May 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

Welcome to your May 2020 horoscope. What has the sky got to tell us this month? In these times we have the classic conundrum for astrology. At the moment, mundane events are dictating more or less everything pertinent to your personal experience. So it can be hard to assess the nature of astrological correspondence to actual events. Anybody looking at the chart and suggesting that it shows weddings and long-distance travel for some, might have been living in a cave for several weeks. Astrology does not tell us what is going to happen. It does help us correlate events, patterns, and trends of experience, to the unfolding cosmic picture. Sometimes that picture reflects seemingly exquisite choreography. Other times we can imagine some cacophony portended. And sometimes it might feel like both at the same time, depending upon your life-setting and your very specific, birth chart. An astrologer must have an eye (and a nose) for the moment. There are numerous ways to try and make sense of things and I have selected a chart which I believe to be the best approach to such sense-making right now. Here is the chart, for those who are interested:

This is the chart for the final quarter moon. I chose it because it is the point which best sums up the energy of our planetary moment, in my view. The nodes of the moon have recently moved from Cancer/Capricorn to Gemini/Sagittarius. Half an hour after this chart, Jupiter stations retrograde and Jupiter is perhaps the primary cosmic energy for the whole year. Jupiter itself takes one year to traverse a sign and is linked to the rune of Jera (year), so always a key significator for any given year – no less so in 2020, but in fact more so! Jupiter’s dance with Pluto is the main story arc which determines the transition from the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of 12th January to the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction of 21st December.

So a Jupiter station indicates a major shift in tone (as do nodal shifts – nodal shifts and patterns relate especially to event timings). The last quarter moon also represents the exact midpoint between the full moon (culmination) and new moon (fresh beginnings) and so that square represents a tipping or transition point. The only question is… of what? Well, this lunation announces Jupiter reversing his expansion powers and speaks of contraction. Jupiter in Capricorn is already in the sign of his fall and so the retrograde is a strong indicator of the contraction phase, as the moon continues to wane. Those features show clearly that this chart holds the moment we are in very aptly. This means that as a divinatory snapshot of the moment, it is very conducive to describing the quality and character of this time (a month in the case of our forecast).

The first thing to notice is how the nodal shift from cardinal signs to mutable is reflected in the chart angles with Virgo rising. Angles grant us our bearings. This is the herald to a shifted energetic quality and also an admonition about your personal operating system or life SatNav. Time to shift, to orientate differently. The train tracks have all been ripped up and so you cannot travel from A to B in a direct fashion. Neither should you simply attempt to say “Screw the world, these are my conditions” (e.g. imposing fixity) – which may be tempting to try maintaining the locus of control. It won’t work! The message is that you must be adaptable and responsive. You must watch developments and act accordingly.

Expect all those apocalyptic energies, dormant within the collective psyche, to be stirred up. The difference is that now you will not be able to wait passively for a rescuer. You must be an active participant in your conscious evolution. Spirituality is a psycho-spiritual phenomenon and you must participate in the act of struggle. In true evolutionary style, we have entered the defining moment, where those not evolved are about to be decisively deselected (make of that what you will).

Suffice it to say that the sun, wherever it is located for you personally, is the soul level of you, the ‘I’ which needs to elevate right now. The sun is in Taurus in this chart and Taurus is ruled by Venus. Venus is conjunct the Midheaven, within a single arc minute (sixtieth of one degree) and retrograde. The choice is yours. The lesser benefic Venus is at Zenith. Now is the time to have that reckoning with yourself and to decide which path you are going to commit to. This moment is passing quickly and the door will close, after we select our divergent paths. The stakes could not be higher. For now, the path of shining your true light is blessed and open. Choose well.

And finally, what might this moment also capture, in terms of your relatedness to others? Well, all the planets are to the west of the chart. I am reminded here of Rabbi Haim of Romshishok and his “allegory of the long spoons” regarding the difference between heaven and hell. In hell, access to food is just the same as in heaven. But the long spoons mean one cannot serve oneself. In hell one starves. The only difference in heaven is that everybody feeds the other. And so all are nourished.

This astrological snapshot on May 14th, therefore reinforces the I Am the Walrus moment of “I am he, as you are he, as you are me. And we are all together“. So, travel light, be utterly adaptable and vigilant. Acknowledge that the train tracks have been ripped up and that your operating system and SatNav need a software update (hopefully not entire replacement, but if so… hey ho! Do it). And remember your core humanity. We are all trying to traverse this turbulent ocean together. Yet the one boat we were all on is now becoming a two-boat scenario. We aren’t quite talking Noah’s Ark here but, in reality, you may have to part company with some old, familiar faces, on your new journey.

Take heart, there are sufficient people who are coming into the light. Join with them and your ascension will not need to be quite so lonely as you may fear. Over to you, friend!

Alex ❤

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May 2020 Horoscope - by AlexARIES:

Inside of you, there is another world, another vision. It contains a way of moving through life that is less driven and restless, more attuned to the specific moment. Call it inspiration, if you like. This month is the time when you are encouraged to begin navigating from a fresh template – one in which being master of your destiny involves opening up a box of delights – the inner treasure of your imagination is calling you home. Your soul is hungry and thirsty. Go there, open the box. Beneath the fear of mirage… there you are! Alive, well, and thriving.

