Astroweekend 21st 22nd 23rd June

Astroweekend 21st 22nd 23rd June 2019

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Astroweekend 21st 22nd 23rd June 2019

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Welcome to your Astroweekend bonanza of astrology, tarot, and runes. Rayna gives you an overview of the weekend’s planetary emphasis, while Karen’s major arcana card adds an archetypal energetic flavour and direction to the astrology. Finally, I weave this into the three runes I draw to connect the divinatory modes into the message focus and conclusion. We hope you enjoy our collaborative efforts to bring you this Astroweekend! Which is the very basis of everything we wish to bring about through Arts & Esoterics… Alex  ❤



This weekend starts with very positive, light and joyful vibrations. Friday is the day of the summer solstice, the Sun enters Cancer – the cardinal sign of home, family, loyalty hospitality and good food. This is the first day of the summer, the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere and the beginning of the holiday season.

Friday morning the Moon in Aquarius trines Venus in Gemini introducing new fresh energy of easiness, there is a flow of elated emotions and friendly attitude. The influence of this transit is short lived but this sets the scene for this weekend coloured by a sense of benevolence, positivity, joy in an uninhibited flow. Goodwill and vibes of compassion will be dominant modalities while we interact with others, conversations take constructive directions without obstacles and difficulties. There is a charming charisma around everyone which will be noticeable in every social engagement. Those who are planning to work harder today might find this task challenging, we are not inclined to put too much effort into it.

Many will notice a heightened affinity for good food and pleasant experiences, the lightness in the air around will make us seek less resistance and enjoyable pleasures but there is a warning to try and be moderate, we can easily overdo it.

The new fresh Cancerian energy changes the modalities this weekend, most of us will be very family orientated, our instincts can make us overprotective, more caring and empathetic, our thoughts will be engaged with family members, domestic tranquillity and the wellbeing of children. This can set the theme of the whole weekend, we will be working around the home, and will be spending more time with our families.

Over this period we will be still under the strong energies from the Saturn/Neptune sextile, affirming our spiritual intentions, upholding even stronger determination to persist with spiritual practices and disciplines.

In addition to this Jupiter Neptune square, there is still an influential infusing the space with higher aspirations and visions beyond the perceivable horizon. In many ways, this can be a great inspirational time for making plans or proceeding further with difficult projects. However, this can be tricky because Neptune creates realistic illusions, we need to remain grounded and seek solidity if possible in order to discern what is real and what is not.

As Venus progresses through Gemini later on Saturday she will make a more precise square to Neptune and opposition to Jupiter. This can stimulate romantic creativity but also can magnify some idealistic expectations. We must be careful when dealing with our partners and try to be realistic in our conjectures.

Projecting impossible characteristics on the loved ones can cause disappointment and volatile emotions on Saturday evening when the Moon moves in Pisces and trines the Sun in Cancer. In some cases, this can be a cause for the end of a relationship.

The higher expression of this energy, however, will bring enhanced creativity and ability to manifest artistic ideas. Those who tune into this vibrational field will be able to bring their visions into the material reality and to produce exceptional eye-catching creations.

Sunday will be a day for experiencing joy, satisfaction and great pleasure. Venus is in exact opposition with Jupiter making the end of the weekend even more overindulging as these two bring heavy, rich food garnished with a lot of sweets. This is a very bad day for diets and certainly not good for resisting alcoholic beverages.

A word of warning here, people should avoid going shopping today or will end up spending a lot more than they intended.

Overall the weekend is going to be very pleasant and enjoyable with a greater focus on the home and the family.


The weekend tarot card is Justice. Poise and balance are indicated by Justice, and its astrological correspondent, Libra. Both are seekers of truth and equilibrium in complex situations and seek deep understanding before making decisions and taking action.

Astroweekend 21st 22nd 23rd JuneKeywords – Fairness, balanced decisions, consequences of one’s behaviour, seek to win, doing the right thing, fairness, truth and the law.

The archetype of Justice represents the consequences of your behaviour when things are out of balance. You may not like the outcome, but it will be based on harmony and fairness for the greater good.

Here you stand before the Judge, but in reality, the Judge and Jury are both represented by you. You may lie to others and pretend to be something you are not but you are only fooling yourself. It is a time for you to sit down and think about your lot and what you have said and done. Be honest with yourself first and then be honest with those around you.


There is a strong story emerging this weekend with the runes. I will take a peek at the astrology AFTER I write what I see cards-wise. Interesting the Justice shows up with Saturn the karma planet (which resonates with this card) continuing to track the south node of the moon. Immediately, you should be aware that around this time integrity is winning its rewards and those less-than-pristine plantings of seeds are coming back to slap treachery in the face.

The motif? Old connections resurfacing… but ONLY so you can measure how far you have come!

Rune Art by Gabrielle Gern:

Astroweekend 21st 22nd 23rd JuneAt the solstice, we have a pronounced shift. We move from mutable Gemini to cardinal Cancer. The times of equivocation end. Have you been sitting on the fence? Hop off it and get your rear in gear! The rune Dagaz appears on Saturday. This is a breakthrough time. It is also a turning point, the place where magic is born out of the hard work from faithful foundations laid. What has led to this is Friday’s rune of Laguz or flow. This is mutability and flexibility. How accommodating have you been? To a fault perhaps? Sure you have likely been exploited for your integrity. But now, the only person holding you back is you. No excuses! It is you setting out the path of your life, nobody else. Trust the magic. Seed something decisive over Friday and Saturday.

Astroweekend 21st 22nd 23rd JuneSunday’s rune is Uruz. Quite simply, it is time for a completely fresh approach to how you approach your day-to-day decision making. This speaks of Uranus in Taurus breaking any mould of fixity in any key area of your living that has held you back. Time to fly!

Regarding the sky, apart from the Sun creeping into Cancer on Friday, Neptune stations retrograde that day. This is a very clear message to inspect closely, the nature of your most entrenched illusions. What sacred cows have you never questioned? What working assumptions, by which you regulate much of your life, have you failed to weigh accurately? Whatever runs your life, if it is not you, has taken you hostage. Time to stop that. With the runes in play, this is likely to speak of you having accommodated others, maybe for no other reason than your own lack of confidence. Astroweekend 21st 22nd 23rd JuneYou figure maybe if you do not hassle them then they will respect you and cut you slack. Newsflash: They just won’t. The other thing is that on Sunday is Venus opposing Jupiter. In this new mode that you are called upon to manifest, it looks like a key early challenge will be navigating the tension between your growth as an individual and the closest attachments and connections you have.

On the new path, there must be no compromise. Venus is flighty and fickle in Gemini. Jupiter is strong in Sagittarius. It is clear: your special mission quest now takes precedence over EVERYTHING. Do not allow yourself to trade your gold for lead.


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