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September 2019 Horoscope

Welcome to your September 2019 horoscope. A month awaits which commences with a pile-up of planets in Virgo and the moon in its last degree in the chart cast where I, the astrologer, live. What this indicates due to the energies involved is that from Aries to Scorpio all ruling planets are under Virgo influence. Sagittarius through Pisces bring something different to the party as the more transpersonal signs of the zodiac (even though Venus is exalted in Pisces and Mars is exalted in Capricorn). We have just experienced a new moon in Virgo and the beginning of a new Venus/Mars cycle. Keep in mind that this is a whole new phase we are entering within our personal relationships.

How you organise your life force and the direction of your energy is going to determine the degree of success bearing fruit in your interpersonal life – which is another way of saying “my life mission and alignment first. Any healthy relationship must fit in with that configuration.” It is time to stop treading water. It is time, this month, to put your money where your mouth is. No longer can you hide or hope to imagine that anyone will carry a wounded you in a relationship. Let’s see how this affects your Sun sign this month. Everything feels upside down. So let’s manifest a change, a reversal if you will…

Alex ❤

September 2019 Horoscope - by AlexPISCES:

Where has ‘the dream’ come from? How much have you expected of others? Why have you felt disenfranchised so often? It is time to embark on the inner journey to end all inner journeys. What you imagined was ‘out there’ is really ‘in here’. But with all that actual planetary energy in Virgo opposing your sign, you really will see what is out there. We call this clarity. But you will not see clearly unless you question your own expectations. The Tao makes clear that alignment with ‘what is’ is freeing. If people are not free, what is that to you? It’s time to stop rescuing others. It’s time to accept that they must own even their bad choices. Allow these choices to teach you. Do not seek to school (or even help) them, this month. This is your turning point.

September 2019 Horoscope - by AlexAQUARIUS:

Any internal structures of our psyche are what keeps the madness from the door. The dissolution of self as a viable construction in the world hinges upon this. Yet, we cannot always prevent external circumstances from challenging the very foundation of these structures from time to time. At such moments we speak of ‘crisis’. A crisis is both objective and subjective but we usually refer to the subjective when we use the word. A sense of crisis, however, may be lacking, even when the structures are bending under pressure. The question for you, this month, is one around how far you exist meaningfully outside of normative social structures. Nobody needs to fit in. Virtually everyone wants to. Confront such questions boldly now.

September 2019 Horoscope - by AlexCAPRICORN:

In the choice between status and hard work, it can appear that hard work has greater virtue. But… what about lack of status? Where does that come from? We can see such questions in terms of respect and dignity conferred upon us by social recognition. This has always been vital in our world, yet it is double-edged! If in your psychological make-up, you fail to confer dignity upon yourself, then the ego may seek to extract validation from others. Becoming workaholic and unbearably perfectionist is the alternative. Capricorn tends to prefer the latter. So, as your ruler starts to slow down this month, you approach a point of realisation regarding where, in the past, your standards became punishing to yourself. Time to loosen up.

September 2019 Horoscope - by AlexSAGITTARIUS:

What are your loftiest dreams of family life? And, how are these dovetailed into your sense of adventure? You know your wanderlust can make you restless and non-committal. Well, this month it pays you to revise all of your ancient notions regarding how people, in general, are connected to other people. I am not going to wax lyrical about attachment theory, however. You see, there is no textbook ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to configure any aspect of your life. Your life is an adventure and so is everyone else’s. So here is the rub, since you can lead a horse to water and all that jazz… Your wants and your needs will not be at odds, once you stop dreaming of making A. N. Other fit into your scheme of kinship. Go to where the horses run free.

September 2019 Horoscope - by AlexSCORPIO:

Balance in relationships or disruptions? Chaos in your own psyche or equilibrium in that of others? Like two insects that meet each other ‘on the road’, both predators, it can seem that warfare is just ‘a fact of life’. But what happens to our humanity once we get worn down by the practicalities of always having to put out fires? Traditional cultures, before the population explosion of the Industrial Revolution, benefited from the grounding which the tribe offered. For insects, it is akin to a colony of protection for ongoing thriving. In your case, the old dyad model is not really producing much other than friction and a battle of wills. Do not wait for a crisis to consume you. It is time to take the community seriously. Oh and honest communication!

