August 2019 Horoscope - by Alex

Welcome to your August 2019 Horoscope

The overarching message this month is about light casting shadows. We move toward brightness and shy away from shadows. However, if we bathe only in the light, we can miss key opportunities for growth.

There are two options for human life. We can believe that life rewards hard work and so simply keep pushing harder and harder for rewards through applying ourselves, or we can step back and reassess our habitual strategies. The saying about working smarter, not harder, comes to mind for August. Sometimes, moving sideways is better than forward, because you can gain a perspective shift.

Unexplored, deeper elements of yourself lie within an unopened treasure chest. Remember too that one of the best mirrors and access points into such territories comes from what your relationships reflect back to you. August is a month to reassess your priorities and perhaps completely change your approach to how you navigate your daily existence – moving from old, outworn convictions and beliefs and into freedom, by following a deeper level of your knowing.

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August 2019 HoroscopeARIES:

Once creative expression becomes forced we can very easily lose one of the most potent aspects that it possesses – healing and transformational energy. We understand that achievement can be personally rewarding and yet we are often driven toward it by forces which value it in different ways. Deep in the past, it looks to me as if certain prominent and relentless voices effectively programmed a mantra into your circuits about the vital importance of success. I’m not saying this had an ‘at all costs’ feel to it… but it may have done. The time appears to have arrived for you to release the grip of said voices and notice that what you love and take basic pleasure from… is enough. Let that be your new mantra in August.

August 2019 Horoscope - by AlexTAURUS:

You can save the world, or yourself. Just note that option one is a role praised in many a movie. Your ruler Venus conjuncts the Sun while opposing your exalted friend, the moon, mid-month. You’ve faced questions about whether a basic life reconfiguration should focus on the external pursuits which constitute you, or your basic internal conditions and connections. This has often been a polar tension. The message is one of fundamental internal realignment. Your mission is no longer to save the world but to trust your inner compass in doing only what feels right. Start this navigational change by rejecting everything that feels wrong. The more you practice, the easier it will become!

August 2019 Horoscope - by AlexGEMINI:

Taoist thinking would consider that one does not have to travel to the ends of the earth in order to attain knowledge and mastery. Journeys, however, ARE necessary. But what kind? Sometimes we must relocate in order to begin new adventures. There may be doubts surfacing within you about a geographical relocation. There may be a tension between the current neighbourhood and new shores (or indeed even old ones you may have left behind). This month, focus on where you are now, without fuss about other moves you feel may be needed, may have been hasty, or are perhaps looming.  If you begin with a focus on shining in the place where you find yourself now, the rest will surely follow.

August 2019 Horoscope - by AlexCANCER:

I have a feeling that stern authority figures may have frightened you away from the paths of thinking seriously when you were a child. It seems that austere parenting may have convinced you that warmth is only possible by steering clear of all things intellectual. For sure, hyper-intellectual folk can come off as unfeeling. However, it seems to me that your growth now is calling for you to address the history behind such equations in your own life. And growth is certainly the issue now if you wish to enjoy your life more. You may be suspicious of growth! I can assure you that growth is only important because it is the prerequisite of being fulfilled. Time to confront old fears.

August 2019 Horoscope - by AlexLEO:

At their very best partners act as mirrors. Mirrors are great. We can see things we otherwise wouldn’t. But how does that work? We feel enmity when those close in criticise. So mirroring does not come from any assessments they made about us, rather from learning about ourselves in the way we respond to them. They don’t do anything other than be them. What is ‘supposed to be happening’ is magical thinking driven by fairy tales of hard work being enough for success. It isn’t. Success will be inaccessible while you push the truth away. And, truth is, work for reward has had its day for you. Do you like where you are at? It is time to let in what you have spent your whole life shutting out – the miraculous gift of others’ idiosyncrasies!

