Astroweekend 27th 28th 29th September 2019

Here is your Astroweekend 27th 28th 29th September 2019


Astroweekend 27th 28th 29th September 2019

Welcome to your Astroweekend 27th 28th 29th September where I give you an overview of the weekend’s planetary emphasis. Rayna

This weekend we have a new Moon, the Sun, Mercury and Venus in the cardinal sign of Libra activating the slower moving Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune in various aspects. The strong Libran energy infused by Venus will manifest itself through feelings and emotions about fairness, justice, harmony, love and beauty. We will be experiencing planetary vibrations in a few different and somehow contrasting ways. The main area of effect will be our social circles and the way we perceive our relationships through our personal self-awareness.

On Friday the predominant energies are challenging as Venus and Saturn both in the comfort of their own signs making a tense square forcing many of us to critically reexamine and scrutinize their attitude and emotional bonds with the world, close friends or business associates. This uneasy etheric wave has been around for a few days and now coupled with the vibes from another uncomfortable square between Mercury and Pluto creates ripples of heaviness and density. It puts pressure on many of us but the intensity is more subtle and at the same time adds more depth to our emotions. Now we feel propelled to verbalise the passion of the way we feel, our frustrations and struggles.

For those who are in an established bond, the start of the weekend will be less eventful but will bring nostalgic emotions and acknowledgement of the sacrifice each of us had to make to get where we are now. These are karmic connections and crossing each other’s paths is a blessing, a sign that we are going in the right direction according to our soul contracts.

Individuals who are facing a challenging time in their relationship are trying to create order in the emotional chaos so they can release what is no longer serving them. It allows them to go deeper into their feelings and to find the root cause of the problem. This is time for reevaluating what you are getting out of your relationship and makes you question whether you can fulfil the demands that your partner makes upon you. The square between Mercury and Pluto intensifies our experiences compelling us to assert our personal views and ideas on others. All this can lead to argumentative debates and can uncover unpleasant truths.

On the brighter side, Mercury-Pluto square takes us deep into a space where we can explore our inner dimensions and can gain greater awareness of how to recognise, control and navigate the hidden currents that steer the wheel of our destiny. Those who are interested in studying occult subjects and pursuing hidden knowledge will benefit from this transit the most. We have very strong mental concentration and our ability to stay focused is greatly enhanced.

The old karmic patterns that have been forcing many of us to reside in the past are almost dissolved, we are at the beginning of a new cycle announced by the new Moon in Libra. It occurs on Saturday when many will feel more optimistic and ready to let go of things no longer vibrating with the new frequencies. We are ready to move on but there are still a few more challenging bumps to overcome.

The new Moon in Libra makes a quincunx with Uranus signifying a sudden change of the way we feel about our relationship with others and with our selves. This can bring new wisdom, new awareness about our perceptions and will transform our thoughts to see the tensions from the last few days with new eyes.

By Sunday, as the Moon progresses through Libra and meets first Venus and then Mercury the energy is shifting,  opening again in a more positive tone the conversation about how we relate to those close to us. Venus is now exactly sextiling Jupiter, bringing optimism and idealistic desire for harmony. We are lighthearted and more relaxed exhibiting our best qualities and able to see the good in the others.

The end of the weekend carries warm feelings generosity and uplifting energies. Sunday can be a great time for celebrations, seeing friends and lighthearted gatherings.


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