March 2019 Horoscope – by Alex

Welcome to your March 2019 horoscope and an action-packed astrological month. Chiron just ingressed Aries and Uranus follows (into Taurus) on the 6th of March, the day after Mercury stations retrograde in the last degree of Pisces. Chiron did some cleansing work in mid-February and this was a culmination point in the healing of historic wounds – a cycle decisively completed. Perhaps for the first two weeks of February, you entered a metaphorical time warp and had a series of chance encounters with people from your past, who had been instrumental to much of your pain and confusion. These encounters were clear messages that it was time to clear out the karmic residue related to your sense of ‘victimhood’, stacked up in your unconscious against those who had unsettled or harmed your well being in some enduring fashion.

It is interesting that Mercury retrograde heralds an inner quest of exploration of ideas and thoughts – in the style of review. Since Mercury stations at the very critical, anaretic degree of Pisces (the last in the zodiac), it is plain that although the cycle of pain and victim-consciousness has ended, there remains a psychic ‘after-shock’ phenomenon, which is designed to move you from the feeling level of processing the pain (which was a crucial factor) and into the mental reconciling of this pain into a reconstructed world view and/or set of ideals. The old stuff got cleansed BUT the old ideas need replacing with something both viable and sustainable. The grief at losing our sacrosanct and comforting fantasies can be borderline unbearable. What aids transition is the reworking of the faulty ideas into ones that can actually hope to ‘fly’. There was a lot about growing up emotionally here. And being cared for as a primal child impulse is simply unsustainable in the world of adult relating. What seems to be at issue is the loss of the ideal of perfect parental love and protection.

It’s time to accept that love cannot be any kind of return to the womb. Love is acknowledging that you will die, that nothing lasts forever and that you must parent yourself every day. Nobody else will, can or should be performing that function in your adult life. Once this is addressed, you can hope to move forward. The equinox on the 21st is surrounded by many aspects which simply cement the shifts in view – and the tensions which can be finally resolved. On the 22nd, the Sun conjuncts Chiron and your transformation is complete – if you have surrendered to your process of self-reconstitution. The new you can begin to emerge this month as you make choices that stake your claim to being the unique and whole individual you can be at your best. Let your ‘no’ be replaced by a resounding ‘yes’.

Happy Equinox!

Alex ❤

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March 2019 Horoscope - by AlexARIES: You have to acknowledge that you have a body. You might not like the limitations this imposes, but there you are! This means that attachments play a very substantial part in the human experience. It is tough to sustain any sense of coherent values outside such realities. Having a body constrains you. In some ways, these attachments define us and that is not a bad thing as such. For you now, it is time to shake up the role of attachments in your life. This is a major part of the ongoing reconstruction and ‘healing’ work that you have been doing on yourself for the best part of a decade. This we might describe as radically revising your orientation within the world. It will impact your relationships and material realities. But, in order to be wholly yourself, this work is necessary – and it starts this month. Dump baggage now!

March 2019 Horoscope - by Alex by AlexTAURUS: Apparently, you are what you do. You are not your past or even your memories. Still, it does seem that we are MORE than what we do. This month, you are called upon to separate all the components of what we might call your identity (all the things you consider vital to your core self and your values) from what you actually do, every day, in a natural and authentic way. The point is full congruence. We are, each of us, both constructs creating ourselves and instinctual beings. Expressing your idea of ‘you’ is your mission. Being you is your truth. Uranus now begins his work that will allow synthesis of these two elements. You are about to become a living experiment. A key new focus will be noticing everything outside of you, for exactly what it is, valuing it and responding to it, authentically – which is called “being present”.

March 2019 Horoscope - by Alex by AlexGEMINI: The twelfth house in astrology is often cast as “the house of self-undoing”. We’re all aware of self-fulfilling prophecies. We see it clearly when others self-destruct. Once Uranus enters that zone, as he is now for seven years, you get MAGNIFICATION. Pure intellect will never trump grounded wisdom – just what the Taureans you know are here to show you. The magnification supplied by Uranus produces unexpected results (often opposition from people you’d no idea might oppose you). Messages you’ve communicated subtly (non-verbally) will be picked up by others and reacted to. Your words may seem to be ignored. You may feel misunderstood. This month, your ruler says “Look deeply at all non-verbal communications and what you are transmitting beneath the verbal layer.” There’s a wound been driving this. Locate any ‘hostility’, cleanse and move on.

March 2019 Horoscope - by Alex CANCER: Perhaps your expectations have always been quite low? Perhaps disappointment has always been your secret companion? It’s never as simple as blaming others for your sense of non-achievement. Yet many of us choose that psychological escape because it is just easier than looking at the deeper stuff. Still, outwith the sources of your lingering dissatisfaction, there have been real-world specifics – that often come down to lack of resources. Certainly, you may feel you have lacked certain ‘lifestyle markers’ of success. Look around! Is that quite as true as it once was? Your single-mindedness has led to sacrifices of many things you considered second best. Now it is time to do two things: 1/ Discard all remaining hindrances embodied in friends who hold you back. 2/ Consider striding forward into lifestyles that would have been unthinkable in the past.

