Astroweekend 22nd 23rd 24th November

Here is your Astroweekend 22nd 23rd 24th November 2019


Astroweekend 27th 28th 29th September 2019

Welcome to your Astroweekend 22nd 23rd 24th November where I give you an overview of the weekend’s planetary emphasis. Rayna

The energies this weekend are more dynamic, abundant and we are experiencing a pull forward. Mercury is now direct, the Sun enters the optimistic sign of Sagittarius where we have powerful Venus Jupiter conjunction and Mars is in Scorpio where he is active and strong opposing Uranus. This can be a time for profound changes in life for many or mapping the beginning of something new.

Mars in Scorpio awakens the warrior in each one of us releasing a surge of explosive energy and it is up to the individual how they are going to use this energy. This is a time to fight for what we believe is good and to release a tension that holds us back. We will be aided by the internal disruptive power of Mars opposing Uranus this weekend.

This energy is becoming stronger as we approach its culmination on Sunday when the aspect will be exact. Despite the violent forces that can be sudden and are erupting from this combination, the effects are likely to be more positive than negative due to the benevolent influence coming from the exact conjunction between Venus and Jupiter.

Many will feel the urge to break free from self-imposed limitations, deeper insecurities and will be empowered to overcome fears that prevent them from expanding their horizon. Try to disengage from the old attachments that keep you stagnant and restricted, because this can be the beginning of a journey that creates major changes your life.

During this Mars Uranus opposition, we can expect sudden events or reactions from those close to us to challenge our daily routines and cause disturbances in our immediate environment. For some people, it can have a negative health effect or can cause accidents that could lead to the need for surgical procedures.

The Sun is in the last degree of Scorpio causing tense ego-driven emotions but by Saturday we enter Sagittarius where it feels happier and more comfortable. Saturday can be the brighter day with a lot of positive vibes and optimism which will be helpful to alleviate the emotional intensity. Any creative activities this Saturday will be beneficial to utilise the surplus of energy and will harmonise relationships with those around us.

Probably the most important transit this weekend will be the Venus Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius which occurs near the galactic centre making all types of relationships more positive,  optimistic and profound.  Everyone will feel lighter and very friendly, there are good vibes in the air and the day will offer many pleasant encounters.

The energy flowing from the galactic centre is unobstructed, very transformational, leading to powerful realisations about our entanglement with the cosmic rhythms. Many people will have heightened awareness about the higher spiritual nature of their bonds with those who are in their life at this moment.

There is an open portal discharging high vibrational particles reaching our hearts and deepening our connection with loved ones and accelerating our spiritual awareness. We will experience a sense of joy, love and goodwill everywhere, making this weekend a very pleasant, magical and perfect for celebrations.

Venus Jupiter conjunction casts powerful, benevolent energy but it comes with a warning to use it in moderation. Although we feel strong and everything is going well in the direction we want it, on Sunday people will have to deal with unexpected challenges. On this day we have Moon-Mars conjunction in Scorpio exactly opposing Uranus in Taurus and Sun in Jupiter trine Chiron in Aries.

The high concentration of emotional energy can materialise in two ways. On the one hand, it can be very advantageous for those who have been working on clearing long-lasting issues, it brings hope if you seek healing. We have enhanced the ability to find the best remedy for health problems or to help others and ease their pain. There is an assurance for finding the solution for a problem and we will know what is the best course of action.

On the other hand, those who have been reckless or unable to deal with important matters that require intervention, leaving them to the chance, will have to deal with sudden events which will disrupt and shake the reality they perceive as safe and secure. This can be a wakeup call for many who have been putting things off. The good thing about everything that hits us today is that the outcome will be positive if we make an effort to deal with it.

We have the martian/scorpionic energy and strength to break down the barriers and to act adequately. Plus the heavens are on our side as the Sagittarian Sun/Jupiter conjunction is still exact and radiates beautiful, positive vibes giving hope and encouragement that things will get better.

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