wolf calling: October 2020 Horoscope

What is your calling in October 2020 horoscope?

Welcome to the October 2020 horoscope. Last month I took a much-needed break. It was the first time since summer 2014 that I have not produced at least one piece of horoscopic writing, in a calendar month. 2020 has been quite a year, as all reading this will surely agree. It has not all been negative, however. There appears to have been a fast track evolution taking place, within the deep corners of many human souls. Emanation is on its way.

This month, Mercury stations retrograde (14th in the UK) in Scorpio. It will station direct on the very day of the U.S. presidential election on November 3rd. But it re-enters Libra on the 28th (UK). Scorpio is a fixed and Mars-ruled sign, where Libra is a cardinal and Venus-ruled sign. With Mars retrograde (until 13th November) in Aries, the thematic sense seems to be that our thinking, as related to actions and behaviours, needs not only to be aligned with our life force but also not inflexible/aggressive but instead productive/winsome.

There are also two full moons this month. This a clear sign of the release of tension being grounded in a shift from an Aries (Mars-ruled) full moon to a Taurus (Venus-ruled) full moon. The theme of the retrograde shift is repeated in the moon rulership. This is therefore a highly significant maturational month for the human species. We are either about to evolve to a whole new level based on learning to live within and manage the grey and the subtle OR we will remain trapped in old ideological allegiances, bigotries and division.

Now is the time to seek your own personal epiphany and begin the evolutionary journey which will see you equipped for the new world that is rapidly emerging. We will either become humane beings in the fullest sense or choose a path that will ultimately lead into The Matrix and transhuman loss of our human soul to technocracy. I offer this introduction as an energetic offering in support of you making the only sane choice. Such a sane choice can only be made when one’s ancient wounds and the feelings arising from them are owned, resolved and integrated. The presence of Chiron conjunct the first full moon on the 1st, indicates this journey to be pivotal. In this regard, may you be blessed with all you need for the challenging journey ahead.

All the very best for an expansive October, despite outer constraints. You can now grow your inner life and get clear with who you wish to be in the emerging future. Alex ❤

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ARIES:October 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

You carry a great deal on your shoulders at the best of times. So many contradictions present to us throughout life and experience of others. You are called upon to find balance this month. Your frustrations may be about to spill over. I would admonish you to partner up with a person who understands how you tick and supports your process. The history of your ancient wounding is being pressed upon now. Secure the kinds of energy you appreciate in your relating. This will help you to feel the connection you need to resist capitulating to your frustrations. The contrast between those who trigger you and those who are conducive will teach you much this month. So please, swim freely.

TAURUS:October 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

There is a need emerging that carries the urgency of speaking out. Matters deeply etched in your unconscious are about to burst forth. All you must do is ensure this energy release is not destructive in nature. There is a torrent brewing. It will be part of October’s journey to work through ancient feelings, around how others have judged you and particularly misunderstood and misrepresented (and likely mistreated) you. If you succeed in processing this ‘inner arising’ you will be in a position to bring about much good through your leadership, in November. Troubled times call for composure. This is your preparation time. Next month, everyone’s resolve will be tested. Get prepared.

GEMINI:October 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

Your mind is keen as we know. But there is no doubt that the mind isolates us when not complemented by a community of actualised peers, who can help us safely mirror and process our differences and our personal challenges healthily. It seems to me that this month, the level of your emotional connection to your clan and the local community, is going to be crucial to build. You absolutely cannot afford to be isolated. You cannot afford to be reactive to triggers. You cannot afford to address pressing matters only at the level of mind. This will present challenges to you, as you allow certain defences to drop. Go with it. Your requirement is to learn how to live within the grey and the subtle.

CANCER:October 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

The embodiment of basic care and nourishment in your style of presenting to the world is about to become a crucial piece in the jigsaw of others’ lives. You know this energy intimately. You just grasp what people require, in order to feel a deep sense of well being. So step into the spotlight. I understand that you would rather operate behind the scenes, where the light of the moon offers less exposure than the harshness of the midday sun. But the healing gift that you possess now needs to be ‘out there’. Unless we show each other what it is to be human we can very quickly forget. Dark forces would love nothing more than that people forget what makes us human. You know. Show the world!

