Patience: Messages From Your Angels

Patience: Messages From Your AngelsPatience: “Now is the time to learn, study, and gather information. Enjoy being a student, because, in the future, you will synthesize your knowledge into action.”

Patience is the card drawn today from the Messages From Your Angels, oracle deck by Doreen Virtue.

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When you see Patience it means the seeds you have planted must be nurtured in order to grow. This is not the time to rush into things, expecting to have complete success at your fingertips. Nurture your visions by gaining as much knowledge necessary to fulfil your dreams and desires. This is not the time to let fears or doubts stunt your progress, instead keep honing your skills until you feel confident. Believing in your capabilities is crucial at this point, even if you do not know exactly how you are going to use your talents.

Message from Doreen Virtue

Although you may be aching to begin a new project, now is not the time. You are in the vital phase of gathering right now. This means that you are acquiring new information through studying, reading, meditating, channelling, taking classes, interviewing experts and other means. In all of life, there is a time for gathering and a time for planting.

It is too soon for you to decide how you will use the new information that you are absorbing. You may have some ideas, though, so it might be wise to write them down for future use. Soon enough, you will be called into action to apply your knowledge in useful ways. When that happens, you will be very busy and work very hard. So, enjoy the present moments of ambiguity and rest. Allow yourself to be an empty vessel into which Heaven pours the contents of its library of wisdom. Your unique talents will blend with this wisdom, and synthesize it into a new and important way to bring peace to this planet.

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.  ~ Harriet Tubman

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