Astroweekend September 20th 21st 23rd 2019


Here is your Astroweekend 20th 21st 22nd September 2019


Welcome to your Astroweekend 20th 21st 22nd September 2019 of astrology and tarot. Rayna gives you an overview of the weekend’s planetary emphasis, while Kazzie’s major arcana card adds an archetypal energetic flavour and direction to the astrology. We hope you enjoy our collaborative efforts!


The week is defined by some strong controversial currents that are going to predetermine our reactions and suggest a different course of action.  Saturn is now direct, the energy is not so stagnant and we are feeling more alive but will take a few more days before we can notice more tangibly that something is changing.  There will be active Martian force fueled by the Moon in Gemini, Mercury and Venus in Libra that will brighten the horizon but also Saturnian vibes casting some sobering realism in the last two days. The planets will take part in several plays over the next three days, making connections and highlighting important karmic lessons. In addition, we will notice a strong drive to make tangible change in the area of our life which is important for us and our future.

This Friday Mars trines Pluto releasing strong energy for working towards new goals, opening opportunities for growth in a new direction driven by the residual energy from the last new Moon in Virgo.

Now as Saturn is direct things seem more dynamic, many will notice that they have greater motivation to start working on their goals or will see more opportunities for personal development. Martian energy coupled with the intensity of Pluto can boost our efforts to make reforms in our life, in our surroundings and to be more effective in what we do. This is a good time to draw long term projects or identifying your own motivation and needs.

The Moon in Gemini trines Venus and Mercury, making us more aware of our own emotions and the way they affect our relationships. There are harmonising vibes allowing us to be more in control of what is happening today.

Our thoughts are in balance with the emotions helping us to be creative in our expression and communications. This is the very business orientated drive which will enhance the ability to negotiate and reach mutually beneficial decisions based on rational conclusions without compromising our own needs. The emotional energy supports communication, adding a positive spin to the commercial transactions and decisions in the area of the finances. You need to be careful though because the Jupiter/Neptune square may make things to look better than they actually are and Saturn who is about to square Mercury exact on Saturday demands attention to the obstacles in our way. You need to be careful and impartial, make sure you checked the facts before committing to anything.

On a more personal level, creativity is enhanced helping us to express our feelings with ease and affection. If you need to make a good impression today it’s a good time to do this, but you need to be responsible, attentive and focused.

On Saturday Jupiter reaches the exact square with Neptune for the third and final time this year blurring the boundaries between the reality and dreams. This can create false hope or unrealistic expectations, illusionary ideas about our abilities and aspirations. We might feel like we can do bigger and greater things which can turn out to be only in our head. Try to stay more realistic and avoid escapism because Jupiter inflates the ego and Neptune convinces us this is real.

Be grounded and do not to waste your resources, the urge to get an immediate result is strong but people should be more careful when calculating their chances. This might be easier than we think as Saturn gets involved, he challenges our perspective on everything and adds structure.

Many will sense a powerful influx of karmic energy thanks to Saturn opposing the north node and conjunct the South node urging them to reevaluate their past experiences in the light of the lessons they’ve learnt so far.

Although the cleansing time is over and now we are gathering resources to make the next step in our personal development, there is hidden anxiety. Elevated emotions and heightened energy levels thanks to the strong etheric influence of the Moon in Gemini which is a short-lived bubble that shrinks quickly soon after Mercury and Venus reach a closer Square with Saturn.

In the area of the relationships, many of the conversations will be related to future plans, jobs or all sorts of activities together with a partner. But the conversations on Friday will be more accommodating than those on Saturday or Sunday. We can’t see the undercurrent flow of invisible shady vortexes but can sense that something is happening and there is a tension.

Most of this pressure comes from the hard aspects to Saturn developed over the last two days of this weekend. By Sunday Mercury reaches the exact square with Saturn, many will have difficulty being understood or the conversations will have a negative connotation. There is a frustration coming from the fact that the obstacles in our communications lead to dead-ends or misunderstandings. Try to avoid argumentative debates with the loved ones because there is a tendency towards negativism. A very innocent criticism can cause havoc and might change your plans for the weekend. The moon is now in Cancer but she is being overcautious and protective, pointing out our fears or hidden frustrations.

On the good side, we are very practical, capable of heavy mental work and handling tasks that require disciplined thinking. If we manage to avoid looking at the dark side of life, the whole weekend can be very productive for finishing some tedious jobs.


The weekend tarot card is The World corresponding to Saturn, you have everything you need, feeling complete and connected with yourself and your surroundings. Saturn shows you your sense of responsibility and limitations that define you while giving you boundaries.

20th 21st 22nd September 2019Keywords – Structure and meaning, accomplishments, boundaries directing us while we grow, international travel, passing on your knowledge, rules and regulations, fulfilment, completion, doing what you desire.

The archetype of The World gives you completion and success—as well as the chance to start another round.

The message here is, stay committed to your goals and success is just around the corner. This is the end of a cycle, completion of a journey, and the beginning of a new one. You are reaching a point in your situation where things are coming full circle.

It could be that a long-term project, relationship, career or study, has come full circle, and you are now delighted in the sense of closure and accomplishment. It could also represent graduation, a marriage, the birth of a child or achieving a long-held dream or aspiration.

The World helps you experience the unity of all things in everything you do, feel and say. You can experience this at any point on the Wheel of Life. The creative juices are flowing, and everything is falling into place. There is a feeling of unity, of expansion. All is one and you are at one with the world.

This card often shows up when there is travel involved. Your sail just got some wind behind it, so make the most of it.

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