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Temptation - psychic tarot readingTemptation is a card connected to the hidden forces of negativity

Temptation is the card drawn today from The Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck by John Holland. It is the 15th card of the Major Arcana. This card is equivalent to The Devil  (Capricorn) in a traditional tarot spread.

The number 15 in numerology would become 6 which means: harmony, appreciation, self-sacrifice, loyalty and responsibility, care/caring, teacher, conventional, provider, protector, healer, idealistic, selfless, honest, charitable, faithful, nurturer, truth, order, economy, emotional depth, curiosity, deep love of home and family, humanitarian, service, unselfishness, balance, good provider, peaceful, self-sacrifice, empathy, sympathy, unconditional love, circulation, agriculture, balance, grace.

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When you see Temptation its means that there is a lack of control in your life or you may be seeking to control life and those around you. Temptation is an inner force within each of us. It represents our fears, addictions, and other impulsive actions.

You may be constantly blaming others for your situation or making excuses as to why you can’t change things. However, when this card appears, then someone may well be working against you. Look around and look beyond the smiles and friendliness, because someone may have it in for you. Stay away from those that wish to bring you down or appear negative, for it will rub off on you.

It’s also possible that your mind may be tricking you into believing that you are being controlled by external forces. When in fact you have all the power you wish, at your fingertips. The chains around your neck are loose and could be easily removed. You also may be seeing the future as a rehash of the past, not allowing for new, fresh possibilities.

Also, you may be found guilty of knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing. Ask yourself these four key questions for everything that is troubling you.

What is it that prevents you from saying goodbye to the thing/situation/relationship?

Is the thing/situation/relationship really worth hanging on to?

What positive things has this thing/situation/relationship brought into your life?

What is holding you back from achieving your dreams?

If you find it hard to find any answers or you have to think about it for too long, then you must be honest with yourself and prepare to let go. Time to say goodbye and free yourself.

In regards to relationships, Temptation can represent relationships without love, purely for money or gain. It can also represent sex without love. There can be jealousy and envy in a relationship. Control, dominance, violence or at the extreme, rape in the relationship. A relationship may have got stuck in a rut and is going nowhere.

In regards to health, you have issues with teeth, bones, joints and knees. It can also suggest old age, colds, rheumatism, arthritis, ageing skin, broken bones and chronic conditions.

Learn to embrace your fears and your doubts so everything becomes a learning experience. Gaining the knowledge that the physical world teaches, will help you transcend to a higher plane of existence.

“Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before.”
~ Mae West

“I am in no mood to be deceived any longer by the crafty devil and false character whose greatest pleasure is to take advantage of everyone.” ~ Camille Claudel

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