November 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

November 2020 horoscope, a monumental shift

Hello folks, welcome to your November 2020 horoscope. There will be no December horoscope next month as I will be working on the annual, which will come out in time for the solstice and the monumental Jupiter/Saturn conjunction which takes place on the same day – and which will prove era-defining. So this horoscope will cover six weeks up to Mid-December from new moon to new moon.

With a lunar eclipse on the last day of the month, Mars turning direct along with Neptune doing likewise, after Mercury also stations direct on U.S. Presidential Election day, we have big energy shifts this month. November is all about truth arising, fog lifting, people finding their power and tension finally releasing. Given the state of the world right now and after a month with two full moons as bookends, we can safely say that there is a shift for the better in view through the month. This is going to be felt energetically in a very visceral way. Hang in there! The new moon on 14th December will be a total solar eclipse. This augurs a complete realignment.

The first two weeks of December see the peoples of every nation making choices about what sort of world they wish to live in – not simply as an idea, but as a reality that finally they are understanding, they will have to shape. Yet also in November (before we get ahead of ourselves), Jupiter makes its final conjunction (of three) this year with the god of the underworld, Pluto. Jupiter has poor dignity in Capricorn thankfully!

This means in effect that the latest attempt by corrupt and hidden plutocrats to dominate the world and expand their operations will falter. We are still here under the nodal cycle energy of 9/11, when the first of the twin towers fell under a void of course moon, with Saturn (in Gemini) opposite Pluto (in Sagittarius). The whole of this year is a follow-on from 9/11 and the same energy of the void of course moon is present in Jupiter having been in fall on all three occasions when it conjoined Pluto. Saturn completed the conjunction with Pluto that was the culmination of the opposition of 2001, on January 12th this year. We also had an 18.6-year nodal cycle return earlier this year, repeating exactly the 9/11 nodal position.

Astrology is all about cycles and this year sees choreography culminate on the solstice. The next six weeks are the point at which the human race prepares to enter the birth canal. The labour pains are upon us, but the anticipation of release fills the air, starting with Mercury stationing direct on November 3rd.

We live in unprecedented times. Do not be afraid. Here is your chance to step up and be counted as alive and fully present in the world. Make the most of this energy. It is here to thrill your soul. Have an inspiring six weeks and I look forward to bringing you your annual forecast around the 20th of next month.

Alex ❤
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ARIES:November 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

“Lazarus, come forth,” Jesus said. “Whoever you are, come forth,” Terence Trent D’Arby said. For you, your resurrection this month is palpable on a metaphorical level. Having dived down into what drives you, your ruler changes direction mid-month in time for the new moon, which brings realignment. The time from mid-November to mid-December is all about increasing calibration to your truest shade of self. You are called out of the dungeon of lockdown and into flights of your highest imagination. Notice the change in just four weeks… and marvel.

TAURUS:November 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

It’s time to trust again. Your feelings can be very tender and once bruised you are unlikely to be so free as you were, before any assault on your emotional well being. These injuries may feel like they can be attributed to a specific transgression by another, a betrayal even, etched into your soul. No! It goes back further than you may realise. When as a child you wore your heart on your sleeve and it was trampled, there is your point to heal. The ideal relationship in your head doesn’t exist. Understand that what you put in is down to you. Safety comes from you not them.

GEMINI:November 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

Pleasure and responsibility often feel like two entirely different animals. Your ruler, retrograde between your 6th and 5th houses, then returning to your 6th house, before a lunar eclipse at month-end, suggests that the way you navigate may be a part of the great realignment humanity is undertaking. In your case, the clue is in your dual nature becoming integrated and your thoughts and feelings becoming less separate. Your guidance system requires an update. In November the Android goes on Safari (get it?) Embrace what really makes you feel alive.

