Astroweekend 26th 27th 28th July 2019

Astroweekend 26th 27th 28th July 2019

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Astroweekend 26th 27th 28th July 2019

Here is your Astroweekend 26th 27th 28th July 2019


Welcome to your Astroweekend bonanza of astrology, tarot, and runes. Rayna gives you an overview of the weekend’s planetary emphasis, while Karen’s major arcana card adds an archetypal energetic flavour and direction to the astrology. Finally, I weave this into the three runes I draw to connect the divinatory modes into the message focus and conclusion. We hope you enjoy our collaborative efforts! Which is the very basis of everything we wish to bring about through Healthy Tree Frog… Alex  â¤



The last weekend of July will be marked with volatile and contrasting vibrations, the Sun is now in Leo, and by Sunday Venus will join the fiery ride adding elegance, softness and grace. There will be intense emotions and deep feelings along with passionate desires and energetic impulses.

Friday begins with stimulating energies coming from the trine between Mars in Leo and Jupiter in Sagittarius. This vibrant influx adds sparkling determination to our everyday routine. Many will feel active and assertive but a little bit less confident because Mars also makes a quincunx with Saturn. There are annoying constraints imposed upon us by Saturn so it is a good idea to know your boundaries and not to go overboard as Jupiter will suggest. People can have too big expectations which might be difficult to fulfil.

This puts an emphasis on what our beliefs are and where our dreams touch reality. Are we content with what we have and what we can do? People can challenge our confidence or our authority and trusting our own abilities can be a key point if we want to get tangible results. This might create obstacles for those who planned to reach certain objectives, testing determination.

As the Moon in Taurus trines Pluto, we feel more resourceful, seek depth and reliability to satisfy our need to trust what we can perceive as solid. This combination will prompt some of us to become obsessed with achieving goals at any cost but the stubbornness is not always productive. It can be difficult to suppress the urge to be assertive because of the expansive energy coming from the Mars/Jupiter transit will need to seek moderation and awareness of what is happening around.

On a more personal level, the lunar vibrations will add passion to our intimate relationships, we can sense a deeper connection and experience unforgettable moments of passionate oneness.

The lower spectrum of these vibrations can trigger intense feelings allowing one single emotion or idea to dominate our mind and this might become too difficult to handle. The key is to stay grounded, to allow the energy to flow unobstructed and to lower your expectations. We will be forced to accept the reality with its limitations and constraints.

Saturday the Moon in Gemini is sextile the Sun in Leo allowing us to stop and take a break, to enjoy the day surrounded with like-minded people. The energy levels are still very high and far more positive but the moods might be fast-changing, stimulated by various ideas and activities. Today we can relate easier to others emotional needs without forgetting our own personal desires.

As the Sun approaches Chiron it makes an exact trine on Sunday. From Saturday the healing energy coming from this aspect is already present and very palpable. Many will feel deep empathy and urge to listen and understand those who need encouragement or help. This can be a great time to become more in tune with your own natural healing abilities. Those who are more in tune with the etheric vibrations of this transit will sense greater understanding about the source of their traumas and will be able to find the right remedy or approach to many ailments.

In the first hours of Sunday, Venus leaves Cancer and enters fiery Leo. We are in the Leo season already but joining the Sun and Mars, Venus lifts the vibrations one more time adding glamour and artistic expression to our daily encounters. Many will feel the love and enjoyment of life. There is a strong desire for self-expression in a very graceful congenial manner. Sunday is an excellent day for attending big events, group activities, artistic gatherings, entertainment and relaxing with friends.

Along with the charming heartfelt Venusian energy, Sunday we will be challenged to remain focused and attentive. The Moon in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces sending us in the realm of dreams and illusions, our feelings can be distorted and many will be affected by strong subconscious undercurrents.

The negative side of this transit can make us too sensitive to substances and environmental toxins, try to avoid alcohol or drugs. There might be a peak of allergies so everyone who suffers from this condition should be extra cautious.

On the other hand, the energetic waves of the Moon and Neptune can be extremely positive, these etheric fluid vibrations bring higher awareness, and distant forgotten memories. Our intellectual faculties are tuned inwards thanks to Mercury retrograde so the combination of all these celestial events creates a nourishing environment for reaching a deeper understanding of our spiritual nature and soul essence. The mind wanders easily and loses touch with reality but this is a great time for meditations and spiritual practices. As long as you don’t have to make serious decisions on the last day of the weekend, it can be enjoyable and pleasant


The weekend tarot card is The Moon and it’s related to the Pisces (water), indicating unclear situations, running away from reality, wrong impressions, and hidden motives.

Astroweekend 26th 27th 28th July 2019Keywords – Illusion, fear, anxiety, subconscious, intuition, creativity, serendipity, psychic development, dreams, imagination, light.

The archetype of The Moon gives gifts of intuition, dreams and imagination. Following and embracing these messages will enrich your life. Moon inspires you with visions of what can be.

This card shows you a choice that you must make. Whether to stay with what is familiar or to explore the new. Staying can feel like death, but so can following a dream written only in the light of the Moon. But the Moon, however changeable, is a steady guide whose light you can follow, and who shows you your soul’s nurture when her light reflects upon the water. By living in your senses, you can open up to her so she can wash your wounds and bring you the strength to achieve your vision.

This stream is constant and strong, but it is only useful to you when you open up to it when you let the current take you. Follow your feelings, even if they lead you along a blind alleyway. Nothing is ever clear cut when the Moon appears.


The Moon card appears ruling fears and anxieties, often based upon lack of clarity. Interesting that Mercury stations direct in Cancer on Sunday. This speaks of clarification of feelings in some way. When Mercury stations this way and for a couple of days prior in the Mercury ‘storm’ the deeper picture behind the screen has a way of coming out. So the deeper motivations and feelings may well come to the surface at the weekend. On Sunday in particular, Sun trine Chiron makes clear that awareness is about to land, in line with these ‘hidden’ dimensions and a sense of peace will ensue. No deception should be feared when you are aligned.

Astroweekend 26th 27th 28th July 2019Friday sees the Signals rune of communication (Ansuz) appear and aligned with Merc Rx shows that likely more doubts will be arising (possibly confusion too) than clarity. Please go with this. Fog may feel undesirable, but it is part of your process of unveiling. It also helps to smoke out distinctions between uncertainty and panic and also minor issues and much deeper ones. Any doubts you may have about somebody should be seen as finding some objective measure today.

Astroweekend 26th 27th 28th July 2019Saturday sees the Fertility rune of Ingwaz appear. In short, a day to recognise the impact of all your conscious actions. What you do not think fully about may leave you exposed. The period of review under the retrograde is ending. Make sure that you do not fall at the final hurdle. Be smart and take precautions. If things must fall apart you do not want that to be harder than necessary.


Astroweekend 26th 27th 28th July 2019Finally, Sunday sees Flow, the rune Laguz which is strongly associated in energy with the Moon card. As the truth emerges on a deeper level about bonds, today you will really be able to feel your way onto what is right for you. The mind can easily play tricks but it is your core, intuitive feeling which today will illuminate your sense of what is right for you and what is not your path.


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