Self Love; A Good Stew by Prabha

Self Love; A Good Stew

Self-love and a good stew
I prefer a good curry
The difference?
Try to see beyond the obvious
To begin with, you need the right environment 
When you first start out you refer to a recipe
You go looking for one
or someone recommends what they know is good
You look for all the ingredients listed
There’s always the one you have to omit
You now believe whatever you try to create is not going to be the real thing
Yet you carry on without it or try to compensate
The first attempt, not so great
But you have to acknowledge yourself for having a go
It wasn’t actually quite that difficult
Ok, I admit it was enjoyable
Maybe if I tried again and add what I want or an alternative?
That was a little better, not so demanding
Left it in a little longer too
Giving it a little more time to create a wonderful texture
And sauce
It’s still not quite right
For me
It does need more practice
But I’m happy to keep having a go
I’d love to work on creating the unique flavour that represents me

©P Bathina 022019

Poetics describes a whole range of engagements with life that are storied, reflective and filled with imagination and inspiration, as opposed to analysis in the strict sense. When science rules, the magic fades. When thinking ascends the throne, the soul may atrophy. Yet poetics is not irrational – it is a take which reaches into a different aspect of our humanity – one where we can celebrate that which moves us, not dwell on what limits us. Expect surprises. One or many may lead. None or a few may follow and then decide to take the lead. This is a fluidity to break the mould of rigidity. Join us on this journey. Let us hold hands boldly and join voices transformatively. Prabha will be leading us. Feel free to join us.

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