Astroweekend 2nd 3rd 4th August 2019

Astroweekend 2nd 3rd 4th August 2019


Here is your Astroweekend 2nd 3rd 4th August 2019

Welcome to your Astroweekend bonanza of astrology, tarot, and runes. Rayna gives you an overview of the weekend’s planetary emphasis, while Kazzie’s major arcana card adds an archetypal energetic flavour and direction to the astrology. Finally, I weave this into the three runes I draw to connect the divinatory modes into the message focus and conclusion. We hope you enjoy our collaborative efforts! Which is the very basis of everything we wish to bring about through Healthy Tree Frog… Alex  ❤


This is officially the end of the eclipse season with Mercury direct and the Sun, Venus and Mars in Leo. The energy is shifting to the next level matching the higher frequencies of the New Moon in Leo, we can feel a pleasant lightness and excitement from the new and better vibes. There is fiery optimism awakened from unexpected places and open doors of greater opportunities. It feels like the heavy veil has been lifted and now we can enjoy the comforting warmth of the sun.

Friday will be carrying the powerful creative energy of the New Moon in Leo, urging many of us to give in to the subconscious desire to shine and embrace the light in our hearts. There is an open window at the first half of the day when the lunar vibrations will allow us to light up the dark places in our psyche and challenge our shadow, for many this is an opportunity to overcome their insecurities and imperfections.

At the second part of the day, the Moon will enter earthy Virgo awakening strong inner drive for order and a more methodical approach to everything. We can take advantage of this energy to sort out some last-minute jobs, to classify information and to make a decision about a new diet plan or a healthier lifestyle. It will help us to make more informed decisions based on analytical reasoning and methodical research. With Mercury direct, this creates almost perfect conditions for manifesting our new ideas and set new directions.

For those in a relationship, this weekend might bring an unpleasant surprise as Venus is in argumentative mood thanks to the square with Uranus in Taurus. This energy will be the most prominent on Saturday but will have its effect over the whole weekend. To avoid problems try to respect your partner, avoid unkind comments and judgmental attitude. However, if this happens try to see the lesson in this situation and focus on the positive qualities to mitigate the adverse impact.

Those who chose to remain on the brighter side, this can be a time for new experiences, the more open-minded people are, the better and more rewarding the experience is. Many will be attracted to strange artistic expressions of modern art, new and exciting social events or making impulsive friendships with eccentric individuals.

Another challenging aspect this Saturday will be the exact quincunx between Mars and Pluto. This can be experienced as a tense discomfort caused by the disconnectedness between the self and the soul. We will enter a short period during which our sense of connection with our soul is somehow cut off from what we perceive as our 3D self-awareness, this will be experienced as a feeling of detachment from our inner guidance. As a result, some of us might feel slightly darker emotional connotations by the end of the weekend but for most people, this will remain unnoticed.

Sunday can be a good day for gardening, we are still under the rays of the new Moon. She is now in Virgo strengthening the connectedness with the earth and enhancing the magical power of the life force. Everything planted today will receive potent support from the Earth and energy boost from the new Moon.

Those who are not into gardening will be inclined to spend the day out in nature, near water or in the forest. Cooking or just relaxing at home is another good alternative. This will allow you to keep your body aligned with the current of the earth and can help the purifying energy to flow unobstructed.


The weekend tarot card is The Devil corresponding to the sign Capricorn (a cardinal Earth sign ruled by Saturn). Aleister Crowley tells us that this card “represents creative energy in its most material form.”

Astroweekend 2nd 3rd 4th August 2019Keywords – Shadow self, attachment, addiction, restriction, sexuality, releasing limiting beliefs, exploring dark thoughts, hidden motives

The archetype of The Devil refers to what you hide in order to fit in with society and your human, earthly desires.

Seeing The Devil card means you are enslaved to something or someone; an idea, a relationship, a way of life, a self-destructive attitude, the possibilities are endless.

It may feel like a trap, yet it is one of your own making. Even though you imagine that you can’t escape from it, there is always a solution.

The Devil represents earthly pursuits and desires as well as addictions. There may be an addiction to food, sex, drugs, alcohol or an emotional attachment which you just cannot break; but it’s also about honouring your sensuality and desires.

If you find yourself in undesirable situations, examine the part you have played in whatever has gone wrong rather than blaming others. You may have chosen the path of instant gratification or even avoidance of facing up to hidden problems. Often the problem you are facing has arisen from suppressed childhood emotions. We have a tendency to bury or ignore our feelings in the hope that they will go away.

This is an opportunity now to bring these influences into your conscious awareness and integrate your yin and yang in order to experience your complete self. Shine a light on any habitual patterns that have been standing in your way and over time, you will loosen the grip they hold on you.


Alex is taking a break so I (Kazzie) decided to draw one of my rune cards from the Viking Oracle. A new set of cards that I will be introducing into my Daily Psychic Tarot soon.

Astroweekend 2nd 3rd 4th August 2019The rune drawn for this weekend is Jera (pronounced “yeh-rah”), element earth which corresponds with the earthly Devil card. The connection perhaps, earthly needs and desires, reaping what you have sown and karma.

Keywords: Time, creating harmony, seasons, nourishment, nature, harvest, as you sow so shall you reap, slow and steady development and karma

Jera has a multitude of meanings depending on the question asked and can be interpreted in many ways. However, it mainly represents time and seasons. In the spring you plough and sow and now it’s time to harvest the fruits of your labour.

This can also be a time of heightened excitement and emotions. Calm yourself by getting out in nature. If what you reap is negative, take comfort in the fact that nothing lasts forever. Change will happen gradually but not overnight.

This can also be a time of financial gain acquired through your own previous efforts. There might be changes in income, unexpected inheritances, lottery wins or simply a favourable and satisfying financial standing.

If a person sows no seeds, does no work, plants no goals and desire in his or her thoughts, Jera will bring about situations which reflect that lack. In terms of health, this rune brings healing, recovery and victory against sickness. In extreme cases, it can be an alarm signal, announcing the relapse of an affection.

A seed is planted,
A miracle of possibility,
And it grows
Strong made of sunlight
And water and work;
A living treasure
To hold, to harvest;
Reward for right action.
I am Jera

~ Stacey Demarco, Viking Oracle guide book

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