Movement, Choices, Decisions: Psychic Tarot

Movement Choices Decisions: psychic tarotMovement, Choices, Decisions is a card that is connected to Material and Financial Decisions

Movement, Choices, Decisions, is the card drawn today from The Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck by John Holland. It is the 2nd card of the suit physical from the Minor Arcana.  This card is equivalent to the 2 of pentacles, in a traditional tarot spread.

The number 2 vibrates with the energy of; Ambivalence, polarity, good/bad, either/or, joy/sorrow, love/hate, rich/poor, ability to feel and use emotions, balanced judgement through intuitive awareness. The number 2 includes both positive and negative because of its polaric energy.

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When you see Movement, Choices, Decisions it can relate to your physical life and it can suggest that you are finding it all a bit of a struggle at present. Furthermore, you could be juggling several things at the same time. Possibly feeling a bit bogged down with demands and commitments such as work, relationships, family, study.

Finance is one of the themes of this card and it generally relates to decisions being made in this area. There could be tension and stress in relation to decisions around finances, as it may involve a large sum of money.

Are you deciding on whether you can afford to buy that car? Or consider whether you should save for that dream holiday? Do you have to make a decision about resolving a debt?

The Movement, Choices, Decisions card would suggest that a decision about finances has to be made in connection with relationships. You may be deciding between two prospective partners based on their financial status.

Are you saving to get married or to buy a house? Is it costing more than you thought? Can it be afforded?

Message from the book:

The Movement, Choices, Decisions card indicates a time of movement: Significant changes and choices must be made. With hard work, great effort, and determination, you have the ability to juggle all the demands that are in front of you. Whether they concern money, business decisions, or other projects, it’s important to stay flexible and focused. You don’t have to do it alone; reach out for the best advice and assistance. In addition, a financial union or partnership may present itself to you.

The more time you take to make these vital decisions and choices, the longer it will be before you can move toward your goals in the physical material world. The changes that are emerging aren’t some random acts or coincidences — they’re all part of a positive and larger scheme. Notice the connections with everything, as this will enable you to avoid future problems and conflicts.

Having so many things to do with limited time can often become stressful, and sometimes your energy and focus is spread out into all areas of what you have to do, at the expense of not giving 100% to each project. When this happens, the quality of your work or project may suffer, or you could feel so overwhelmed that you procrastinate starting anything, whether it’s a project or even a decision! Sound familiar? Put away the procrastination and focus on what needs to be done. The more flexible you are the more you will achieve.

John Holland

Only when we accept the fact that we are where we are because of choices we’ve made in the past can we live every day of the rest of our lives in the certain knowledge that we can do anything we want to do if we simply make the right choices. ~ Jim Stovall

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