Runescope for 2019 by Alex

Runescope For 2019 – Annual Part Two

Welcome to your Runescope for 2019. Divination can be viewed passively, in terms of “this will happen to you” – if you prefer a fortune-telling approach to your destiny. This may seem easier, however, the more you are able to align with the energies the more the magic can flow because you become one with the energy. You reap what you sow. Runes feel very primal and the glyphs are an alphabet. You can meditate on them.

I have utilised nineteen of the twenty-four available runes in this forecast: Four for the elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water; three for the modalities of Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable and then an extra single card for each star sign.

Many thanks,

Alex ❤

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Enjoy your Runscope for 2019


Runescope for 2019ARIES:

High character is a hugely important trait to possess. One of the things which makes it difficult to achieve in practice is the reality of human pain. Pain can only prosper in the darkness, yet it can drive our conduct, even when we appear to be bathed in sunlight. 2019 is all about you coming into your own, to fulfilling the mission of inhabiting your most noble possibilities and discarding the pain which has compromised your highest life chances. Chiron is the key glyph and here on the Kenaz (Opening) card we see the fire that lights the darkest cave. Chiron also brings that which hides in the shadows out into the light. This year’s journey is all about that process. Your mind is going to be active playing catch up, to assimilate all the lessons you are learning. When you face any low points and your personal demons are staring you down, remember not to run away from such experience. Eventually, your perseverance will pay off. At all times you are seeking to be the best version of yourself you can be.

Runescope for 2019TAURUS:

In last year’s annuals for your sign, it became clear that you had the defence mechanism of all defence mechanisms to face. How have you dealt with that fear of predation? Did the terrors become full-blown and sneak past all your carefully arranged defences? Did you hit rock bottom at any point? I’m here to tell you that it’s not over yet… but the light at the end of the tunnel is NOT a train coming the other way! It seems you had a deep-seated wound you’ve been dodging all your life. You’d hidden it very well and carefully rearranged your values around your defences. But they’ve been obliterated, have they not? 2019 is the year in which you discover your actual core to replace your lonely inner child. The deepest love comes after you are at peace with your old demons. Early in the year, you need the courage to start again. This will be a real challenge but continue on your journey inside. You will discover through 2019 that your capacity to trust anybody else is grounded upon your new-found practices and experiences of self-nurture.

Runescope for 2019GEMINI:

There is a whole dimension of your experience that it seems you may have dreamt about many times but always forgot once you awoke from slumber. In many ways that is a metaphor for what you are about to change in 2019. Humans should ask themselves regularly “where can the magic be found?” The reason this is so important is not so as to make your life look (or even feel) interesting! It is to ensure that your very existence is authentic. We like to run from things that feel unpleasant and those things can quickly become defining patterns – excluding vital avenues of a vibrant existence – leading us to settle for various species of obsession or addiction, as a surrogate to help us not notice – but our unconscious knows. Your imagination and your creative mind are pushing you over the year to set aside those usual preferences for the cognitive dimension of navigating your life. Indulge me for a moment please by visualising one of your most powerfully developed attributes as a cage. It’s time to embrace the devil you don’t know.

Runescope for 2019CANCER:

So you stand there in your pomp. You look around and believe you may actually be complete. It seems like you are on the cusp of fulfilling your dreams. Imagine for a second that from that place of feeling, all your external props were to be taken away from you in an instant. How do you feel now? Hesitant? Passive and powerless? I don’t share these questions to unsettle you. I’m just curious. There is little doubt that your daily journey in 2019 will be taking you closer, one step at a time, to old cherished dreams of happiness and material abundance. But where do you imagine (at this point) that these eventualities will spring from? Right now, it seems to me that you may be trusting the road, the path under your feet as if that were the evidence of your eventual fulfilled destination. That might trip you up though and so I’m just clueing you into something. Confidence is never found via external factors, no matter how promising they appear. These are all proxy phenomena. For you, this year’s fulfilment comes from bold steps initiated by you.

Runescope for 2019LEO:

I want. They want. Conservation, preservation and protection. Once we open to the flow of energies between two or more people, we immediately introduce risk. We may lose, we may gain. Nothing much may change. This isn’t simply on a material level either. Fear of loss can make us unprepared to even begin the process of any kind of emotional exchange. Of course, we tell ourselves that we simply have terms and conditions and that others are free to read the small print to see if they wish to sign up to ours. But would you EVER sign up to theirs? Control and her sibling, self-control, are quite capable of ensuring that you never budge from your default positions… and hence experience no perturbance in your orbit. They can choose, yes? So you don’t have to. The choice is theirs and theirs alone, right? Wrong! If you swallow that lie then you will have worked hard all your life for nothing. Your accrued energy is meant to exchange, to flow out, with the expectation that different energy will enrich as it flows back. Stagnation loves control. In 2019, let it go.

Runescope for 2019VIRGO:

What’s the best approach to defence? Most circulating nuggets of wisdom suggest a dynamic approach of counterattack. Maybe protection is a better word to use. Every action has an equal and opposite force in reaction to it. This means that your fears taint your capacity to act freely. Your highest ideals may be compromised by bitter experience. The ceiling of your expectations may be defined by all the habits and patterns of your own behaviours. In 2019 you get to explore this kind of equation very thoroughly. It is true for everyone but definitive in your life juncture at this time. It’s amazing what we accept when we feel we have no choice, isn’t it? This year you get to see choiceless as a dilemma and more as a privilege. When that happens, a sense of abundance replaces that of scarcity. It then becomes up to you to take the opportunities that have become available. Expect some guilt to be nibbling at your ankles as you shift focus. This is natural. Just do not let it hold you back. Whenever you feel trapped this year… break out. Push!

