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Welcome to your May 2019 horoscope

During the May 2019 horoscopes we’re being drawn back to our roots, roots that are established in many areas of our lives and which will likely see you re-enacting old dynamics for one last time, are upon each one of us, albeit in different areas of our experience (as determined by which solar house is affected for your Sun sign). A rot set in for many of us at some key period and we have subsequently spent much of the time ever since, dramatising the energy of said turning point.

This five-month period ahead will enable us all to purge and rediscover the possibilities of who we might have been, had the rot in question not made its unsightly appearance! All of this stems from Saturn turning retrograde on April 30th and then more or less keeping in tight conjunction to the south node of the moon (which itself moves backwards through the signs) for five months. The first conjunction of Saturn/SN on the April 30th is followed by two more on July 4th (stay alert America, this is a monumental shift in the history of your nation’s roots) and September 28th.

Watch those two dates as a means of monitoring both your progress and specific encounters with people who trigger your past psychological complexes. These karmic lessons build upon the astrology since Chiron and Uranus changed signs and both Chiron and Mercury triggered the final degree of the zodiac. The choreography has been in place and developing steadily since February 18th.

Pluto then conjoined the south node in early April. Now Saturn ties everything together over five key months. Set your intentions now toward finally fleeing any old gremlins which have dogged your life. It is quite possible that your life will be unrecognisable from October onwards, with the freedom you may never have imagined possible. As usual, the caveat is that you do the hard yards.

Wishing you a transformative May!

Alex ❤

Enjoy your May 2019 horoscope


ARIES: Your relationship to your father looks as if it may be casting a long shadow upon the history of your career right about now. If you are a man, you may have been continuously comparing yourself with him. If you are a woman, you may have been more conservative in career choice than you otherwise might have been. Whichever it is, the feeling of ‘falling short’ is now ripe for attention. For some helpful perspective here, look at how any siblings you may have, tackled the same influence. That contrast will prove illuminating this month. If you have no siblings, reflect upon how vocal your mother was about ideas of career. This melting pot of family constellation has much to teach you now.


TAURUS: Our beliefs are both shaped by our past experiences and shape our future experiences. When looking at the past, which the moon’s south node is pointing to now (in terms of beliefs), it would appear that your beliefs shaped your learning (and ideals) in response to how your parents’ beliefs shaped both their own world and yours. Whatever their core beliefs were, infused your flesh and blood. The limits that came with that have blighted your life in some respects. But now rediscovery seems possible, as you finally become the author of your own beliefs about your own life chances. The coming chapters of your life are as yet, unwritten. Painting outside the old lines will prove to free now.


GEMINI: How exactly have other people’s values shaped the direction that your life has taken? For extra spice in the mix, how did your opposite-sex parent’s strong values dictate to your same-sex parent? These values that you dig up, may appear austere in the light of brilliant sunshine, yet they’ve perhaps lain dormant to your conscious awareness; as though perfectly ‘normal’, for a seeming age. Harsh and pragmatic values can be taught as survival equipping for the ‘school of hard knocks’. But this is often a rationalisation after the fact. In any event, your lesson, starting this month and lasting until October, is that perhaps connection is more important in your life than toil. And that is perfectly okay!


CANCER: Old relationships and their patterns are in the spotlight now. It looks like ancient material around the ‘demands’ others makes of you, is knocking on your door this month. The question really is this: How did you ever get to equate others’ expectations of you as some kind of intolerable burden? Expectations can certainly prove to be enslaving, especially unreasonable ones. But who first made you feel obligated? Can you reach back to where that kicked in? Just an FYI here… “I want, they want” is a polarity which pays no attention to “we want”. Seemingly, “we” never appeared viable. Perhaps you experienced parental power plays? Time now to explore relationship-killing expectations from the past.


LEO: Something unexplored within your psychological life has made life’s routines seem like a cage. It’s no exaggeration to say that this has proven to be a burden on your overall well being. But, was it the routines per se, or your relationship to them, that produced this sense of angst, whenever inescapable responsibilities knocked upon your door? Have you ever watched an obsessive person chase their tail endlessly over nothing? Well, that is what you want to avoid and yet, ironically, your own rabid desire to escape routine appears to have driven you to become obsessed about reaching ‘escape velocity’! The answer was never escaping some external chains. Clue: Try running towards, not running away.


