Astroweekend 8th 9th 10th November

Here is your Astroweekend 8th 9th 10th November 2019


Astroweekend 27th 28th 29th September 2019

Welcome to your Astroweekend 8th 9th 10th November where I give you an overview of the weekend’s planetary emphasis. Rayna

This weekend we will have an opportunity to be more disciplined and motivated to get things done because the energies are flowing easier without serious obstacles. Many will notice that it is easier to be practical and organised but it will be better sorting everything out in the first two days because by Sunday our concentration levels will be greatly weakened.

On Friday the Sun reaches exact sextile to Saturn, providing us with an ambition to make concrete plans and to work on them diligently until we see solid results. This is a very strong energy that can be harnessed if we manage to remain focused but we need to keep in mind that there are weakening forces in place and being organised could turn out to be very challenging. This is partially due to Mercury being retrograde, but mainly because Neptune is being aspected by both the Sun making a trine and Saturn making a sextile.

Neptunian vibes are dissolving our focus and the mind tends to wander in more idealistic directions, it can be difficult to get a stronger perception of what is real. Saturn sets boundaries but Neptune dissolves them, Saturn requires attention to detail and hard work but Neptune takes us in the realm of blurred reality, it will be a matter of choosing the right priorities. On one hand, we can be hyper-productive and on the other hand hypersensitive which prevents us from being as effective as we would like to be. This can cause inner tension and confusion but the emotions will be kept under control and we will be able to remain attentive and committed if we manage to avoid distractions.

From a different perspective, however, these strong energies can be extremely beneficial to those who work for their spiritual advancement. Many will sense a powerful desire to understand their reality at a deeper level and the Neptunian rays will be guiding those individuals towards transcendental experiences. It is an excellent time for profound meditations and mystical practices because the vibes from Neptune and Mercury are very powerful.

Probing into the inner dimensions can take us deeper to the very core of our being, providing answers to important questions that will lead to dramatic transformations. But still, we have to deal with Saturn because he sets some conditions and we need to do the work, nothing will be gifted, there is an opportunity but we have to put some serious effort into it.

The dynamics from Friday will continue to develop through Saturday and Sunday urging us to find a balance. To know what is really important for our spiritual growth while engaging with daily routines. No matter whether we seek stability through more mundane activities or we search spiritual clarity, we will be given the energy and the vision to work towards sustaining it.

By Sunday Mercury reaches exact sextile with Pluto enhancing our intuition and awareness of the subtler aspects of our reality. Some of us might feel more dreamy and will find it difficult to think clearly. This is not a good time for performing tasks that require precision and attention to detail, instead you should use it to relax with a book or just to do things that do not require rational thinking.

Both Mercury and Neptune are sending very strong signals to show that the intangible aspect of our reality is as important as the solid part of it and we should pay attention to the hints coming from our senses and feelings. Those who study metaphysical disciplines or are engaged with spiritual work will notice that their awareness is amplified and they are able to penetrate deeper behind the veil of the material perceptions. These energies raise our vibrations, helping us to tune into the finest and deepest levels of the universe, we can perceive answers of questions that have been out of our reach.


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