May 2020 Horoscope - by AlexTAURUS:

Consider your path, perhaps shrouded in fog since you can remember. Two routes to go seemingly, yet insufficient visibility to be committal. Well now, the fog lifts. The character of this journey is as important as the direction taken. It appears that mission inception is at the door. I consider your version of humanitarianism to be poised in the delivery room. You are, quite simply, the pioneer. There’s a movement in western culture to deliver the future of technology. For you now, the past beckons. The cumulative wisdom of the ages summons you.

May 2020 Horoscope - by AlexGEMINI:

At those moments that we might describe as ‘meditative’, the noise of the world ceases. Surely a good thing, right? Lockdown has fashioned a quasi-stillness space, for many. Such might be considered a blessing. But then what about the noise on the inside, which takes the opportunity to enter overdrive? Your inner revolutionary has slowly been rousing, like a giant from slumber. As lockdown was initiated, this may not have felt so prominent. Now the sun, well past Uranus, hurtles toward your sign. Time to leave the wilderness and enter the citadel.

May 2020 Horoscope - by AlexCANCER:

How often do the chains of the past scupper the possibilities of the now? Big question. Thing is, everything gets acted out on a stage of everyday experience and quickly gets consigned to memory. You are looking squarely at legacy material from childhood this month. As you now have more time to gain contrast between the life lived before lockdown and the current transition, you get to see what was out of alignment before. The point in May is to delve into where that came from. Clue: Examine how your trusted circle now compares to early family dynamics.

May 2020 Horoscope - by AlexLEO:

You have experienced quite the eighteen months have you not? The time was exactly right for you to explore all the unconscious material queued up (patiently) in the karmic waiting room. I trust there’s been an epiphany or two during this period. Interestingly in May, you look into a mirror you’ve never peered into before. What you see in fact is not an image, but instead, an old perception. There’s a time-lapse quality to this. You see ‘back through time’ to space where your filters fused responsibility and entrapment together. Freedom is not escaping. Keep peering.

May 2020 Horoscope - by AlexVIRGO:

For you this month, the astrology is all about starting the process of clarifying your truest mission on the planet. Having had time to reflect, I trust that you are acquiring some insight into the now redundant patterns of the past. What will the new involve? My guess is that you’ll be diving more into your intuitive side than your planning side, in May. Your beliefs about the world are changing, in line with external realities. Adaptation is in swing. You may not feel at ease regarding the pace of all this, but your guiding rule is “follow the quiet inner leading”.

May 2020 Horoscope - by AlexLIBRA:

Your interactions and attachments look much messier than your beliefs. Funny how, unlike plans we commit to paper or beliefs we develop in isolated cogitation, factors brought into play by others render any sort of ideal vision inaccessible… seemingly. Uranus has started demolishing the legacy structures of the past. We kind of resent them while simultaneously cherishing them. But them toppling like dominoes can be scary. Rest assured, this process is freeing you into a needed alignment of beliefs and mission. Celebrate your losses. They offer gold.

May 2020 Horoscope - by AlexSCORPIO:

I think it fair to suggest that you have been seeing the importance of stepping into your beliefs as action, this past year and a half. Often, this means ‘getting out of your head’. For you, I cannot stress enough now, just how important it is to heed your body’s innate wisdom. Tantric practitioners know this. As Mars hits your solar fifth house of pleasure and creativity, all mental seriousness must give way to a sensate (body) focus. Mental entanglements drain as surely as night follows day. Sacral chakra activation will source the new you.

May 2020 Horoscope - by AlexSAGITTARIUS:

The details and the disruptions of everyday life are often seen as a tedious thing to be endured. But the great news for you, if this is your view (and for your sign it often is), is that once cleared away, the view can be utterly spectacular. Losses too are not something we seek. But the energetic space opened up allows in the new. Destruction can be very painful. Bereft we can lose faith. But life offers a promise that after the storm, clear skies bring renewal. In your case, this equates to a fresh relationship pathway, offering you just what you need.

May 2020 Horoscope - by AlexCAPRICORN:

Two paths now lie ahead of you as you commence a new process. This process is one involving a radical departure from an old trajectory. You are getting a flavour right now of a new technology that awaits you and that is directly related to your material conditions in the world. You will have to be somewhat the rebel to achieve the transition. A huge clue is that this will involve excavating old, long-forgotten sources of simple pleasure. This journey to the core of you will involve clearing away obstacles that choked you. The beauty is in the detail.

May 2020 Horoscope - by AlexAQUARIUS:

Being fully grounded in the world and your material conditions can often feel at odds with being grounded in yourself. In the unprecedented times we are experiencing, it is important to bring every feeling that might conceivably unsettle you, under the authority of your deepest sense of who you are in the very fabric of every cell in your body, thought in your mind and impulse of your soul. Unexpected or shocking events may have destabilised your sense of home and security, but this is all designed to ground you deeper. Embody your creativity now.

May 2020 Horoscope - by AlexPISCES:

Yes, the world exists outside of you. I would never wish to encourage you into a solipsistic view, wherein you saw the world as a mere extension of yourself. But what I will say is this: Every world you ever imagined outside you, currently exists in a prototypical form inside you. I say this because Mars is soon to take up tenure in your sign. At this turning point in human history, your elevation to the next level begins, as you recognise everything outside of you, as a potential expression of everything within. Become excellence personified. All barriers exist only within.

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