August 2020 horoscope by Alex

August 2020 Horoscope

Hello folks, here is your August 2020 Horoscope. Things are hotting up. Astrology can hope to help us in making sense of those matters lurking in the shadows and we have to pay attention! We must use our intelligence to spot patterns. Reading a chart is simply an expression of pattern recognition, applied to a cosmic configuration. Here is the chart for month start, where I live. It reflects a moment in time and I am going to read that moment’s quality for you.

The 4th, 10th and 12th houses are prominent here. But before I get onto those, notice that the chart ruler (Taurus is rising and Venus rules Taurus) Venus, in Gemini, in the 2nd house, is on course to conjunct the north node of the moon. The world is a construct and the ascendant is the construct by which underlying realities meet everything outside of them. It is an interface and a point of suffering.

Suffering, because the tensions between what a thing is in itself and what everything else is in itself, collide. Adjustments are made. Stories are told. Harmony is sought in the face of cognitive dissonance between appearances and reality. What is real? We never know in actuality. It is simply speculation. But now, more than ever, we really have no idea what is what. So everybody is madly scrambling to find some coordinates by which to navigate. What constitutes reliable information these days? Well, it really comes down to a few simple things.

For sure, the mirage that is ‘the appearances of this world’, is coming to the point where its karma is about to be weighed. The truth will remain when all which is not true is burned away. The sun is in Leo (in the 4th house) and it is square Uranus in the 12th house. Uranus destroys all false constructs. In the 12th it is destroying all false constructs manufactured, or resident, in the unconscious. Nobody likes having their illusions stripped away but… this is what is coming. In square to the sun in the 4th in Leo, the image is clear. The 4th is roots or foundations.

The 10th (opposite to it) is aspiration, achievement and status-related. The 10th only manifests healthily when the 4th is working properly. Jesus himself said, “Make the tree good and the fruit good, or make the tree bad and the fruit bad”. Leo is royalty. It is the sovereign. Are you sovereign in your own life? This is the ONLY foundation for any status which passes quality assurance testing. Expect that, insofar this month as you fail to have structures of the psyche fit for purpose and quality assured sense and presentation of self, that you will meet disruptive experiences and people, sudden shocks and surprises.

These are all designed by the cosmos to shake you (rip you) out of your illusions. Jupiter is conjunct Pluto on the Midheaven. Jupiter/Pluto is representative of how ‘hidden’ (covert) powers are seeking to manifest reputation through a power grab and the redesign of the vision that everybody has of what the construct we call ‘the world’ actually is and should be. These influences are rolling out their vision by force. But Mercury is on the IC in the sign of Cancer, opposing these energies.

A true transformation that is not based upon coercion, requires that nourishment and care and basic humanity are the drivers for change. You must find not only your voice but also the optimum method of communicating the vision you have for the world. We are all stakeholders in how the world turns out. You can no longer say “pass” and have somebody else decide for you, what the vision should be. Those entrusted to do so have sold out and now simply impose their agenda on everybody. There is no love, care or nourishment in their vision.

You are a sovereign self and you must live as though you are. It is time to draw a line in the sand with all those people/institutions who have ever pushed you around. Whether that is a loved one or the government does not matter. You allowed them to do this in the past. And now the calling is to say ‘no’. But to do that you must know who you are and what is really important to you. If you refuse this calling, as I say, Uranus will bring you disruptive influences to wake you up. All your self-deceptions are now under the spotlight. You will no longer be able to languish in them.

All the best in navigating this month’s choppy waters.

Alex ❤

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ARIES:August 2020 Horoscope: Things are Hotting up - by Alex

You have to decide this month, whether you wish to be driven by impulses which emanate from the history of every expectation that was ever placed upon you by others, or by your own dreams, visions and deepest feelings. I get the sense that what you feel has been sold into slavery. This month, take time to get in touch with the deepest layers of what you actually feel that is most true to who you are. All the rest is detritus that needs to be incinerated.

TAURUS:August 2020 Horoscope: Things are Hotting up - by Alex

The fateful moment you have sensed lurking since forever, but that you nonetheless thought might never happen, is at the threshold. What you think about resources and whether they are separate from you, or an integral part of you, is about to see some clarification. You are not your resources of course. But if you cannot experience them as a vital part of you, then something is missing. Let your body rule your mind for a while. That shift is July’s key.