CANCER:November 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

When our parents have an offbeat sort of relationship that they model to us, this can have an extremely detrimental effect upon our own relationship adventures in later life. Why? Because we seek to replicate the only template we had as an example. We just don’t have experience of any other normalising script for how things ‘should’ go. So we make it up, but we often attract the energies we were plugged into. It appears that your parental axis, running from Aries to Libra, seeks aligning energy now. The lunar eclipse promises resolution in your psyche.

LEO:November 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

You might always have imagined that being yourself is simply a solitary act. Seems obvious, no? You are a self. Full stop. Actually, that is not the whole story! What happens when your vibrations are out of alignment with your kith and kin, with the significant others in your life and with your community of peers? Tension… For you, the sun which inherently shines, it may not come at all naturally to understand your luminosity as inextricable from the quality of your associations. You are happy to shine away as your own source. This month, your not being an island is key.

VIRGO:November 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

Just when you thought you may have climbed out of hell… On occasion, we may visit a terrible holiday location or a shocking hotel. We may perhaps struggle to find anything of merit when we seem to have wasted precious time and money on a bad experience. But, we always somehow seem to learn more from what goes badly than what goes well. Life always provides contrast and if we avoid falling into self-pity, everything becomes an opportunity. When certain things are stripped back, other things are laid bare. Deal with what you need to. Give thanks for the rest.

LIBRA:November 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

It’s just so easy for Libra to get dragged around by the diktats of social nicety and people-pleasing. It can be easier maintaining superficial equilibrium than to strive for one truly meeting your requirements for fairness and justice, in the world of all human relating. Of course, other people are always the problem! They simply will not comply with the simple principles needed to be like yourself. Because you are so busy making concessions most of the time, you easily forget your actual needs. But this month, an opportunity presents to find your emotional feet in the storm…

SCORPIO:November 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

Take a look at who you used to be, running around at times like a headless chicken, putting out fires, sorting out the mess that less conscientious or capable people had made. Remember that person? If lockdown has taught you anything, especially while your ruler Mars has been retrograde, it seems to be about how much life force has been tied up in others’ details – whether projects, dramas or basic needs. This month sees reversal. Breathe out! My feeling is that by mid-December’s total eclipse, you will notice just how financially valuable such energy is, working for you.

SAGITTARIUS:November 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

Folk with a deep spiritual inclination often struggle to reconcile themselves to making money from any notion of work related to what they perceive as sacred to them. But they would never quibble with the idea that the work they do should be rewarding and deeply satisfying. Yes, there are ethics. But guilt is not ethics. “A labourer is worthy of his wages” did not apply only to people working on a building site. This month, all your old ‘religious’ notions come under scrutiny. You will begin to see how notions of power have held you back from your loftiest potentials.

CAPRICORN:November 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

Just when you think you got to the end of the marathon, you see ahead of you not the finishing line, but a starting line. Like those Russian dolls which stack inside each other, could this be yet another Groundhog Day? Endings can be monumental. And yet, we understand that new chapters always begin as a result. Sometimes though, there is this uncomfortable twilight zone between ending and beginning, where we lack any compass. Well, ending a nightmare is not the same as being awake. Now you have to re-launch. Time for an audit of all your truest assets.

AQUARIUS:November 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

There are bricks and mortar and then there are people. One is fixed (you quite like that) and the other is not fixed (unless you choose people with dependable characteristics – or is that predictable?) It is time for you to evaluate your deepest sense of where you acquire the security. You are not going to demolish your house as some sort of experiment, but maybe you are itching to move away from what has defined you in space, these past two and a half years? Another way of processing unconscious ‘stuff’ is to try on some unpredictable people for size. What are you waiting for?

PISCES:November 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

Perhaps you imagined that your life mission was going to be one thing and now, quite without any willing or intention, it appears to have become quite another. So it is with our plans so often. Our beliefs, deep convictions and intentions often receive a shake from an outside aggregate of circumstance and then, not long afterwards, old monuments come tumbling down. Amid the rubble thankfully, we tend to find the foundations of a new purpose. This month, your sense of mission is reconstituted. Come mid-December, you will struggle to recall what the old vision was!

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