Partnerships and Alliances: Psychic Tarot

Partnerships and Alliances: Psychic TarotPartnerships and Alliances is a card that is connected to growth and moving forward with plans

Partnerships and Alliances is the card drawn today from, The Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck by John Holland. It is the 3rd card of the suit spirit from the Minor Arcana.  This card is equivalent to the 3 of wands, in a traditional tarot spread.

The number 3 vibrates with the energy of; Trinity, harmony, union, expansion, birth. The 3 forms a natural triangle and is the symbol for the element of Fire. Fire when left unrestricted desires to grow upwards and outwards.

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The violet border denotes wisdom, beauty, creativity, inspiration, and enlightenment. It’s one of the most spiritual colours and is associated with the Crown Chakra

Looking at this card I see two arms in an embrace, a male and female. Reminding me of yin and yang, male and female energies complimenting each other, giving balance and fortitude. A balance of masculine and feminine energies between different sexes or within yourself. The idea that you all have masculine and feminine energies within yourself is not a new concept. How To Balance our Shiva (Masculine Energy) & Shakti (Feminine Energy): 6 Tips

When you see the Partnerships and Alliances card, it means hope will spring eternal concerning all of the matters in which you are currently invested. It means you’re now starting to see the fruits of your labour and you are not going to let yourself worry or get bogged down with every tedious and petty little thing that might happen. You are taking the long view and looking at the big picture.

You’re starting to feel more assured of what you are doing. You may feel excited and full of enthusiasm for a project you are working on as your creative juices get activated.

It’s all about teamwork

It also represents the coming together of a team who work together in a cooperative and collaborative manner, to ensure the success of a project or venture. Each member of the team has something to offer which compliments the skills and qualities of the other team members.

Partnerships and Alliances also suggest the likelihood of forming new alliances or starting something new. Look out for synchronicity and signs, happening all around you and remember there needs to be a balance in all relationships with an equal exchange of energy. If you give too much, whereas the other gives too little, it could leave you feeling energetically drained and cause potential disharmony in the relationship. Or vice versa, it cuts both ways…

This card shows that your plans are now well underway and you are considering even more opportunities to expand your current strategy and maximise your potential. Everything is progressing steadily and as expected, thanks to your solid preparation and ongoing drive. It encourages you to dream bigger than your limitations. Accept your vision and be confident you will achieve it.

On a relationship level, this card suggests that you are putting in the necessary work and effort to ensure you build your relationship on good foundations. There is a strong sense of commitment and growth within this relationship/s.

In conclusion, Partnerships and Alliances mean that you will form or enjoy partnerships to further your aims and ambitions. The card fares well for future partnership endeavours.

It is probably not love that makes the world go around, but rather those mutually supportive alliances through which partners recognize their dependence on each other for the achievement of shared and private goals.

Fred Allen

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