GEMINI:August 2020 Horoscope: Things are Hotting up - by Alex

Where have you been hiding, exactly? Or perhaps more accurately, where have your feelings been hiding? I get the sense of them having felt like some sort of stowaway, on an official journey you feel that you have been on. You know, they weren’t allowed on board. But now the stowaway is called upon to reveal its secrets. Your plans are not going to change the world. But I tell you what… Once a Gemini starts getting passionate, the world will notice!

CANCER:August 2020 Horoscope: Things are Hotting up - by Alex

When life teaches us that other people’s feelings, desires and wants, somehow trump our own, it becomes easy to languish in feelings of guilt and shame. We internalise the equation that honouring our authentic voice is somehow equal to prejudicing the needs of others. Others, who often have considerable power within our lives. But here’s the thing… Have you ever expressed what you need in any meaningful way? Your voice is your choice…

LEO:August 2020 Horoscope: Things are Hotting up - by Alex

The work you do every day (whatever it is) feels burdensome. It has for some time, truth be told. The planetary tour de force in your solar 6th house has been creating intensely heavy energy in the everyday detail. Now that your ruler the sun is ‘at home’, you are in a position to notice the energy shift that comes with alignment to your core, rather than externalities. You are a fountain of creative, life-giving expression. No external force will unlock YOU.

VIRGO:August 2020 Horoscope: Things are Hotting up - by Alex

You may not be accustomed to viewing your family ties as a ‘resource’. That might seem either crass, or with your track record of service, laughable because you seem to be the supply for them. This month, I ask you to look beyond all external constraint, all history with your family, and to notice just how much stability your kin provide within your life. All people work with raw material and potential. Refuse to see drudgery. Rather, harness all the potential.

LIBRA:August 2020 Horoscope: Things are Hotting up - by Alex

In order to take a leap of faith we sometimes feel we need confidence. But in reality, this just comes down to what we truly believe in. Are you trying to fashion a world that is really about a world that others can be happy in? Or could you come to believe somehow that fashioning a world that you can be happy in, might be even more important than that focus you have always had on others? Our beliefs drive us and they limit us too. It’s time now to realign…

SCORPIO:August 2020 Horoscope: Things are Hotting up - by Alex

The time has come to define what counts as a true success for you. The number of external influences throughout our lives, which have tried to mold us, is truly staggering. If any sign takes its work home with it, it is Scorpio. Authenticity is something you wish to see everywhere. It’s like the gold hallmark for you. But authenticity is not about congruence, so much as alignment. Integrity IS important but energy is precious. Drive only your goals now.

SAGITTARIUS:August 2020 Horoscope: Things are Hotting up - by Alex

I suspect that there’s never been a time wherein significant others have been so vital to your ambitions. You don’t require them to be business partner, so much as supportive other, totally behind your visions and willing to lend a hand. You don’t require their resources (even though your own may have been severely stretched). Your dreams and visions have not had the luxury of remaining as a pipe dream. You had to rebuild. Now, support is on its way.

CAPRICORN:August 2020 Horoscope: Things are Hotting up - by Alex

You are gradually becoming who you really are. I trust this feels good, because nobody can take THAT away from you. You’ve known your losses and felt them keenly. But that has all been a vital part of coming into your power. Power is simply giving assent to what you know and living it simply and fearlessly. Obstacles come, obstacles go. People come, people go. You remain. Harsh Saturn has taught you much. In August, grasp the power of love… to heal.

AQUARIUS:August 2020 Horoscope: Things are Hotting up - by Alex

They say that dynamite is very effective at dislodging obstacles. I mention this because sitting on our hands may not appear to be what we are doing at times. We cite all the reasons why this can’t happen and now is not the right time and thereby convince ourselves that when we have our ducks in a row the time will be right. Your ducks are geriatrics and they are still refusing to conform to procrastination policies. Lift your butt cheeks off your hands. Walk!

PISCES:August 2020 Horoscope: Things are Hotting up - by Alex

Remember all those movies where a man went vigilante in order to do the job? Badge confiscated, forbidden he is to be officially on the case. Going rogue, he gets the job done. It seems you can’t rely on support structures now. It IS down to you. But which you? The one that has been waiting to launch. No top-down military organisation to guide you… only you, drawing from the deepest creative wells of who you have become. A formidable, energy savant.


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