Runescope for 2019LIBRA:

The art of growth involves getting the optimum balance between pruning and cutting back at key moments, balanced with fertilising and nourishing the soil. Not only that but those processes must dovetail together – they are not separate phenomena with no connection. The whole ancient notion of holiness and the sacred required separation from the common. Things had to be set apart, in order to be conferred with a sense of the special, with true dignity and value. In 2019 your goal is to achieve this sort of balance. You will need to chop away those things which have become deadwood, choking your spare energy – so you can deploy your reserves efficiently and productively. Things which drain you must be jettisoned. And yet, the opportunities will be present for adventures. Those adventures will offer you the chance to relive an old dream. And such a dream need no longer reside simply in your head, as forlorn hopes. The one thing to remember is that not all your visions are for others. Often the best results for others is your overflowing joy.

Runescope for 2019SCORPIO:

Who has the power? You do! Especially this coming year. There has been a bundle of energetic mojo reconstructing how you see yourself in the last quarter of 2018. When that happens stability can seem like the very last thing that you are able to access. Digging down beneath the layers of your everyday consciousness may not have proven to be pleasant. However, it certainly did enable you to clear certain of your decks, ready for a new emphasis. When you are a Scorpio, simple happiness and contentment can seem like an ideal dream – there is so much intensity; so much at stake when you seek authenticity in an inauthentic world. But now you are Harry Potter with a wand in hand. The question is are you trying to defeat Voldemort or realising that there is more to life than Voldemort? In the movies that is the plot line… but your life is not a movie. In 2019, you get to set the agenda. You get to reap joy, thanks to hard work. But if joy has been reduced merely to work, where’s the magic? Understand that joy lies beyond the mind.

Runescope for 2019SAGITTARIUS:

Human beings are borderline obsessed with having options… and with good reason. They understand after a while spent trudging the planet seeking security, that sources of supply for meeting their needs can evaporate just as quickly as they appeared. There is nothing crude in this notion. Even ‘love’ carries a social utility component. People do not get into relationships in order to practice philanthropy. They do so in order to exchange in a number of ways that sustain in a mutually beneficial ecosystem. Yet a fear niggles away at everybody, based on realism about the human condition. This is why trust is a feeling more than any kind of hard fact. In 2019, regardless of how you may have hedged your bets and stayed on the carousel, it is time to acknowledge that always requiring options, as some kind of indemnity against future losses, hampering the building process possible now, due to fear… must be addressed. It is time now to commit and apply yourself. You may have been burned in the past. But you need a life beyond guarantees.

Runescope for 2019CAPRICORN:

There is a clear call being issued to you at this time. The mystery rune, Perthro, is drawing your attention towards an underworld-type of initiation you are on the cusp of. Don’t worry! The pain is over. It’s not as if you are about to enter the labyrinth depicted on the card. No, quite the opposite. Your journey will involve assimilating in 2019, all those lessons which you have learned about approaches to life and what you want that simply do not work. Time and again you have seen the same pattern repeat, while you scratch your head vigorously, in trying to ‘figure it all out’. This theme is all about how you exchange with significant others and, more importantly, the things that you will need to change fundamentally, in order to make your exchanges actually work in a satisfying way from now on. It’s apparent that you have understood many lessons at the mental level. But you appear stuck there. It’s now time to enter into exchanges in a way that may, at first, appear to go against your grain. Persist! Ditch redundant values. Do what works!

Runescope for 2019AQUARIUS:

What is it about traditional stability that is so troubling? Basically, a large part of you actually enjoys feeling the trappings of security. And certain forms of unpredictable disruption are most definitely unwelcome. Still, if the way that you feel your way into life is more energetic than theoretical, you will likely not appreciate demands which curtail the free expression of those energies that arise within you, moment by moment. In 2019 it appears that you will encounter a number of challenges that will force you to evaluate your priorities carefully. You will need to be honest with yourself about whether such events threaten endings or beginnings. It is important for you to resolve that on a mental level, in order to transcend ancient fears. You see, it is impossible to appreciate the possibilities of change if you are locked into a mindset that views certain changes heralding death, without the chance of resurrection. Decay and loss are ever-present threats. The key is not to put the cart before the horse. Commitments will actually prove faithful allies in 2019.

Runescope for 2019PISCES:

Communication transcends words. Vision transcends sight. Sometimes, in order to achieve something higher than the ‘ordinary’ (which most of us usually inhabit), we have to sacrifice something lesser, in order for it to be able to emerge. The Norse deity Odin hung on Yggdrasil for nine days and sacrificed an eye in order to achieve higher sight into the mysteries and wisdom, not usually available. We are talking in 2019 about your getting to the core of what brings you the kind of experience you have always wanted. For that to happen, something must shift – you must give something up. You cannot escape your body, or your limitations, except for brief moments… only to return to Earth; often with a bump. The key for you this year is to transition away from any sense of longing which may have driven your actions. It is time to become completely practical. What is your most basic level of unmet need? Any attempt to move forward with any kind of dream, while in denial about such, will always lead to desolation. You are Odin, seeking his eye back.

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2 thoughts on “Runescope for 2019 by Alex”

  1. Hi Sharyn,

    I’ve not seen any of her other images, nor a book by her. These came with Ralph Blum’s deck – a Christian take on the futhark. Her images are rich and inspiring. Not sure what interpretive stance she might align with. Thanks for your comment. I always enjoy questions pertaining to the runes. And these images are great to vibe off.


  2. Alex, I have this deck and am wondering if you have a companion book with these images? Such knock out art. There is a purple cover book by Gern, but it sure doesn’t match the art, have you ever seen the inside images. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Sharyn

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