November 2019 Horoscope - by Alex

Welcome to your November 2019 Horoscope

Hello folks. When Mercury traces back the path over the disc of the Sun while in the sign of Scorpio, the first three weeks of November, it is time to dig down into the depths of your passion and to attempt to notice how far your ideas, beliefs and communication, indeed the very way you organise your life, have or have not made way for your fundamental, life force expression. Pluto, the planet of authenticity, obsession and relentlessness, is facing an approaching watershed with all those traditions that may have either trapped you negatively or protected you nobly on your journey. There is no right answer when it comes to how you express your authenticity.

There are rules, yes! But there is an imperative to be true to who you are at the core. If this has been out of balance (and it is likely because it is writ large within culture. Shame, guilt and power have seen to that) then realignment is called for. You cannot address how others and the wider society responds to such conundrums. You can sort your own stuff out. This month, decide who you really want to be as a passionate and alive person. You will be taking this person through all the unsettling trials that await the world at large, in the lead up to the Saturn/Pluto conjunction on 12th January 2020.

Have a great month.

Alex ❤

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November 2019 Horoscope - by AlexARIES:

Significant others may be operating as a mirror to your wounds this month. These behaviours may carry echoes or traces that seem strangely familiar but perhaps now appear vaguely shocking… What might it be that they are doing that you might normally do without fully recognising it? What things, in particular, are irritating you in the conduct of either a significant other or a business colleague? Said irritation is a November gold mine for you. Chiron seeks to bring awareness to you in the reflections you see. There will be a reason for the behaviours. There may be blocked energy. Offer no judgment. Instead, seek illumination.

November 2019 Horoscope - by AlexTAURUS:

It’s simple: Your relationship investments, having cried out to be laid bare, now achieve final resolution – a culmination in your process. We are often deeply unaware of our compensations and investments, long since buried beneath our relating style. November’s theme? Realignment in three dimensions. When we learn our lessons they are often ‘fragments’ that need putting together so that we can enjoy a truly coherent experience. All the disruptions you have encountered, starting May 2018, and through Venus retrograde, in Scorpio late 2018 now give way to clarity. What you really want becomes crystal clear.

November 2019 Horoscope - by AlexGEMINI:

It can be hard for many folks to get passionate about the more mundane details of daily life. But you are a thinker who wishes to make sense of these things, or at least talk long enough in a passionate way so as not to notice what is troubling. What you may have been unaware of is the degree to which this kind of energy impacts others – significant ones, in particular, may feel emotionally unsettled by the level of your mental focus at times, especially if they are not so wired. So until the Sun enters Sagittarius, the planetary energies are asking you to examine these impacts, during your ruler’s Scorpio retrograde.

November 2019 Horoscope - by AlexCANCER:

As Saturn creeps away from your south node it is time to focus upon an important word. That word is ’emergence’. Perhaps you have revisited the past in some way through relationship experiences between May and September. Just possibly, this highlighted clearly, changes you needed to make. Perhaps Saturn in turn, helped the karmic exploration underlying what actually transpired. It seems that as the dust finally settles over the coming two months, it will be vitally important to set your sights beyond the oceans you must cross in order to reach new land – what you want now clarified by what you don’t.

November 2019 Horoscope - by AlexLEO:

Sometimes, when examining our foundations deeply, it helps to shelve certain big issues like love and romance. Even creativity at times takes up energy needed to get clear on more basic matters of security. Whether there’s love in your life is far less important than having YOU in your life. Seriousness can infect fun; fun can be like taking a holiday and you need a holiday now… Get me? Who you are is a cocktail of what you think, feel and do. Ideally, these dimensions will be integrated. Often they are not and instead get in each other’s way. ‘Put your house in order’ is Mercury’s main course. Let Eros be your dessert!

November 2019 Horoscope - by AlexVIRGO:

There’s a part of you that you keep under lock and key. The news this month is basically that it is time to stop suppressing this and begin showing it to the world. Perhaps at some point some ill-advised individual guilt-tripped or shamed you when you expressed this part of yourself… so you shut it down, protecting your vulnerable inner depths beneath the hermit cloak you often like to wear. What core talent might you have been denying? I am not talking about generic creative ability. I mean specific talent. Maybe you can write, or play the drums as only an earth sign can? Time to expose this talent to the light.

November 2019 Horoscope - by AlexLIBRA:

November is a month in which you need to balance the books, much more than you need to balance either yourself or the warring factions that rage all around you; with their competing demands for you to make everything okay for them. Arguably, when you expend your precious energies on making sure that dharma is established in the world, there is an opportunity cost incurred by yourself. It becomes difficult to tend your own flock of sheep when you are trying to round up your neighbour’s strays. In economic terms, this roughly translates to “do not let others any longer take advantage of your provisioning.”

November 2019 Horoscope - by AlexSCORPIO:

Sometimes, at a core level that you do not quite understand, you are deeply indecisive. There will be an opportunity for you to get under the skin of that this month. Clue: It is really a self/other conundrum. I get the feeling that this is about fears of ‘losing yourself’. Whatever you might ‘think’ about love and attraction, please appreciate this month that the mysteries of Scorpio are far more worthy of your attention than fears about the unpredictable consequences of involvement with A. N. Other. Your depths will NEVER be lost through involvements… so long as you stay in touch with what really drives YOU…

September 2019 Horoscope - by AlexSAGITTARIUS:

Clandestine love and passion versus the real thing. Vengeance and jealousy and all those dark emotions languishing in the psyche, versus how people actually treat each other in their day-to-day lives. The contrast can be very stark. You could argue that a person carrying much darkness is harmless if they do not hurt you. Their darkness does not apply. Yet we know that at any moment things could change. Temporary fix versus permanent solution is the dilemma you wrestle with in November. Not about practicalities, this is about making an adjustment of killing the myth that another ever completes us.

November 2019 Horoscope - by AlexCAPRICORN:

It is time to face the facts: Your values about justice, equality and fairness, especially as you see them pan out in the arena of your career, simply have to make way for your growth. Growth into a brand new emanation of potentials, as you morph into a fully actualised, human being. Passion for being pristine in conduct and exemplary all-round is admirable. Which self-respecting person wishes to be mediocre? Nevertheless as your ruler (who presides over your integrity) approaches the great alchemist, Pluto… you face a crossroads. Be a slave forever to your standards for others’ sake. Or… flee the cocoon.

AQUARIUS:November 2019 Horoscope - by Alex

The structures of the psyche cannot be separated from the various structures that we inhabit. The structures your body lives in may have experienced some disruption. What this has left you is hopefully not rubble, so much as jigsaw pieces you can now put together in a different configuration. Remember though that both the building and rebuilding come from the mental blueprint. Such structures can be rigid. Disruptions in one’s world are often begging you to look at rigidities in your mental drivers. The truest foundations originate less in technological prowess, more in the fluidity of creative expression.

November 2019 Horoscope - by AlexPISCES:

As you perhaps have been in a period of reviewing your career-based life path over the past few months it may not have transpired that you notice your values and beliefs to be out of alignment. What you value for you may have long been at odds with what you believe the world should be like, so that everyone has an optimal experience. Working passionately for a world in which we can all sing in harmony, aligned in spirit and holding hands, is noble. But the reality is that this can only ever be voluntary. Most people reject that. This month, look at your values in terms of the mission you truly desire, for fulfilment.

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