June 2020 Horoscope - by Alex Brocklhurst

June 2020 Horoscope: Keywords Illusion, Intensity Begins

Welcome to the June 2020 horoscope. Mercury, Venus, Mars and the moon paint interesting shapes this month and the element of water and sign of Cancer are in the spotlight for planetary inhabitants now. The Mercury retrograde begins mid-month, that of Venus ends a week later, followed quickly by Mars entering Aries for a six-month stay.

Meanwhile, eclipse season is upon us as we pass the solstice and collectively wonder where the season of spring went. Neptune goes retrograde too amid all these more immediately personal planet transitions. The push back against Neptunian illusions is set to intensify from the 23rd. With so much blue touch paper material emerging late May – especially with the brutal murder of George Floyd by the police state; levels of emotional arousal are high.

We are at the threshold of the era heralded by Mars conjunct Chiron on the 14th of July. What we do with our deepest feelings at that time, in response to unfolding world events, is getting its dry run this month. At month-end, Jupiter conjuncts Pluto again, matching the signature of the previous conjunction on April 5th. Forces are in place in a fierce struggle in secret places that most of us do not see. This battle is playing out on a structural level and also a corresponding frequency level. We are agents of participation in the struggle on a personal level.

The key really is that we are able to separate thinking from feeling and not confuse the two. Think what you think, feel what you feel, and, under Mercury retrograde, please get clear on what you are actually feeling. Reactivity levels are high with flash points taking place on a growing scale. Once Mars enters Aries (27th), it is important to have control over your will and to have a very clear gauge on your feelings, with respect to what you see going on all around you.

Be very careful not to be taken in by media representations of ‘reality’ and triggered by what is, after all, a construct of the world. The world you live in is the world that you fashion by being your highest expression of self. What other selves are doing is not your concern. This month, it is time to abandon all those people whose energy is stuck in a place that is overly taxing upon you. You must travel light now, so that your energy may be deployed only on things that matter to you. So avoid being co-opted into any other agendas.

The goal this month is review, alignment and consolidation into the direction you know you must travel. You no longer have an option to carry dead weight. Social media culls will prove highly symbolic as the month approaches its end. Because in July you will need to have your wits about you and your slate clean. Also, ensure that you make provision for your most basic human needs. Eat, sleep and exercise well. Reduce stresses and focus on doing what is wholesome. Efficiency extends to the attunement of your physical body. In essence “be prepared!”

Alex ❤

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ARIES:June 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

As parts of you emerge from the unconscious depths, part of you submerges into the primordial depths, the metaphorical womb. It feels like the hibernating parts of you awoke. But now, it is time for the formerly prominent parts of you to enter hibernation. Do not fear! Dormancy is the state you are seeking. It will be the well of your liberation.

TAURUS:June 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

You still seem to be struggling with questions about the mission. It’s like two life paths exist: one where your happiness is everything and one where humanitarian service is everything. But these feel like ostensibly separate, universes. Remember though, that beliefs can be our greatest obstacle. Nothing external defines you. Life, ever the blank canvas.

GEMINI: June 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

There is a lot to be said for depth specialism. Then again, broad portfolios give better prospects in lived experience. This month you are in transition. It may feel like a whole dimension of your life has been undernourished, or even completely absent. But this was mere illusion. Fears about revealing the deeper you, now give way to leaps of trust.

CANCER:June 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

It is time to examine your alter ego. What is the deeper shade of you that has been percolating beneath your carefully crafted exterior? This does not need to be Superman to your everyday Clark Kent! Becoming who we are is a slow process. But the realm of unconscious processes, the invisible portion of the iceberg, is what must be explored in June.

LEO:June 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

Order meets chaos. Order suffers loss. Creativity makes gains and you are… creative! Instability may not be comfortable, but you seem to baulk at predictability. Yet everything becomes predictable in the end. No external structure is either paradise or prison. The archetype of Uranus needs to reside within you. To the truly creative person, all is raw material.

VIRGO:June 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

Does your ability to act decisively feel like it’s been restricted somehow? As if somebody cast a spell over you? You must revisit what the essence of reality truly is. This month, you’re asked to explore your investment in communities of nourishment. In this individualistic world, power is often dyadic. Your source of power will be found among true peers.

LIBRA:June 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

What you feel and what you think you feel, maybe majorly at odds this month. This may come with a sense that you have been loaning your feelings to other people. That is a sure invitation to it being okay for you to be less agreeable because you begin to honour your own needs, rather than relegating them beneath how others might feel. Progress!

SCORPIO:June 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

For most people, the 6th house is something of a prison. But in your case, it is where you find freedom of expression. It feels like everyday detail is where you really shine. But your commitments make it hard at times to see the bigger picture of why you do what you do. This month, try to switch off and indulge in pleasures. July is on its way!

SAGITTARIUS:June 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

You seem to be approaching the climax point of an old emotional complex that has had a terribly negative influence upon your relationship patterns. This appears to be a moment of liberation, wherein you being free but also satisfied in relationship, is finally really possible. One can travel far and wide but remain in the cold. No longer so for you.

CAPRICORN:June 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

The last 18 months have seen you restructure your very framework of understanding how relationships fit into your life. This review went much deeper than thought and into the functioning of your feelings. Now it is time to look at specific details. How Capricorn nourishes is not via emotions. Yet, others do need to feel emotionally safe.

AQUARIUS:June 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

You are in the borderlands. Something which has been emerging over the past several years is about to launch itself from your imagination and into the real world of contingencies. This is not actually dangerous, even if it feels edgy somehow. You have been planning so long that anything now feels risky. Trust your process. Remove life belt!

PISCES:June 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

You’re approaching the moment where you will need to operate stealthily as a ninja… in spiritual terms. But your lethal skill is not about harm, it is about turning human connection into an infectious thing. Seemingly, the biology of key viruses is morphing into our arch-nemesis. Now you are to become part of a movement making connection viral.

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