July 2019 Horoscopes by Alex

July 2019 Horoscopes

This month, Saturn remains tightly conjunct the south node of the moon, while we have a total solar eclipse in Cancer, all while Venus just enters the anaretic (final and karmic) degree of Gemini. That is a shed load of karma – all of which indicates that people are finding themselves at a seriously meaningful crossroads and are in a position of clarification around their future direction. The past reappears close at hand, at the same time as a potential bright new future appears on the distant horizon.

This is the cosmic design, intended to give you contrast. You did not really like the old that much did you? (If you can be ruthlessly honest with yourself). But now there is no longer an excuse to keep telling yourself the same old comforting stories about “maybe if this and maybe if that and possibly if they just changed these things…” NO! Slap in the face time. Do you want to stay stuck where you were? If so then just ignore the astrology. If not, take the cosmic gift being offered to you. In truth, all you have to do is walk through the portal which has appeared, as if from nowhere. It is time to cut loose! Have a great month.

Alex ❤

July 2019 HoroscopeARIES:

What is family other than those people who, in reality, are closest to you on a day-to-day basis? Abstract notions of kinship are less likely than ever to cut it for you now. The family are those soul connections that are truly comfortable aka natural. The eclipse on the 2nd suggests that the process of jettisoning old outworn contacts which no longer feel right is well underway.

July 2019 Horoscopes - by AlexTAURUS:

My goodness, talk about being ‘in the zone’!! Your creativity has been magnified and even unchained since Uranus entered Taurus a few short weeks ago. Well, if you imagined that this was big news, you ain’t seen nothing yet! I trust that you are beginning to notice what can happen once you begin to follow your creative impulses? The more you obey the leading the easier it gets.

July 2019 Horoscopes - by AlexGEMINI:

When the eclipse hits on the 2nd, it just so happens that the planet of love and attachments (Venus) hits the final degree of your sign. Here is a clear message. A relationship cycle is coming to an end – not necessarily a relationship per se. Either one ends, or a phase of one ends and it changes into something radically different. Reality is a contact sport. Get ready to shift gears.

July 2019 horoscopes - by AlexCANCER:

Cancerians are known for being attuned to the emotional frequencies of other people and can function very much like antennae. This is a beautiful gift to the world. Alas, it comes with a great price. The eclipse on July 2nd is telling you in no uncertain terms that a shift in orientation (or alignment) is the thing you must surrender to and consciously work with. You are you for you!

July 2019 horoscopes - by AlexLEO:

Archaeologists dig up things we call artefacts. There can be joy in digging things up when the ancient find is of interest to a world seeking discoveries of long lost eras. It’s funny how we are far less keen to dig up some of the deeply buried stuff from the past – you know that stuff which has always driven us. Total solar eclipse in your twelfth house with Venus in the last degree of Gemini. New cycles come with a new orientation, which is meaningful in intimate relating. It’s now or never!

July 2019 horoscopes - by AlexVIRGO:

You can be SO cerebral, so organised, so deeply sensitive by nature that you can (without intending to) struggle in the requirement that all humans have to explore the deeper recesses of the creative ego. I use that word ‘ego’ deliberately. Because regarding the notion of creativity that notion seems out of place. But this matters now. Your identity in the world has lacked creative expression. Time to embrace a creative community or project.

July 2019 horoscopes - by AlexLIBRA:

The shape of the eclipse chart is striking! Especially for a Libran. The configuration alone,  even before looking at planetary energies, suggests strongly that in the past you have so emphasised being the one who keeps the family intact that you have sacrificed your personal goals and dreams. I suspect though that some of those dreams were just attempting to trick yourself. No more! What you must embrace now is your mission in life. Take steps now to follow any long-held dreams.

July 2019 horoscopes - by AlexSCORPIO:

The tension between career and relationship matters is in view this month. This has been there in truth for months now, if not years. There is a bridge between these aspects of your life. They are not in as much tension as you might imagine and, if they are, there is something wrong anyway. The solution comes with the eclipse which asks ‘how expansive are your beliefs?’ Really you are being asked to define your own limits. What will you put up with and what not?

July 2019 horoscopes - by AlexSAGITTARIUS:

What are your fundamental commitments within your life? If you struggle to answer then let me simplify: What are your top priorities? The first question can be a bit vague because you can have many seemingly competing commitments. They may all seem to have merit in different ways – making you hesitant. Priorities are slightly different. This does not involve ethics. Question is when you look deep, what do you really want?

July 2019 horoscopes - by AlexCAPRICORN:

You can be stubborn in clinging to your values. I trust that the astrology of recent months has been changing this slowly. But slow is not what we are about here. Changes may be incremental – but once you finally turn the corner it can be like reaching the top of the roller coaster. And this is no bad thing. The overthinking stops, the adventure begins. Your shell has cracked open. Out you come little chick. This is a bright new world!

July 2019 horoscopes - by AlexAQUARIUS:

Swimming around in the past is rarely a constructive thing. But when the cosmos stops you getting out the pool you know there is a reason that you are called upon to admit that an extended stay is necessary. You are still quite early (two months) into a five-month sojourn of cleaning out old wounds from ancient ways and old legacy material from the ancestors (possibly only two generations). But reworking the old involves exploring the new. Do that in July.

July 2019 horoscopes - by AlexPISCES:

Nobody has probably ever told you that being a mystic is supposed to be pleasurable. You do not need to do the Monty Python Holy Grail scene with sombre Pie Jesu chant and self-flagellation (hitting yourself in the head with a slab of wood). This month, the cosmos is telling you that you need to give yourself wiggle room. Shake off the old imprisoning values. You are not alive to please others but to enjoy being who you are. That is your true gift to the world!

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