number 2 resonates with the vibration of: duality, peace, artistic, refined, people-person, loves being surrounded by friends, sensitive, honest, sincerity, gullibility, allowing others to take advantage of you, attend to your own needs as well as those of the people around you. Try not to avoid conflict to the point of giving up too much ground to others.

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When you see The Lady Of The Gift it means that you gain your sense of worth from doing for others but you also need to learn to receive. You need to remember that when you are nourished physically, emotionally, and spiritually, then you are better able to help others from a stronger foundation of giving and receiving.

On the other hand, if you are waiting for others to fulfil your needs, then this can cause a lot of pain and stress in your relationships. It can even needlessly ruin a relationship! Balance is needed all round so everyone feels appreciated.

“For it is in giving that we receive.”~ St. Francis of Assisi

When you give a gift, a compliment, an offer of help, you can feel generous, connected and in control. We’re all here to learn about giving and receiving which we do in hundreds of ways, including the giving and receiving of support.

Finally, receiving with grace isn’t about taking, it’s allowing someone else to feel the joy of giving.

Message from the book


The Lady of the Gift brings a message of tithing. To be your Ally, she requires you to look at the nature and method of your giving to others. The world is your church, and you only need to distribute 10% of your wealth to others to ensure that the flow continues.

Yet, this doesn’t necessarily mean giving money away, nor does it imply a direct action of charity, even though the tradition of tithing is material. In fact, the kind of tithing the Lady asks of you isn’t tangible or material at all. She’s asking you to look at all human beings as important in the Divine scheme of things and show others that you believe in them.

Pay attention to how you treat people; and be mindful of your perception, even of seemingly poor strangers. If you see others as successful, abundant, and act as if you believe they have value, blessings all around are assured. Your belief in others has greater value than you could fathom. This alone guarantees your success long-term. Remember that you can only keep what you’re willing to give.


The Lady of The Gift says that the act of withholding is not welcome in her world. In fact, withholding information is another way to lie. Are you doing this? Perhaps someone is doing it to you: withholding something in order to keep you manipulated and controlled so you believe deep down you’re not quite good enough. Now is the time to address the concept of withholding. If you see this in any aspect of your life, it’s time for a change.

Giving to others with the idea of getting something in return is also being warned against here. The best way out of this mire is to give with honesty and with an open heart and without expectation. The Lady Of The Gift challenges you to be generous and compassionate. You can always start again.

~ Colette Baron-Reid

You cannot be depressed when you show up everyday to bring hope to people in despair.
You cannot feel lack when you give everyday to the poor.
You cannot feel alone when you truly seek to meet people’s needs.
You cannot feel unworthy when you show others how precious they are.
You cannot feel ugly when you truly see how beautiful all people are.
You cannot feel you don’t matter when you see that everyone truly matters.
You cannot feel unloved when you love others. Love is something you do.
What you don’t give, you lose. If you don’t have it, give it away to somebody today. Protect and keep the things you value by giving them.”  ~ Dragos Bratasanu

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