LEO:October 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

I want you to try to cast your mind back. Back to the time of the incident, through which you might be willing to say you ‘lost your faith’, you became cynical or at least decided that your highest aspiration had zero chance of coming to fruition. At that time, the world became a much colder place. Well, October is the time of reckoning. This old vision can live again. But for it to do so, you must examine feelings realistically. What can be reasonably expected of others? How far can you expect them to meet you where you are, without you meeting them where they are? One way streets are fast becoming a thing of the past. Reciprocity is the emergent reality. I win, you win. And so faith returns.

VIRGO:October 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

You may have been stung financially by a partnership arrangement in the past. Trust issues can be among some of the most difficult to heal. That is because we need to be able to trust again to become fulfilled relationally. Each new relationship carries ‘risk’ and this cannot be managed from the past. So you must make peace with an old wound. This month, it is time to stop endlessly going over old territory. The future is asking for you to heal those old trust wounds by bringing them into consciousness and actively refusing to obey the old programming of mistrust. Maybe this was passed down to you through a parental drama instead. In any case, time to rise above it all.

LIBRA:October 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

What will you do with other people’s feelings if you do not know how to handle your own? Classically, once we force our feelings underground and into inaccessible spaces, these feelings simply come out uncontrollably at times of panic. We maintain a calm composure until a trigger completely overpowers our ability to micromanage how we really feel. You cannot always be reasonable and fair. It leads to self-neglect inevitably over time. But this month, I’m not asking you to look at how you handle your own feelings. No, I want you to consider how you use genuine empathy for others as a way of sidestepping your own needs. You must commune with your emotionally whole friends now.

SCORPIO:October 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

Your truth has been forged in battle and by overcoming. You have something profound to communicate to the world. This message will be too radical for many (even many of your clan). But speak this truth, you must. Remember how hard-won it was? You have paid a price for this, and that can be a certain inflexibility or lack of empathy for the one you feel needs to be confronted with hard truths. Mid-month, as Mercury goes retrograde, you may find that old wounds surface around how others have compromised your life chances. Rage may manifest. Still, come month end, you will need to go deeper. You may relive injustice scenarios. Justice will come through reconciliation. You must speak the truth, but the goal is peace.

SAGITTARIUS:October 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

I get the feeling that you may have been deeply wounded by shaming or guilt-tripping. This may have come in a place you might normally expect to be a community, wherein fairness and balance are expected. Yet my sense is people took sides. The ganging up (bullying), you experienced will likely have been grounded in whispers and skewed perspectives, if not downright falsehood and manipulation, which openly denied your needs, failing to see your pain. Feeling deeply betrayed, now is the time to make amends, by addressing this wound. Maybe cleanse internally, or perhaps approach one of the perpetrators. Follow any leadings. Walk through any open doors to set things straight.

CAPRICORN:October 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

Finally, the old parental dramas can end! It is fair to say that you have fought seemingly endless battles around your sense of self, as related to fundamental security, these past twelve years. The work will continue (although in a less intense form) for another four years. But here is a turning point. The parental access is in view for you this month. The relationship between your father and mother when a child seems like it forged expectations of partnership in some way. You noted emotional availability to be a severely weakening factor, as the vulnerability was exploited. This accounts for your struggles with security and finding a place to call home. Time to stop holding others at emotional arm’s length.

AQUARIUS:October 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

I feel like some heavyweight energies were involved in forging your sense of security when you were a small child. These feel to me as though they were based on lots of disruption. In some ways, this sense of disruption has followed you around wherever you have gone. Feeling settled has been challenging. You may have associated this at all times with the environment itself, but really the key figures of childhood were the ones creating a measure of chaos. They may even have blamed the locality for the chaos, instead of owning that they were chaotic in their ways. I am well aware that this likely involves the more powerful parent. It is time now to make peace with this and understand the real root.

PISCES:October 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

It looks to me like you are trying to work out where the reliable ground will be, for you to place your feet and know that said ground will be able to take the weight. So much up in the air in this lockdown world. I suspect this will have been triggering the only part of you that is in any way materialistic. Of course, you are not in essence! Still, everybody has their bottom line and you are no different. You need to get foundations right. No doubt although you know the truth to be a higher-order reality to inhabit, scarcity on all levels (including emotional as well as material) may have been confronting to your life chances. Trust every door that opens naturally now; not any you must force, in order to open.

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