VIRGO: How do you express the ‘inner’ you in the outer world? To some, it comes easily and to others that ‘need’ is a chore they wrestle with. With Capricorn as your fifth house (and with Saturn well placed there now, along with the south node of the moon), we see you meshed within a melee of voices, clamouring for ascendancy, around your expressive presence. This would bog anybody down! It’s time to notice how one’s voice differs amid an undisciplined crowd, compared to audience reception. The audience has reverence, the crowd often irreverence. The battles you have fought remind me of ‘The Rise and Fall of Little Voice’ by Jim Cartwright. It seems Big Voice has inhabited a small voicebox…


LIBRA: Umbilical cords are not simply useful for nourishment. They provide an excellent metaphor for the journey, wherein severance from external sustenance is replaced by internal resilience. That metaphor links nicely to our families of origin. The fruit usually falls close to the tree, but it most certainly looks as if karma is now offering you a re-run. Imagine that the little proto-seed called ‘you’ could now rewrite the story and become more of the dandelion ‘sugar stealer’, spreading the seed of new life after the end of the flowering phase, rather than the apple thudding to the ground under its own weight. Travel light. No longer see your role as somehow being the one who must be responsible for the family.


SCORPIO: Parochial little you! Privacy is pretty much your gospel. But why is this? The textbooks of astrology may wish to suggest that you are so connected with these intense and hard to manage energies that you require control; zero loose ends that could explode the whole show. My feeling is that, for sure, being stretched scatters you. Your energy becomes less concentrated, more diffuse. But consider this: If faith is to supply any sort of passion, you have to be able to move beyond containment. Might you go nuclear all over the place, should you allow your real beliefs and faith to enter the world screaming? Will it all get unspeakably messy? Time to remember the first person ever to clip your wings. No more!


SAGITTARIUS: Trust and loss go hand in hand within the human condition. As a person of unerring faith in possibilities within life, this pain of loss is a real Achilles Heel; the property of life most apt to disillusion you and crush your spirit. You do want to believe the best-case scenario. But why might that be relevant now? You appear to have a trust wound when it comes to having faith in your ability to provide for others. Where did that self-doubt originate? Maybe there was some impoverishment attached to your early life conditions (not necessarily financial). Something you deeply valued in the distant past, looks to have been lost. This month, however, ignore guilt and doubt. Partnering is a two-way street.


CAPRICORN: Internal growth is not really established, should you refuse to look within. A solid sense of self that transcends the egoic is the gift that Saturn in your sign bequeaths to you – be truly thankful. Still, this is hard work! And, for the next five months, this process of laying the foundations will prove to be inextricable from use of the ‘pneumatic drill’ to finally break up some of the old rigid patterns and the structures and relating styles, you have built upon them. The message is very clear and very encouraging. This hard work paves the way ahead and the end result (should you do the drilling!) will constitute the dawn of a new chapter in your relational life. Security will only be found within adventure!


AQUARIUS: The phrase ‘loose ends’ springs to mind right now, when I think of you. The mental clutter of unfinished projects and business often holds the energy of fears, regarding success and failure. Who you most deeply yearn to be is finally feeling the unction to ignite the more creative and expressive side of your nature, above the philosophical and reflective aspect – which has dominated your life for so long. Intellectual rigour is frequently a surrogate for true liberation. We justify not launching ourselves forward, because there is the perfect blueprint to attain first. Tradition, stability and caution are important to you. Yet your fixity can become perfectionist. Fresh life patterns beckon forcefully now.


PISCES: You have a strong need to belong, but not in the ‘religious’ sense. What this means, in reality, is that some group structure is necessary to help keep you grounded. An individualistic spirituality can see you going off into all kinds of excesses. In our modern era, especially in western civilisation, we have seen this morph into herd versus loose cannon, on numerous occasions – and that seems to be the ‘way of the world’ nowadays. Rejecting groups is, therefore ‘du jour’ for anyone aspiring to ‘an identity’. This can be catastrophic for you. It looks like groups may have betrayed you in the past. I’d recommend in these days, connecting up with groups who prize spontaneous creativity… and support yours.


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