August 2019 Horoscope - by AlexVIRGO:

Can you ever recollect a time when you were quintessentially playful? I know you have it inside of you but Virgo seems to be a sign which struggles with retaining direct access to the inner child. It feels like the seriousness with which you take life’s responsibilities wears you down and you just cannot give that side of you an airing. Yet I must share with you that your inner child is perhaps your most important guardian. Losing touch with him/her can have serious repercussions for your vitality. In August you are called upon to remember that the curiosity and sense of adventure in your soul are always inviting you to express your unpredictable side. Loki the trickster can be your best friend… especially now. Cast off all seriousness and enjoy some mischief!

August 2019 Horoscope - by AlexLIBRA:

Loyalty is a fine thing in so many ways and yet we can often pay a heavy price for our resoluteness in such areas. We can make it a cornerstone value, a life or death virtue. But that does not change reality. The broader truth for you this month is that you are being called into a fuller understanding of family than you may ever have entertained before. There are two distinct sides of you – the caring and the creative. When you care you give, but when you create, you share. Think, this month, about whether you really prefer being in a giving dynamic (caring) or a creative one (sharing). That shift which is in view will open your ethics out more fully, which will, in turn, boomerang something beautiful back to you.

August 2019 Horoscope - by AlexSCORPIO:

Do you feel as if your partner (or business associate) supports you? I ask because there is a lot of energy in your career house right now and it seems as if you may feel uncertain about where you stand with them. This may have left you unsettled. Because your energy and drive are all about achieving something important in the world, you may have forgotten to check in with them. So gripped may you have been with tasks that you may have forgotten about more routine aspects of communication. While you may have felt unsupported it will help this month to check in with them about how they feel re where you are currently at. Make sure to clear the air under the full moon on the 15th.

August 2019 Horoscope - by AlexSAGITTARIUS:

As a spiritually-orientated sign, you struggle to deal with impoverishment and inequality and especially indifference. One of your hallmarks is faith. There is often an exuberant positivity which is difficult for life to dampen… but even you have limits. It looks to me as if something close to home has been in tension with your more expansive plans. There’s a potential loss of either resources or faith, which has been niggling away at you. The loss feels unjust in some way. But holding onto this may be stopping you seeing the bigger picture. There looks to be an opening into something much bigger than your current thinking allows. In August, try to see losses as freeing you from attachments and inviting you into a space of huge possibility. Time to seed something fresh.

August 2019 Horoscope - by AlexCAPRICORN:

Jupiter in your twelfth house (where it is at home), while Saturn and the south node are in your own sign, indicating that much of the work wrought by Chiron and Uranus from 2011 in the reorientation of your sense of grounding in the world, is now to be built upon actively by you. It is fair to say that you have cleared out a lot of faulty thinking these past eight years. Now, coming to yourself means you are called upon to create the new you. Deeper parts of you have lain dormant. You are called upon in August to burst out of your self-imposed chains. You’ve cultivated a reflex of shrinking back to keep you safe, over the years. That won’t work any more. Whenever you encounter internal resistance to stepping out, take note… and be sure to do the opposite of what you feel.

August 2019 Horoscope - by AlexAQUARIUS:

This month it is time to focus on healing an ancient, inner wound. When we look left and right and straight ahead to compare ourselves with others (and especially in terms of societal expectations of ‘achievement’), we set up often intolerable burdens. There is a lot of activity in your opposite sign right now. It seems to me that you may be in a trough of doubt. Yet love is a completely different kettle of fish to expectation. While you keep measuring yourself by an external standard you will be unhappy. True joy shows the way this month by directing you toward valuing only the heartfelt love that surrounds your life. Allow that and indeed ONLY that to be your guide this August.

August 2019 Horoscope - by AlexPISCES:

I feel like perhaps you have carried a particular burden for such a long time that you can no longer distinguish yourself from it. It just feels part of you. If you were an apprentice it is certain that you would now have served your time… many times over! I get the sense that you have been driven by a mission that you have never quite been able to define. This mission may have felt like a sacrifice of who you see yourself as. Doing is always much easier to assess and evaluate than being. But this tension in you is now coming to an end. The good news is that you will see ample reward (finally) for all your efforts. What you have searched for is close at hand. True family is a matter of spirit, more than it is a matter of blood.

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