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February 2020 horoscope by Alex

Welcome to your February 2020 horoscope. A full moon with some clout takes place on the 9th of February at exactly twenty degrees of Leo. This is while Venus is conjunct centaur planet, Chiron. The moon is quite isolated at the time and your feelings may be very frayed and possibly out of control. This shall pass soon enough. Remember that tension, while unpleasant, augurs release. We have been through some torrid energy in January; energy which calls for a disintegration of the old and a rebuilding of the new step by step. It is vital at the start of this new cycle of transformation that you are not on your own. You might be in fact, but in reality, it is time to take seriously the importance of love and connection. Resolve this month to do the audit which reveals where your most loving connections can be found. And grow them more, as much as you can.

Alex ❤

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February 2020 horoscope by AlexARIES:

There is a gentle side to Aries. It’s just that gentleness has a hard time pushing more assertive energies out of the way. When you become aware of Venus energy at your disposal it can be quite tempting to choose a path of covert manipulation. This is the more direct route to you securing your needs. But it comes at the price of alienation. Take time, this month, to cultivate your gentle and compassionate qualities. This will serve you much better in the long run!

February 2020 horoscope by AlexTAURUS:

Time to detox. Start with your most basic beliefs. This month it would appear that emotional, mental and physical detoxification are all deeply connected. Any eruptions should be seen this way. Fear is the first thing to address. It keeps you blocked. Pores will follow suit. So give yourself permission to stare your fears in the face. See any unexpected bodily eruptions as signs of old, suppressed toxins finally being released. Eat simple but well. Stay hydrated.

February 2020 horoscope by AlexGEMINI:

A month comes which challenges you to find your optimal emotional state. Equilibrium would be good but that often involves unpredictable others. Still, that should not put you off. Think about the groups and communities that you have the strongest affinities with. Those are the places to cultivate a growing honesty with your closest peers. Fostering authentic connections will be a big part of your emotional questing in February. You will reap in time.

February 2020 horoscope by AlexCANCER:

Being passive is no longer an option in your life, it seems to me. Monumental changes in your seventh house have served to shake up the nature of how you can expect to transact with significant others. For your relationship life to transform however, the most reliable arbiter of success is your own evolution into the more authentic shades of self that are possible for you. Being true to how you feel doesn’t mean ceding to others. Be bold now in expression.

February 2020 horoscope by AlexLEO:

You can struggle with relationships because your ruler, the Sun, does not do well in your relationship house. Under the month’s full moon on the 9th, you may become acutely aware of something new about how you feel about relationships (the ones of your past in particular), or even a current involvement. This is something about you, not them. In the past, it likely would have felt like it was ALL about them. Chance comes now to process such feelings differently.

February 2020 horoscope by AlexVIRGO:

Isn’t stability great? It is vital to functioning too. Still, it can easily get into an overkill mode when we cling onto it for grim life. It seems that your relationship to real pleasure has proven a source of loss of vitality for quite some time now. It would appear that your life force energy has not had much opportunity to seed new things for quite some time, or even indulge in much pleasure, due to responsibilities and unavoidable distractions. Shake that off now.

February 2020 horoscope by AlexLIBRA:

Freud spoke of Oedipus and Electra, but I’m not going to. Suffice to suggest that now is the time to look at the ways your deep relating has been shaped through early conditioning and parental modelling. Equity means a great deal to you and makes up much of your nuts and bolts. One step at a time, you now get to explore what it might be like not to make equity, or the well being of others, paramount. Be prepared for new awareness arriving through February.

February 2020 horoscope by AlexSCORPIO:

Nostalgia is double-edged. It can keep us longing for a past that is dead. On the other hand, it can sometimes truly help us to reframe what are the most important things to us. Most of the time we simply must plod on and get on with doing the stuff that life demands we do before anything interesting happens. See these coming weeks as a time of revisiting some of the old things from the past. Enjoy the nostalgia trip. Learn to revalue, but see it as a holiday.

February 2020 horoscope by AlexSAGITTARIUS:

It looks to me as if you may have been holding onto something which was supposed to be released some time ago. If you have resisted the Saturn/Pluto energies of January, you may be feeling a sense of being drained by the struggle to retain something of importance to you in a material sense. This may feel like you are trapped in some extended night terror. But still, all is not as bad as it might feel. You simply must accept it is time to move on. Do it!

February 2020 horoscope by AlexCAPRICORN:

You are leaving behind some old part of you that always seemed to define you in a way you could never quite shake off. In a time of continuous transformation, some stability is priceless. It can be hard not attaching rigidly to the most tangible sources of security at such times. But Saturn asks you this month how you can be secure without moving your feet at all. That is stuck, not secure. One step at a time is the commitment you need in February.

February 2020 horoscope by AlexAQUARIUS:

Time to channel your inner revolutionary! Your modern ruler Uranus suggests that it is now time to implement some of the more radical ideas that have been brewing this past couple of years. If you are to rearrange the world then you must begin by reconfiguring the basic blueprint of what constitutes you deep down. You appear to have been nailing that. Applying your ideas will serve you well during February. Your future waits to be written.

February 2020 horoscope by AlexPISCES:

You may feel as though you have lost something that you will never get back. I doubt that is true, even if it feels deeply real that you have. Okay, well I will agree at least that you have definitely lost something. However, what you lost appears to be something you may have needed to be rid of for some time. If feelings of grief are present then ask yourself what the loss symbolises. I feel you are missing some part of you. Reach inside. It’s still there!

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