July 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

July 2020 Horoscope: Who Are You?

Welcome to your July 2020 horoscope. Imagine that your life (in essence you) were a ten thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle. (Hello by the way!) Each separate piece which has been part of the fashioning of you has, until this point in our shared history, not needed to be ‘evaluated’. It just was. Each one of us is now, seemingly, being asked to look at every single one of those ten thousand component parts. Don’t be too daunted by this idea. When you explore your family tree, you are engaging in such an exercise at some level. The major differences are the degree of examination required and the sense that this new reality embodies a feeling of intense pressure, perhaps contrary to our desire for an uncomplicated life. When discontented groups, made up of diverse individuals, seek to topple statues (statues which petrify our histories and in many ways validate them), we need to explore what is truly going on beneath the iceberg surface. All the ways in which the power of the empire has suppressed the humanity of individual lives is one half of the equation. The other half is the positive sense of how imperial projects have led to expansion and development. (Think of the Roman roads).

At every point in human history it seems, there have been both winners and losers. And this now appears to be coded within our DNA. It can be activated at any time it seems, by a metaphorical virus replication, whereby host cells have the genetic material of the virus injected into them. All the recent social movements we see erupting, have this viral character. The last thing most of us claim to want is to become a host environment for viral replication and yet… many of us submit unthinkingly to such processes. Yet we must also acknowledge that viruses likely have some sort of symbiotic relationship with us. They help to kill off and clear out vulnerable and compromised cells. This allows our biology to receive a boost, once the virus has been overcome. It is our lives right now that will become the subject matter of any future history. No healthy person should actively seek to be imprisoned by their past – whatever form it takes. By becoming conscious participants and exploring the jigsaw pieces which comprise you, the painful and arduous process offers the prospect of rebirth.

Mars received a sling slot boost on June 26th, square the lunar nodes and in the final degree of the zodiac. Now Mars in rulership in Aries spends six months in the sign of the self. At the beginning of the month the people are besieged and under the energy of the lunar eclipse on July 5th. Since the moon in detriment rules the sign in which the sun resides, individuals, as well as the collective, are undergoing great tension. The tension breaks under the eclipse. There is a culmination with a huge outpouring of life force energy as a result (which is Mars, strong, bold and potentially war-like in Aries). Talk about throwing off chains. It is no wonder that the themes of historic slavery are so prominent. But they are only living energies now because they trigger our current sense of being enslaved in the fabric of our existence. When Jupiter was conjunct Pluto on June 30th, with Saturn in the first degree of Aquarius, this configuration was a repeat of April 4th/5th. This indicates clearly that plutocratic forces are making their second push to incarcerate the common people. They will attempt to propagate their ‘second wave’ Covid-19 mythology of course! Bank on it. But the astrology seems to indicate clearly that economic consequences of the first lockdown will be much easier to manipulate (to secure further control) than further incarcerations. The people in this mood and feeling oppressed, are unlikely to accept further restriction voluntarily. Expect a strategy change.

Whatever the plutocrats do, be aware that the period between July 5th and 14th is crucial to getting your personal ducks in a row. The overspill of frustration in acts of violence will not do anything but play into the hands of the corrupt government. On the 14th (anniversary of Bastille day) Mars conjuncts Chiron (bringer of awareness and higher consciousness). Peaceful expression of sovereignty is a revolutionary act. Do not polarise, even though all around you that is what you will be seeing. The time has come for humane beings to listen to the stories of others. But if you tell your story and somebody is willing to listen, please do not make such an occasion a pity party, a congregation of pathetic victimhood. You are much better than that. Healing requires breaking through, beyond your pain, growing up by refusing to blame others for your difficulties and supporting win/win contracts in relating.

The centaur planet Chariklo (the midwife) now straddles the gap between Jupiter conjunct Pluto and Saturn. Chariklo, the wife of Chiron, is a strong woman. She is not the divine feminine creatress of all life, she is the strong and capable woman in the delivery room, supporting the transitioning in progress. Chariklo is helping usher in the new era. She wants you to tell your story boldly. She asks you to speak up, speak out and name your personal truth. She pleads with you not to be defensive, but instead open, as all truly courageous leaders are. You can no longer sit back and allow oligarchs to tell the story of your life, to unleash metaphorical viruses which create mayhem. You must take responsibility for every piece of your jigsaw puzzle. It is time to own who you are. It is time to listen to who others are. It is time to fight ONLY for the win/win. And it is time to ditch the “I’m right because you are wrong” mantras we have been repeating on autopilot. Time to stop believing that the government has your best interests at heart. They have been captured. Time for all humane beings to stand together and say NO to tyranny and lies and the histories and narratives that have ripped our realities apart. Time to implement constructive change. Time to make science and technology work for us all and not just the few. Time to rise up peacefully and assert your sovereignty. You will not be able to do this if you have no idea who you are. So really, now is the time to ask, under all this foment. “Who am I, really?” And… BE that person.

May we all enter into August much clearer about these matters, after passing through the wormhole that is now right at the threshold.

