June 2019 Horoscope - by Alex

Welcome to your June 2019 Horoscope

There will be a huge energy shift when the new moon rises in Gemini on June 3rd. Gemini is the sign of imagination and energy so expect more change. This energy will help you to set something into motion that will help create the life you want to lead. Be patient though, you might not see results for six months or more. If you are someone who is resistant to change, it can be difficult to let go of the obstacles that are holding you back, though this month’s vibes are conducive for just that. My advice (where possible) is to let go and embrace the changes that enter your life.

Wishing you a productive June!

Alex ❤


June 2019 Horoscopes - by AlexARIES:

Just exactly what are those pesky little critters called feelings? There are many ways to direct our energy away from things which are fundamental to our core humanity. Now please understand, I am not saying you lack humanity. What I am saying is that you seem to run that humanity algorithm through a filter, which is so efficient that it naturally tends to relegate the importance of feelings. In practical terms that will make you very effective and productive, if somewhat restless and impatient in your energies. Still, that fundamental part of us which requires empathy so as to connect with others may make little sense to you. People are flawed. Learn, in June, to see that as a strength, not a weakness.


June 2019 Horoscopes - by AlexTAURUS:

At the outset of the month the exalted lord of Taurus (the moon) conjuncts the day to day ruler (Venus). With Uranus early in your sign to boot, the message is clear: No longer are you the slave of any kind of tyrant. You have been released into your purpose. This means jettisoning old, outworn beliefs, which have almost been clung to by you as a point of faith. There is now no disconnect between who you are and what you want to do. This is the high point, so lay your foundations this month. Clear your to-do list and any clutter backlog in your personal space, as well as within practical and economic details of daily life. The inner terrain of your beliefs is transforming. Work this practically, not in your head.


June 2019 Horoscopes - by AlexGEMINI:

It’s clear in this season for you that you are full of ideas and the capacity to express them and the underlying logic behind them. This is well suited to providing inspiration and that is a gift you offer to the world right now. Still, as you look around you to see those who are receptive, please take note of those people who have the drive and sense of adventure to be prepared to take risks, in order to implement these notions. It’s time to think about teamwork. Perhaps you have been hiding your light away? Whatever the motivations for such an orientation, it is time to enter into the sunlight with some kind of belief in both yourself and those you vibe with. Timing is said to be everything. Please be bold!


June 2019 Horoscopes - by AlexCANCER:

Of the many types of therapy, with their various degrees of merit, at a time when the north node is in your sign and Mars is due to trigger it, while Saturn is conjunct the south node, it seems clear to me that the way for you to self-actualise will less than ever be about trying to shake off the karma of the past. When we introspect there is some value. Nevertheless, this can keep us glued to old energy and quests, based on unravelling ancient complexes. Much better under the current astrology is for you to strike out in the project that we might describe as self-reinvention. You must step forward this month boldly. The way to a fulfilled future is by placing one foot in front of the other. Unleash your passion.


June 2019 Horoscopes - by AlexLEO:

Caring for people can be tantamount to a disability in a dog-eat-dog world. It takes energy to focus on others. Despite what religion may preach to you, there is little merit in said focus. But you know this already! Yet nurture is a key to surviving and thriving, especially in the primate world. The message for you in June is that being oneself is not the same as being a workaholic – especially when that is driven by ancient societal voices. You do not face a false choice between success and caring. Rather, it is time to examine all your interpersonal transactions to see if you are showing up. Showing up means ‘aligned with your purpose’, not results-obsessed. For you now, nurture frees once born in joy, not in obligation.


June 2019 Horoscopes - by AlexVIRGO:

Who said work must be odious? When the pain gets pleasurable, masochism is right at the door. Admittedly, there can be those close in, within our personal life, who squash our spirits, seemingly simply by breathing! You benefit from having people around you who are optimistic, ‘can do’ types. This mitigates your tendency to become wearied by responsibilities and service. Such people lift your mood, rather than adding to the burden. It is time, this month, to look both at how your career path or vocation is (or is not) feeding your soul – and also, what within yourself attracts or repels conducive energies. You cannot trade on people’s goodwill. Neither can they with yours. Seek and ye shall find.


