February 2019 Horoscope by Alex

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In March, Uranus moves back into Taurus, indicating a seismic shift for all of us. But before then, on February 18th, Chiron moves back into Aries (the sign Uranus is currently toward the end of). Chiron in the first degree of Aries, while Uranus is in the final degree of Aries is big news. It means that issues you have been transformed by these past eight years, which have taken some sort of toll upon you, can now begin to be harvested as positive moves forward in healing; healing specifically involving the energy distortions incurred as you contorted yourself into shapes you perhaps never imagined you could. We have beginnings and endings in view because of these degree points and especially because Chiron is at the last degree of the whole zodiac wheel (over 50 years each cycle) – so you KNOW these endings and new beginnings are decisive, on a level you’ve never encountered before and never will again (because of the placement of Uranus at this time). Before healing comes awareness. Are you clear about the many ways your choices have cost you (often a great deal)? Have you been almost tortured by seemingly irresolvable problems that you imagined just could never shift? That is what we are looking at here if you have any sort of connection with self-awareness. The human condition seems to be increasingly split down the middle between those who can see the nature of reality and their emerging place within it and those sleepwalking toward the cliff edge. Make sure that all your learning has resulted in the kind of awareness that is not seeking psychological payoffs and feeling you are right, but rather true knowledge of the world at this moment in its history.

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Have a great February folks!

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February 2019 HoroscopeARIES: It looks like recent years have seen you shaking off all the old limits which others had placed upon you. You have redefined your relationship to existence and the world that surrounds you. Sure, there have been upheavals, at those times when others have found your unexpected changes unsettling or even upsetting. Still, freedom from all external constraint and intolerance of the unreasonable expectations of others was imperative. But this cost you. Friends were doubtless lost. Individuation can be a brutal process. Now, as Chiron enters into the sign you call home, before Uranus waves goodbye in March, there is one last hurrah. You may get rejections aplenty in the last two week of February, but rest assured, your time of invisibility is coming to an end. The wounds of the battle of shouting until hoarse about being misunderstood, are now ripe for soothing. You have earned your stripes. Speak up more than ever this month in your hard-fought integrity. Those who are called to love you will now do so with relish.

February 2019 Horoscope by AlexTAURUS: The problems you have encountered with institutions, compulsive behaviours and the sudden actions of people you hadn’t grasped were working against your best interests, will soon ease. I get the sense that you’ve made peace with these malign forces? Two things: First it appears that you have discovered a new strength and learning about how to engage dishonest, exploitative (and therefore sneaky) people. This is beginning to liberate you into your true strength. That which is fake cannot stand in the light. So be the light and the problem disappears voluntarily. Second, there has been a blind spot for you. Your understanding of how you have provoked others’ reactions has been veiled behind a righteous integrity crusade. But such doesn’t preclude unawareness. Chiron urges that you recognise your self-sabotage complexes. Good news is, you’ll soon be freed from the separateness endured by fighting human ‘shadow’. Just know that rejection is your biggie. Take the connection when it shows up. Fear not!

February 2019 Horoscope by AlexGEMINI: The ideas of other people are important – but not so important. Of course, we must take them seriously and factor them into our lives. Nevertheless, your individuation requires that you fully honour the independence and value of your own engagement with the world, as well as the insights which such experiences yield. If you generate ideas about social systems it does not mean that you need to be humanitarian or democratic about it. We notice what we notice. Chiron brings a message that after a period of unavoidable practical upheavals, now is the time to step up. People don’t need your apologies or your velvet glove. They need your dynamic ideas and transformative action, stemming from such ideas, once boldly applied. You are smart, yet your susceptibility to guilt has likely blunted your sword! This month sees you facing a disruption in your core community. You have the solutions. People’s feelings are less the point than showing up with a determination to bring change. Let this free you!

February 2019 Horoscope by AlexCANCER: It’s time to explore your father issues. Whether you still have him or not, the role he took in your formative years, as well as the relationship he modelled with your mother, are in focus. If for you, he was not somebody who embodied confidence, strength and success in the world, you likely have had to compensate for his shortcomings. Your ideas of success and ‘what it is to be a man’ likely carry breakthrough possibilities for you in the coming years. But this month, it seems that the focus is on your vocation and whether you have sufficient drive to do well. Previous disappointments in yourself or your partner in this area of life may have led you to feel dependent on factors outside your control for your economic and material wellbeing. That is the uncomfortable territory. Maybe you chose a path that was second or third best? Maybe you expected a partner’s salary to be the only thing which could really bring about fulfilled life wishes? However things got skewed, now is the time to see that self-confidence and trust are the keys to your success.

February 2019 Horoscope by AlexLEO: How have you changed your ways of looking at the world and your place within it, these past eight years? What things about the world and how it appears to function have been totally transformed, such that you will never be able to see in the old ways ever again? It isn’t nice to have our ideas about the nature of reality ripped away from us! We quite like our convenient myths of “how things are supposed to be” thank you very much! This month, it pays to conduct an audit (especially regarding what you consider to be the measurable evidence of ‘success’ within the world) of the type of world you imagine you’re trying to live in, daily. The changes you have undergone may have disillusioned you regarding life’s possibilities. You may have adapted and been able to turn things to good account. But what is the ultimate truth? Chiron suggests that any workarounds you have done to avoid pain will have to be confronted now. You reap what you sow. It is time to recognise the healing value of grief and to experience it raw.

