Astroweekend 1st 2nd 3rd November 2019

Here is your Astroweekend 1st 2nd 3rd November 2019


Astroweekend 27th 28th 29th September 2019

Welcome to your Astroweekend 1st 2nd 3rd November where I give you an overview of the weekend’s planetary emphasis. Rayna

On the day of Halloween Mercury went retrograde in Scorpio, highlighting important internal conversation about deeply rooted desires, goals and aspirations that require making choices and commitments. Although now Mercury is going away from Venus they are still in conjunction and at the same time strongly influenced by the vibes coming from Mars squaring Pluto. For many, this will add intense feelings at the beginning of the weekend but also will help to verbalise our internal struggles, insecurities, fears and obsessions.

This celestial alignment allows us in a very profound way to understand what it is we want, what our real needs are and to spot any blockages and obstacles. Mars and Pluto can be difficult to deal with but they urge us to go deeper and to search for the real problem. Such awareness provides an opportunity to see through the deception, to destroy and recreate, the involvement of Venus suggests that our main concern will be what connects us to others, our relationship with those who are important to us. She carries a positive attitude and a diplomatic approach so we will be able to resolve conflicts in a constructive way without undermining our own needs.

The Moon is in Capricorn trining Uranus in Taurus, so don’t make rigid plans for Friday, unexpected news will bring sudden emotional response and might cause a change of direction which in some cases will not be very pleasant. However, if you accept this with an open mind and flexible attitude the changes that are required today will open space for a new perspective.

The rashness and emotional intensity will ease by Saturday when Venus changes signs and moves to Sagittarius where our affections are becoming more visionary and intellectual rather than sensual. It will broaden our perspective in the area of relationships making it more optimistic, helping us to heal or move forward away from anything that keeps us stagnant. It might seem that there is not much happening but on a deeper level, we receive clarity and profound understanding of our connection with self and others.

Try to stay away from negative emotions that will force you to react before thinking. This is an uncomfortable energy of short-lived impulsive reactions triggered by the Square of Mars and the Moon. We might be compelled to respond prematurely and inappropriate to the situation causing undesirable discussions.  There is a real danger to hurt the people around us because the Moon is also in sextile with Neptune making everyone hypersensitive and touchy.

It is very beneficial to remain grounded and supportive, the energies are very volatile thanks to the intense square between Mars and Pluto which still sends challenging vibes. This can have both positive and negative implication depending on your vibrational level. The more you give into dark mood swings the more difficult it will be to access the creative energy of this transit. It will trigger ego-driven reactions causing power struggles, disagreements and confrontations.

On the positive side the vibrations today can be extremely inspirational and transformative. The energy levels are high providing an opportunity to get ahead with any jobs, we feel ambitious and motivated to get a lot of work done.

The Neptunian touch has also a very powerful spiritual aspect that sends us on a transcendental journey of powerful self-exploration.  All planetary alignments at this moment enhance our mystical abilities encouraging us to make a profound soul connection. There is an open portal between the dimensions that will bring transformative revelations and messages from higher vibrational sources.  Our intuition is magnified and many will witness synchronistic events or will have awareness of being able to sense different energy fields around them.

By Sunday the challenging Mercury-Pluto transit will weaken making space for healing and very benevolent energies. Venus in Sagittarius trines exactly Chiron in Aries allowing us to see the beauty in people we love, to be helpful and to feel empathy, to have the strength to restore what might appear broken. In general most of us will have very positive experiences, people will be supportive, creative and loving.

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