Astroweekend 4th 5th 6th October

Here is your Astroweekend 4th 5th 6th October 2019


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Welcome to your Astroweekend 4th 5th 6th October where I give you an overview of the weekend’s planetary emphasis. Rayna

This week Mercury moved to Scorpio, Mars is now in Libra and Pluto is going direct. The energies over the weekend are beginning to shift, allowing us to become more active and assertive when manifesting our intentions. For many, this may bring emotional turmoil but this is a cleansing process necessary for achieving greater clarity and expanding our awareness.

Friday begins with a very harmonious sextile between Venus in Libra and the Moon in Sagittarius, making all dealings with others more harmonious, positive and friendly. This is a very social aspect which can open doors for negotiations that lead to mutually beneficial results. We can use this benevolent energy to straighten things up and restore the imbalances caused by misunderstandings. In addition, many will notice that emotional communications are unobstructed making almost everyone more approachable.

On a more personal level, we will feel more affectionate, confident and relaxed. It can be a good time to go out on a date because the vibes between two of you will allow you to shorten any distance and Venus, the goddess of love, will look after you. Those in an established relationship will notice that making plans together will be easy, enjoyable and very productive. There is a desire for harmony in most of your daily activities and interactions.

Friday seems to be the better day for getting together with friends or socialising in general because by Saturday the magic of the Venusian vibes will fade away as the Moon moves in Capricorn to meet with Saturn. The warmth and empathy that we felt yesterday will be replaced with cold and almost emotionless rationality, this is the realm of Saturn and everything needs to be organised in the most structured way. Most people will be more disciplined today so if you have any tasks for the weekend or jobs around the house, there is no better time to get things done.

This Saturday the Sun squares the Saturn Moon conjunction, reinforcing further the heaviness in the air. Some might experience this as a desire to isolate themselves because they feel they don’t get the support they need at home or there is a strong conflict between what they think they are and their expectations about themselves. Try not to get emotionally involved in any dramas or to allow negativity to rule your day.

The harsh vibrations will cause a real struggle for some of us because they create the impression that everything is more difficult, there are restrictions everywhere and many might have depressive thoughts. Some people might even think that they are constantly followed by bad luck. Do not fall for this, the transits this week are short-lived, they are here to make us stronger, not to bend us.

Those who manage to remain strong and avoid self-pity will be able to observe these influences impartially, their day can be very rewarding with tangible results. They will have the awareness that it is far better to use the rough energy in the most practical way and to concentrate on the tasks instead of analysing the negativity coming from subjective perceptions about things and people who cause issues or constraints.

Sunday is yet another day when the etheric vibes will require discipline and willingness to do the hard work. In practical terms, this will be a time for finalising some tedious jobs that have to be completed before Monday.

Below the surface, however, the deeper emotional conflict experienced by many will be acting as an accelerator for the change that we have been longing for. This is a cleansing process intensified by the short-lived Moon-Pluto conjunction. It might cause intense feelings from the deepest parts of our psyche but it’s necessary for absorbing important lessons that are part of our journey.

Mercury is becoming more energised by the opposing Uranus even though this opposition is not exact yet, it will be causing unexpected changes in our mental processing. For some, this will manifest as scattered thoughts, or nervousness but for others, this can be a positive experience because Uranus acts as a powerful stimulant for the brain. We can see things with new eyes or may receive a sudden realisation about something that has been playing on the back of our mind for a long time.

To overcome the negative effects of the planetary vibrations this weekend we need to remain self-centred, focused and more impartial. What we perceive as a struggle can turn out to be a blessing in disguise. In the last two days, we have an opportunity to glance at what is hidden below the surface of our inner world, to get in touch with our personal guide behind the veil of illusion and to become more aware of our powers and abilities.

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