The Flowering Of Logres: Daily Psychic Tarot

The Flowering Of Logres: Daily Psychic TarotKeywords for The Flowering Of Logres are, restoration, culmination, spiritual healing and creative growth

The Flowering Of Logres is the card drawn today from The Arthurian Tarot by Caitlin and John Matthews. It is the 21st card of the major arcana and is equivalent to The World in traditional tarot. The astrological association is Saturn the planet of lessons.

In numerology 21 becomes 2 + 1 = 3. The number 3 represents; trinity, harmony, union, expansion, advancement, enthusiasm and birth. It can also mean fulfilment, encouragement, assistance, talent and skills, culture, wit, a love of fun and pleasure, freedom-seeking, adventure, exuberance, brilliance, free-form, being brave, non-confrontational, artist, creative expression, poet.

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When you see The Flowering Of Logres it means, everything is flowing and your world is restored. The creative juices are flowing, and everything has fallen into place. There is a feeling of unity and expansion. All is one and you are at one with the world. The Flowering of Logres reminds you that you are part of the earth. It reminds you that the Joy of the world is your joy, the springtime of the land is your springtime.

You have been on a long arduous journey and The Flowering Of Logres¬†signifies¬†the completion of that journey and the evolution of the Fool. You’ve come far and been tested on your inner-strength and resourcefulness.¬†You have taken responsibility for¬†your life and through self-examination have become aware of imbalances and¬†your shadow side.

To find fulfilment, you had to make each element work for you in your life, you learnt equanimity.¬† The 4 elements represent relationships, work/money, health and spiritual development. Whatever responsibilities or goals that you established in your life required that each of these elements was given equal attention. Neglecting even one of these would have meant you’ed have been more prone to failure.

It is now time for you to dance and rejoice to the heartbeat of the land and that heartbeat can be found everywhere. Seeing the beauty in a flower can awaken your consciousness to the beauty of the part of you that is your own innermost being, your true nature. To embody The Flowering Of Logres, you need to answer the call of your deepest passions.

You’ve made the grade, so now it’s time to unleash your full creative expression. It doesn’t matter whether you are building a business, decorating a home, writing a book, giving a presentation, creating artwork, painting, dancing, singing, sculpting or playing music, connecting to and freeing your self-expression is key. Having a creative outlet or two in your life will play a major role in your healing, joy and success.

You may have achieved your goals, found fulfilment and inner-happiness but there are many more goals to achieve and other mountains to climb.

In regards to the relationship, it can suggest a partner met while travelling or a partner from another part of the world. The relationship will be mature, balanced, dynamic and extremely successful.

Because of its association with Saturn, this card can suggest melancholy about ageing and issues with ageing. Stress from government agencies. Burdens and stress from carrying the world’s problems on your shoulder.

He who does not imagine in stronger and better light than his perishing mortal eye can see, does not imagine at all. ~ W. Blake

One person flowering in all their talents is the flowering of the Land and all its creatures. We can experience the Unity of all things in everything we do, feel and say. And we can experience it at any point on the Wheel of Life. ~ Unknown

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