December 2018 Horoscope – by Alex

There is a new moon square Neptune (recently direct) on the 7th of December and Chiron stations direct on the 9th. This new moon is conjunct a deep space object called The Great Attractor – which has some interesting properties that warp the normal rules. It seems we are entering a time where otherwise impossible (or inconceivable) things can become achievable. That is a theme to bear in mind this month – as is the difference between such things and your own illusions. Magical thinking is certainly not the same as seeing beyond your normal range and acting as if what you can see beyond the horizon is something you can prepare for and nurture toward fruition, in the here and now. Such moves make you a magician, rather than someone wishing on a star. Chiron says this is a turning point toward your new future.

December 2018 HoroscopeARIES: For you this month, new ideas can emerge from nowhere. I can tell you that these ideas will have anything but a spiritual, ethereal or mysterious quality. Rather they will be ideas that are fully concrete and may even appear fully developed. They’ve been brewing but your attention has likely been focused elsewhere. You are somebody who may find talk of creativity simply vague. Whatever the mechanics of creative processes, your task this month is less to understand and more to implement. The only concession to imagination is to have enough, in order for you to embrace all the possibilities.


December 2018 Horoscope by AlexTAURUS: You’ve had a belief for a while that seems completely sound on paper. It is related to ‘how things work’. Although this may be true in theory it carries a flaw that all detached rationality does – it pays no attention to subtle knowledge and principles of real human psychology. How things are supposed to work has very little to do with reality. So much for rationality! Your particular ‘error’ has been to believe that by aligning your ethos with those of others in a social grouping, you will yield a crop of value. This sounds right, but is a deception. It’s time to join with those who live your language… loyalty.


December 2018 Horoscope by AlexGEMINI: Can you tell that there is either an ally or an enemy waiting for you around the next bend? They may be incognito, but you sense that they are coming. Just to confirm, your best guide to knowing whether they are truly friend or foe is to have completed a phase of your experience, one that has been about owning your creative prowess. When intellectually-wired, we can perceive creativity as “not my forte” – this in turn can lead to an “I’m the brains they are the brawn” mentality, where the perceived creative one gets the inspiration and you shape it. Addressing your “I am not creative” myth clarifies all…


December 2018 Horoscope by AlexCANCER: You can live differently (not changing routines) once you begin truly to believe differently. People usually have little idea why they believe what they do. This makes it very difficult to explore and understand the foundations of our reality constructs. These things are as far from rational as you can possibly get. Yet it is your beliefs that are calling to be healed now. How you choose to configure your daily existence has a direct impact on all levels of your health. It seems to me as if you’ve been racing toward the edge of a cliff, chasing something of questionable value. Jettison anything anxiety-provoking now.


December 2018 Horoscope by AlexLEO: What is creativity? Your creativity I mean, specifically. We understand the mechanics of outputs because we see them and they have recognisable value. We put artefacts out into the world and can say we are “creative”. Yet creativity is an engine, more than the movement it produces. The movement per se can shape reality and we can mistake that shaping for the unction itself. Creativity expressed should have joy as its by-product. If creativity is harnessed toward an end, it can lose that quality. We are creative because we are alive, not as a response to something we find restrictive. You can be invigorated now.


December 2018 Horoscope by AlexVIRGO: It is possible to spend one’s whole life longing for completion and never find it. The usual vehicle for such is the notion that we could hope to find it in some experience outside of ourselves, often in the form of a relationship that takes on ‘special’ status. The last few months have likely left you exploring that notion and feeling short-changed by the myths we all swallowed. The good news this month is that the new moon holds the prospect of shifting the focus away from others and toward your own special form of magnetism. “Me, magnetic?” I hear you retort. You spend ages in self-doubt. Yet real is all.


December 2018 Horoscope by AlexLIBRA: Do you consider the work you do every single day in your job to be fundamentally real? By that I mean only one thing – do you perceive it to have sufficient value to make it worth your while to undertake it? I do not mean by that “does it put bread on the table?” My concern for you is that your thinking is either too concrete in terms of measuring value, or too idealistic in order for it to become a tangible reality. The thing to remember about ideas is that they constantly morph. If you identify yourself with a vision which is not fluid, then you have detached it from its true inspiration – which should always be you!


December 2018 Horoscope by AlexSCORPIO: The fifth house is the place where you really need to get clear on the differences between work and pleasure. There are many forms of creative joy which have been sequestered in our productivity-driven contemporary world, by a relentlessness which can rob us rather quickly of pleasure for pleasure’s sake, aka Hedonism. We all know that access to resources is a prerequisite for any sort of leisure. I’m taking it that most readers are not sufficiently affluent to ‘lay work down’. So what can you do? First, only do what you must. Understand what is enough. This month your surplus is shaping up to become your gold.


December 2018 Horoscope by AlexSAGITTARIUS: If you are to make the most of your ruler Jupiter being in your sign for a year it will prove imperative that you understand the proper nature of your relationship to your resources, your bricks and mortar, your security and your essential sense of self. This is all about perception… and attachment. A sense of loss is always at hand once we are too closely identified with ‘stuff’, even though stuff bears a definite correlation to comfort. Yet you will be able to redefine your understanding of comfort once you are able to challenge your comfort zones and remain secure in your self. Fear no losses this month.


December 2018 Horoscope by AlexCAPRICORN: What kind of person might you be were you able to cast off the constraints which have always dogged you? Well, with Saturn in rulership in your sign and Jupiter also in rulership in the house of the unconscious, you now get a chance to root out all those old complexes which led to a disconnect between lived experience and your actual dreams and desires. Your stability may feel under assault with Uranus back in your fourth house, but there is no doubt at all that there is something brewing if you will allow it to come through. There is a part of you that you persistently suppress – inspiration. Let it shine.


December 2018 Horoscope by AlexAQUARIUS: What are your primary reasons for engaging with any social group? Are you concerned to build strong connections? Are you more concerned about such connections being productive and useful, or as having more of a ‘spiritual’ and sustaining interpersonal quality? It is time for you to clarify to yourself the reasons why you make any decision to socialise in any setting. Do your needs take precedence over your vision? Indeed, should they? It looks as if an inventory of all your life areas would be helpful right now, so that you can see where your energies lie… and make corrections where necessary.


December 2018 Horoscope by AlexPISCES: It can become a cynical path you travel when at heart you are a dreamer. It can be difficult to keep the candle flame burning when you are in the midst of a gale. When you are a dreamer it is often better to have a career where you cannot in fact indulge in your dreams. Such a career can keep you grounded. I’m not saying to give up your art studio and become someone who cleans public lavatories. What I am saying is that if you can change your perspective on how your dreams should be allowed to drive your life, then in the longer term, you will gain access to a shortcut that looked like a detour.


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