Grace and Antoinette: Messages From Your Angels

Grace and Antoinette: Messages From Your AngelsGrace and Antoinette: To help heal this situation, see the other person’s point of view with compassion

Grace and Antoinette was drawn today from the Messages From Your Angels oracle deck by Doreen Virtue.

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When you see Grace and Antoinette, it means you need to show compassion for yourself and others. We all have times in our lives when we experience disagreements or challenges in our relationships. The best way to learn how to be compassionate toward others is to be compassionate with yourself. Praise yourself for your successes (even things as little as making your bed in the morning) and forgive yourself for your mistakes. Focus on your strengths and positive qualities.

Some people can imagine what another is feeling regarding a situation and still keep their own perspective/experience as well. When you can see and hear another’s set of circumstances and perspective, it can make a world of difference. Also, when you praise and encourage others you can sometimes kick-start a positive spiral of behaviour in that person. Positive reinforcement is always helpful to a person who is thinking they are either stuck or will never get out of the circumstances they are in at that moment.

Furthermore, one of the greatest limitations you face as a human being is that you look at the world from your own subjective perspective, especially in situations that directly involve you. If you can develop the ability to see through another person’s eyes without judging, you’ll be tapping into an incredibly powerful tool for managing your life, and it’s a skill you can cultivate.

Compassion arises through empathy and is characterized by actions. The simple act of showing compassion can make a world of difference in someone’s day (and in yours!). You don’t need to wait for a crisis to practice compassion, either. Try smiling at a stranger today.

Try cultivating compassion through volunteer service. Volunteering connects you to others, giving you the opportunity to make new friends and increase your social skills. Spending time helping people is good for your body, mind, and soul.

Message from Doreen Virtue:

This misunderstanding has occurred because of judgments about the other person’s motives and character. To heal the situation, judgments need to be released. Instead of seeing someone as “good” or “bad,” have compassion, and know that everyone is doing the best they can. Instead of pitying someone, see that person’s inner strength and Godliness. In that way, you encourage Divine light to be expressed within the other person and yourself.

You are projecting something from your own shadow side onto the other person. So, this situation is an opportunity for you to clear away an ego issue. Simply affirm: ‘I am willing to release that part of me that is irritated when I think of you.’ We angels are helping to heal this situation miraculously so that everyone will forgive and forget judgments and act responsibly. Compassion is the key.

There are no facts, only interpretations. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

When you feel lost, pause and look closely around you. Somewhere, somehow, an Angel will be waiting to guide you home. ~ (Author unknown)

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