June 2019 Horoscopes - by AlexLIBRA:

What’s it going to take in order for you to trust another with your feelings at the outset of June? To be honest, I’m seeing you walk around with some sort of inferiority complex! Could it be that you have been attributing your ‘difficulties’ to some deficit in your upbringing (or even your bloodline), which is actually making you feel like rejections by others are based on something genetic? Family legacy material has certainly presented some sort of wound within your consciousness, but this is no fait accompli. It seems to me that in reality, you have morphed into a person lacking belief in your ability to find and fulfil your mission on this planet; which stems from having empathy for others, but not yourself.


June 2019 Horoscopes - by AlexSCORPIO:

There’s been a struggle that you may not even have been aware of the source of (even though you have felt it). Pressure can come to us when we are not truly aligned with what is. This is a principle both within Taoism and Stoicism. But ‘what is’ certainly isn’t something going on ‘out there’ for you. What has been percolating within for many moons, appears to be a conflict between expansion or contraction. There’s something soothing to the control tendencies of Scorpio within contraction. Contraction is like containment. No unexpected surprises. This is one reason you can be a workaholic. You can restrain yourself via standards so that difficult desires can be dampened. But expansion equals freedom!


June 2019 Horoscopes - by AlexSAGITTARIUS:

In the Old Testament, Moses’ brother Aaron was eulogised as a particularly articulate man. Certainly, Moses considered him a better mouthpiece for the words of the almighty! You need your own equivalent to Aaron this month. You are on a profound journey of inner expansion at this time (until August 11th) as you review and alter the way you manifest your life. You may be struggling to articulate this process because it is too close to home. Understanding one’s process of change helps to cement it. This month, significant others (even an opponent) will prove to be strong voices which offer a mirror to you. Pay particular attention to things they express about the ways you are changing.


June 2019 Horoscopes - by AlexCAPRICORN:

Sometimes you have to go backwards before you can move forward in any kind of way that equals true consolidation. Your ruler opposing the north node is confronting you with the reality of really making peace with the past… once and for all. Sometimes the past finds us and sometimes we seek it out. Whichever way that equation is panning out for you this month, recognise that the ‘how’ is far less significant than the ‘why’. True security, with the energies of Saturn, Chiron and Uranus dovetailing perfectly for you, seems like uprooting and rewriting old scripts in real-time. You clearly don’t need them any more! You can tread an old path in a completely fresh way, commencing now.


June 2019 Horoscopes - by AlexAQUARIUS:

In the years of childhood formation, it is particularly important to feel secure. Too much upheaval can unsettle the psyche for the duration of life. This is not to be underestimated. The current astrology is asking you to explore how the balance between stability and movement somehow came to be out of kilter in your life. We can easily confuse behaviour patterns and routines with our inner world and the feeling level. If how we feel is not honoured, by being taken into consideration, then we can end up feeling steamrollered and needing to defend against others’ intrusions. This is a psyche-level wound to attend to in June. Actually enjoying your physical experience of your locality is key now.


June 2019 horoscopes - by AlexPISCES:

The distinction between dreams and fantasy is perhaps a theme which has been lifelong for you. The difference is a fine one. In order to resolve where the line is, it helps to make a distinction in terms of creativity and productivity. The old “nine parts perspiration, one part inspiration” is about right here. One of the things which dogs Pisces is unrestrained desire; desire felt as release – like some fabled return to the amniotic fluid. Of course, the reason is that it feels rather exhilarating to be surrounded by merging. Something in your childhood likely locked you into that energetic signature as the Holy Grail of transcending the mundane. In June, begin to embrace the energy of enjoying working your dreams.

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