September 2019 Horoscope - by AlexLIBRA:

A new you will wish to emerge, free from all the old psychological tussles about whether you should prioritise this or that or him or her or even you. This story is old. And it is a story you have told yourself convincingly. You seem to have swallowed the following myth… “It’s just the way I am wired”. Ask yourself this – “Who are your feelings for?” You see, I think you fell into a trap of not noticing that your feelings are for you. You have placed them at the service of others. Still, you have something to show for all of that. You have dug out a nugget of treasure. And my feeling is that while you imagined it was your compassion that you were offering to others as a life mission, you now get to see it is ‘you being you’ that is everyone’s gift. Yours too!

September 2019 Horoscope - by AlexVIRGO:

It looks very much to me as if a partner is acting as a mirror to you in some way. It is not clear exactly what that is about… at least not yet. But, what we can say, is that they are showing you something about how you are ‘supposed to be’ when you are being fully true to yourself. Ask yourself, in September, about the ways in which you may currently be selling yourself out. A new beginning is upon you and you have an opportunity to start as you mean to go on. The planetary line-up suggests that love and attachment issues may be like Cinderella over the next couple of years. Also, Mars suggests that asserting yourself may require some transitional anger. How have people taken advantage of you? But more, how was that even possible?

September 2019 Horoscope - by AlexLEO:

You are ruled by the Sun. Yet what is your relationship to the moon? Clarity requires focus. But when you do not really understand what you want, or what is driving you, how can you find the resolve to focus? The bottom line is this: When you take a path, you exclude many of the other paths you might have taken. When you walk towards something, you walk away from something else. You cannot have everything you dream of in this life. And really, why on Earth would you even want to? Unless that is,  frustration and disappointment have dogged you for some reason. Even then we must ask, “what exactly has been thwarting me?” And, more importantly, “was it, in fact, me all along?” No pearl was ever bigger than the oyster that fashioned it.

September 2019 Horoscope - by AlexCANCER:

The past is not a gateway to any kind of different future. That is not something which is true of events or people so much as of yourself. The way we end up living becomes habitual so very easily. The North Node, transiting your sign in reverse gear, suggests that sometimes we must go backwards in order to go forward. But the map is not the territory. You might not return to a familiar place as the same person you were when you last visited. The power of change is at your fingertips. But to use it you must get very clear on what your own power actually is… and is not. Mistaken use of power gives a sensation of power, but no enduring results. All your uncertainty has come from within. Repeating old patterns is a dodo. Stop abandoning yourself.

September 2019 Horoscope - by AlexGEMINI:

Pay close attention to what and who shows up in your house this month. Be aware also, that vampires were traditionally unable to enter unless you invited them in. Thankfully, no vampires are due to come-a-calling in September. Still, it pays to bear the old maxim in mind. You are the one who holds the wand of magic. It is you who directs the orchestra. Should you notice things showing up in your personal space that are not really what you would want, then dial it back a bit and recognise the ways in which you have given permission to these things. If you are well organised this will help considerably. Indiscipline is the big enemy to watch for. Above all, it’s important now, to see your home as your strength and make it the truest reflection of you.

September 2019 Horoscope - by AlexTAURUS:

Uranus reaches right into the heart of your view of relationships. As the fixed creature you are, you tend to see stability in relationships and the personalities of partners as the premium attribute to inspire confidence. Whether this is ‘correct’ is moot. Regardless, right now it is vital to notice that your own emotional equilibrium is not dependent on anyone else’s state of mind, or even conduct, in terms of the reliability you’ve always prized. It seems you have feared chaos since it reminds you of something unpleasant. So you are deeply reluctant to allow it. This has excluded some interesting possibilities. Uranus says now is the time to savour unpredictability and to appreciate idiosyncrasies as providing colour. Remain emotionally available.

September 2019 Horoscope - by AlexARIES: 

A young Aries is not usually attuned to the subtle finesse of sensitivity. Busy exploring the world, feelings can just slow you down. But then said child becomes an adult. What then? You can spend a lot of time playing catch up… if you even realise that it may be necessary and just what the doctor ordered. You could find a temptation to become a workaholic in September, precisely because this continues to mask an unmet need. You may not think it is a need but that does not alter facts! A whirlwind destroys all in its path. Should you become said whirlwind then you will blow away all those potential participants in the dance you might like to share. People bring their sensitivities and their two left feet. But this does not obligate you to tread on their toes!

This site contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links. All affiliate links are marked with an asterisk. * For more information, read our privacy policy.



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