March 2019 Horoscope - by Alex LEO: Power, authority, approval – what do these notions evoke for you emotionally? Such matters cannot be separated from questions of what gives the most meaning to your life. Careers, for example, give outward structure to contain life’s meaning and provide a vehicle for its direction. That’s why many settle for a job. Inner meaning is tougher to discern. Being conscious of your ‘drivers’ helps. For Leo, the drive to individuation (implying freedom) is considerable. Yet the effects of Uranus in that zone since early 2011, have likely proven very disruptive to other parts of your life. It’s time now to take stock of the bigger picture. Things pass, but what endures is key. Get clear on your core beliefs about meaning in your life this month. Doing so will prepare you to address questions of authority and approval, necessary to find new career ground. Not ‘what’ but ‘why’ you want (anything) is pivotal now.

March 2019 Horoscope - by Alex VIRGO: Your ruler goes retrograde the day before Uranus re-enters your 9th House. How your values, beliefs, and ideas drive your life receives intense scrutiny this month. Where did the zeal underlying your deepest convictions come from? One may imagine that being consistent is the bedrock of reality and reliability. Yet humans do what they do for many reasons that seem completely arbitrary. The unpredictability of other people is one of the things in life which most threatens our sense of security. Still, people are capable of pretty much anything, whether we like it or not! Ask yourself which is more important, your sense of having a stable existence, or other people’s freedom? Now begins a stretch of time within which you must make friends with your core level discomfort with what happens when situations become ‘out of control’.

March 2019 Horoscope - by Alex LIBRA: The coming seven years will have bittersweet moments – especially those times where you will gain because you have lost. This can come when you least expect it. Our connections define us in so many ways. Often we are in control of how these things are proceeding, sometimes not. It’s the times when not that are the proving points for growth and the authenticity of our path. Trials strengthen us. Starting now, you get to enter territory where notions of lack that have always felt inevitable, somehow start to feel like an old story that you heard one time, many moons ago, around a campfire. This story likely involves significant relationships. Stability and equality have no doubt eluded you because 11/12 of the population are not Libran! This begins to change now. Equal partnership waves at you from the horizon. Can you see?

March 2019 Horoscope - by Alex SCORPIO: It is not a certainty but had we suggested that your life circumstances would see you where you are today eight years ago, you may have laughed. Uranus has a habit of turning things upside down! Think of all those things which got upended. There have been challenges in transition. We often take the psychology of past circumstances into new situations. This may apply to you. Well, the next nine years will see you straighten that out. This will be a profound experience of change for you. Still, I cannot suggest that it will not obligate you to make changes in how you transact with others on a fundamental level. This is great news… if you work with what is required. If you don’t, then your changes and your frustrations may spill over into undermining of relationships. Practice your negotiation skills, starting this month.

March 2019 Horoscope - by Alex SAGITTARIUS: What are the duties and obligations of daily life most frustrating to you and which leave a feeling of restlessness? Often, the legacy of past decisions leaves us attending to matters which aren’t truly aligned with who we are now. This kind of experience can be very restrictive to new avenues of exploration. Old responsibilities weigh us down at such points. It’s important for you in the first week of March, to be honest with yourself. On what basis did you enter into old commitments? Were you running away from certain things, even then? If you are to be liberated by the actions of Uranus in the coming years, you must explore such questions. Sometimes we settle and ignore our deeper dimensions; thus creating our own longer-term bondage. Freedom at its best is not mere escape. Work out now, exactly why you want what you want.

March 2019 Horoscope - by Alex CAPRICORN: Creativity and originality are bedfellows. Don’t get me wrong. We can recycle many old things usefully. Three chords can underpin a great tune. A revamped cover version can transform. You picking up an instrument and reproducing a great sound can stir your soul. But, at this time in your life, what is required from you, is that you stretch. You may see yourself as a ‘reliable plodder’. You may protest that you are no pretentious wannabe – but the issue here is your unique voice as important contribution to the world. Ponder why copying something will never express the core of what your contribution really could become. With Uranus on the move, it’s time to find yourself someplace fresh. Your core seeks for you to make a statement about the person you’ve always been. This is the person who will, at last, be seen.

March 2019 Horoscope - by Alex AQUARIUS: A key question for you over the coming months will be the extent to which your sense of identity is a product of factors which shaped you as a pre-conscious entity (as a child as yet not self-aware) and also of how your life is meaningful through connection to your family. “What are my roots?” is a question that the ancestry websites are doing good business with. This is not merely an entertaining question for you now, though. Our paths are often prescribed when we are being formed, simply by the attachment styles we get pushed into, based on caregiver responses to us. The choices we make often yield situations where we gain some compensations, at the expense of key sacrifices of important things. We call these ‘trade-offs’. Evolutionists describe them as ‘opportunity costs’. Explore such themes in March.

March 2019 Horoscope - by Alex PISCES: How have you perceived the world up until this point in your life? I ask simply because Uranus changing signs into a region of the zodiac where your fixed perceptions of life, ideas about it and communication in line with these things is situated, suggests strongly that the next seven years are going to see a radical (at root) transformation of how you see everything. This is a very exciting thing. Chiron has recently completed his trek through your sign (which first began April 20th, 2010 until July 20th, 2010). What kinds of experiences occurred between those dates that changed your basic reality? Well now, the harvest from that potentially fateful time is coming. All the changes effected from then will now come to a place where you finally exit your chrysalis and become truly free, as Uranus torpedoes all the old views that are now seen for what they were – defences. Welcome to new life!

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