February 2019 Horoscope by AlexVIRGO: I think it fair to suggest that life has been showing you 9in the details) in recent years, just how little control you have over it. No matter how ordered things have the potential to be, most of the key issues of life are beyond our ability to tame them. How does that make you feel? And all that comes before anything disruptive demolishes the ten pins! The unexpected is one of the things most likely to thwart notions of planning. Well, planning in certain areas is good, and in others not so good. the question for you this month is “what have I been attempting to control that is a waste of time trying?” If only the world were safe and secure (emotionally), you could be vulnerable without being exploited. But we know this is not the way of things. When we cannot control these large issues it often comes out in the body. Emotions manifest there. You seem to have carried much within your physical frame that Chiron is encouraging you to release over the first two weeks of February. Pleasurable sensations displace tension. Remember?

February 2019 Horoscope by AlexLIBRA: People like stability because of predictability. Of course, we know it gets boring as a result – but although we shift positions according to our ruts, generally we prefer to know where we stand. Uranus has brought unpredictable manifestations into your personal sphere, these past eight years that have turned EVERYTHING upside down. Game changers do that! They also affect intimacy, often in irreversible ways. We begin to seek different things once we lose freedoms. It gets harder to trade, we have to make concessions. The consequences of non-standard living can be tough to address in this conformist world. Still, though options may now be limited, February brings a moment of decision. Do you ‘go it alone’ free as a bird? Or, do you adapt, in order to secure more of that which responsibility traditionally demands? I can’t advise on choice. What I can do is say that the way you look at disruption and stability, may be due for disruption! Others are capable of changing your script. Keep your eyes and ears open!

February 2019 Horoscope by AlexSCORPIO: Your sign needs a release valve in certain respects. It is amazing to me just how well you are able to contain energies that would blow other people apart. Still, I often feel concern that you could be much more productive with your energies. You so easily become the workaholic. For me, this is a species of perfectionism (which can in truth represent a fear of success just as much as of failure). So if one works hard then it is possible to take a moral high ground that looks down upon risk. Your best investment in yourself now is in the kind of healing which sees you trusting your ideas and taking risks, in preference to being a workhorse. The past eight years have shown you what loosening rigidity can accomplish. But such has been more like mini-experiments than true launch. You have good ideas and passion to achieve, so now is the time to stop hiding behind obligation and intensity. Passion alone does not change the world – action does! The kind of action you are looking at involves striding out into new territory. So…

February 2019 Horoscope by AlexSAGITTARIUS: “All the world’s a stage. And all the men and women merely players.” Adventure, learning, travel, spirituality, God are all notions associated with your sign. Creativity and public expression may be less what we associate you with. Certainly, as Chiron enters your 5th house, just before Uranus prepares to enter your 6th, there is a dress rehearsal in view. I understand that you may literally feel nauseous about putting your creative offerings out into the public domain – but you know only too well that you have been having inspirations and inventive ideas beaming through for nearly a decade now. You know that these inspirations are not simply for yourself – even though you would quite happily enjoy them that way! So now it is time to heal any old wounds you may have been harbouring around hiding your light. You received these revelations and creations for a reason. The world needs what you have to offer. Once you get past the nerves, I imagine you will wonder why not sooner – as you take to it like fish to water…

February 2019 Horoscope by AlexCAPRICORN: You have lots of positive and inventive energies to look forward to, beginning next month. But for the upcoming four weeks, it is time to appreciate the hourglass sands of time running out on some dramas around your foundations that have dogged you for nearly a decade. I was pleased for you when Saturn returned to your sign and signalled a new era/emphasis of becoming your own foundation, rather than seeking it outside of you. Still, it does help if you can get some kind of domestic stability in place with your foundations when you are a Capricorn. Now that Uranus is creating final sparks of disruption at the end of your fourth house, you should be able to smile wryly at the shenanigans that at one time would have made you feel quite ill. A newfound outward, creative expression and exploration, is going to help you expand your sense of self. Healing is a beautiful thing when it arrives and in your case, it is the realisation that you have created a home in the model of a prison. The world is your new home.

February 2019 Horoscope by AlexAQUARIUS: Having ideas pinging neurons within your grey matter and sparking your brain circuitry, can be both an exhilarating and exhausting experience. The creative and inventive payoffs can be immense. Yet such frenetic mental activity can lead to burn out. You certainly take physical punishment with such things, even when you are not dragging your body around frantically and burning a pile of calories. I trust that the past eight years have seen you get clear on exactly the sorts of structures you favour, both in your personal life and in the world at large. It is now time for implementation within your individuated experience. The good news is that the substantive work is now done. All you need is to be able to relax into your knowledge with calm confidence. This will enable you to find the key which unlocks the puzzle box. Action and energy will be required, but not the chasing-the-tail sort! Your mind will be able to relax once you feel you are acting in alignment. In February, stay in touch with the deepest layers of you.

February 2019 Horoscope by AlexPISCES: All the things which make up esteem have been rigorously tested since early 2011. It’s likely you’ve felt quite assaulted within your physical frame – and possibly even with fundamental health-related issues being prominent. This may have involved multiple bodily functions and especially the lymphatic system. Cleansing is connected to the movement of energy; which is the opposite of sluggishness or stagnation. All such things place a burden on the nervous system and Uranus indicates an impact on your physiology somewhat. Things may have come to a head recently – especially with Chiron entering the last degree of your sign for the final time for 50 years. It’s detox time! Ensure you cleanse mind/body/emotions/spirit until the 17th. The final eleven days will then prove much easier because you will not have physiological distractions making you doubt yourself. You will thus be able to discard faulty attachments to hopes or defence mechanisms, which have seen you clinging to dreams, rather than your personal power.

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