Alex ❤

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ARIES:July 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

Think about the whole gamut of emotions which make up a human being. Ask yourself, how many you have allowed yourself to express. We know that with Mars in your sign and the lockdown frustrations, your more familiar feelings may have been pressed upon to an unbearable extent. But there is an ocean of you, beyond such frequencies. This month, learn to make your home in the unfamiliar spaces you contain. Give free rein to those energies which normally fail to get a look in. There you will undoubtedly find your Zen of balance.

TAURUS:July 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

When we strip back the layers of personality, we usually come to the core, the bedrock rooted in beliefs. These beliefs can function as invisible tyrants we failed to realise were on the throne, dictating our life chances. This month, you get to glimpse the deepest stratum of this dance between beliefs and personality structure. It may have been that deep dark forces drove you to survive, by developing rock-like qualities, based on largely inflexible beliefs. Accessing depths, previously unexplored, beckons in July. In truth, beyond belief!

GEMINI:July 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

Pleasure is often related to physical and tangible things. As a Gemini, you often derive pleasure from cerebral or verbal expression. But now, it is time to consider the degree to which you have functioned within a comfort zone of thought-constructed reality. Just to let you know that while the mind has great qualities, it cannot simulate feeling or sensory information, as well as the body, can surrender to it. That is quite the theme for you this month. A whole new world opens up, once you follow your bodily cravings. Remember them?

CANCER:July 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

Experiencing loss when offering nourishment to others. Feeling a lack of warmth returned when giving of our self. Encountering lack of appreciation once we bless others. All such things can seem like they come from outside of us in response to us. Another way of looking at this is that there should be no schism felt within us. People take when we give. A better approach involves being full of nourishing energy. We don’t give so much as overflow. Benefit to others is a by-product. In July, an imbalance can be rectified. Attend to you.

LEOJuly 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

Repeat this mantra “Daily drudgery and constraint leave me constantly faint”. There, how does that feel? Any better? Sometimes, naming the problem helps bring about its going away. Other times, we become conscious of our self-messaging being a story we trance ourselves with. But what about the planets? Their energy is real, no? Yet does this prescribe anything? Your unconscious terrain resembles Indiana Jones’ Temple of Doom, now. Once the Sun enters your sign, it will be time to shed self-defeating beliefs. Life’s what you make it!

VIRGO:July 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

It looks to me as if your investments in a particular group and how you feel versus what you think about it, is under review. It may be that you derive far less pleasure from it these days than you once did. You may not quite be ‘feeling it’ any more. All that this is really telling you is that doing anything by rote, or on autopilot, eventually becomes stale. The point of doing so many things is often driven by routine and so the things you choose to derive your pleasure from should deliver. Certainly, however, it is time to expand your horizons.

LIBRA:July 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

Of late, working from home may have felt more conducive to you than actually living at home. Your usual balance requires strong foundations. Yet lockdown experiences appear to have exposed an ambivalence in you, regarding your experience of the space you inhabit. This is actually a call to your soul to find a deeper level of integration than can be found on the mental level. It is like you are invested in two completely incompatible sets of beliefs. But your home is for you! It is not simply a functional space. Home… where the heart is.

SCORPIO:July 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

Do you work for yourself or for an employer? I know that in general terms, those of working age mostly do the latter. But the next six months present you with questions around such matters. You certainly have the stamina to suggest you could reach out, under the current circumstances of labour markets and break new ground. Whatever you apply yourself to (even if retired), the energy you direct into projects is calling for you to be resolute. If there has ever been a dream to set your own standard, now is the ideal launch time.

SAGITTARIUS:July 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

I’m not saying you are a hedonist… But the basic lust for experience as a way of individuation can almost be at a narcotic level for you. Just to remind you that feeling free, while often connoted in experience to release from constraint, can also involve the dimension of pure discovery. The freshness you seek does not need to involve restlessness. You can be at home and be master of all you survey. Just consult the Tao on that. This month, you are called upon to ascend into your creative core. Quest not. Instead, create.

CAPRICORN:July 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

Stick or twist in a game of pontoon is an appropriate description of what the energy might be like for you right now. The expansion you desire may feel inaccessible or unachievable. The pressure to transform may feel nuclear. Constraints that might normally comfort you, now seem to restrict you. What then is the true picture beneath the tensions? You need a bridge. That is available despite appearances. “Why does the light of others always seem to place me in the shade?” Answer that in July and the bridge you seek will appear.

AQUARIUS:July 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

You have had a taster for around three months now, of what it may feel like actually to overthrow your personality, with a deeper level of exploration into the solid core of you, beyond the distractions of your mind. Now, you get to review how the structures of your unconscious mind can be rearranged, enabling you to have much stronger, soul-level foundations. Your time has arrived. There is an opportunity for you to implement your highest vision. Being experimental will be a huge aspect of your process unfolding. Do not fear mistakes. Be bold.

PISCES:July 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

As somebody who loves to go with the flow, you find energies much more conducive to your pleasure and sense of satisfaction, than structures and systems. While you may benefit from grounding in certain respects, you really are happiest when able to fly. Every type of group structure is being tested in your life around now and maybe feels to be lacking something. Yet it is not any group, but you that is lacking. It is vital that your pleasure nourish your soul. In July, ditch all sense of obligation as the driver. Engage only in activities that feed your soul.

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