Astroweekend 13th 14th 15th December

Here is your Astroweekend 13th 14th 15th December 2019


Astroweekend 27th 28th 29th September 2019

Welcome to your Astroweekend 13th 14th 15th December where I give you an overview of the weekend’s planetary emphasis. Rayna

The weekend comes with a powerful energetic surge of synchronistic vibes emanated by some of the most powerful planets in the firmament. The full moon on the 12/12 set the scene for a magical celestial dance that is taking us through an evolutionary turmoil and will reveal a distant horizon born from new awareness. We are in a  profound moment in time when we can identify and purge pieces of remaining fragments from the past that no longer serve us. It is a time for the final clearing and readjustment as the universe has given us one more opportunity to straighten things up, to tune in and to open for the new paradigm.

In the first hours of Friday the Moon moves into Cancer opposing Jupiter in Capricorn and at the same time, both the Moon and Jupiter also square Chiron who just turned direct in Aries.

For us here in the European time zones the energy of this combination will evolve and deflate overnight leaving a dreamlike aftertaste of subtle anxiety on the back of your mind in the morning. Although it seems like a minor mood fluctuation it will colour the weekend in a very indistinct way. This will leave a message in our subconscious mind urging us to continue to resolve old issues and to search for remnants of traumatic emotional particles.

We are given an opportunity to make peace with our past, to let go as Venus,  positioned in-between Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn is now negotiating for us.  As she goes through these dense energies we will be feeling like we are in a sticky situation. This will affect our connections not only with close partners and family but also our own relationship with who we think we are.

On one hand, we need to evolve and move on to the next level, on the other hand, the old habits keep us in the old paradigm. Saturn is the karma, Pluto is the transformation we sense coming and Venus is here to help us to go through the mud. This weekend she is on our side supported by the Moon in Cancer strengthening the desire to fix what needs fixing and to tidy up any loose ends inside us and between us and those we love and care about.

Another powerful vibration this weekend comes again from Capricorn but this time it is Jupiter trining Uranus. This is like a special treat of vision for the future, a powerful surge of unfamiliar light coming from the energies that will show up briefly and will disappear. This can be manifested as a metaphysical search for inner truth or higher awareness or flashes of new abstract realisations.   

On a different level, Uranus can illuminate unexpectedly the Jupiterian stroke of luck and as such we might be presented with a lightening opportunity. This is a very brief moment of lucky chance that will expire quickly and we need to act fast to snatch it. You have to be mindful however that Jupiter in Capricorn will require hard work, what seems like an effortless job will soon present itself as a big piece of work but will bring rewards if you put in the effort.

On Saturday, for a few hours, we will have another powerful fountain of energies flowing over the Earth. This is the grand trine between Mars, Neptune and the Moon in the water signs. The radiation from this celestial combination is huge because each of these planets will be in their own signs (Mars as the old ruler of Scorpio).

This is a powerful spiritual energy that will trigger a strong desire to become less self-centred and an awareness that we are all connected. For those who are engaged with spiritual practices, it can awaken memorable psychic experiences, for the others, this can be a time of awakening.

Neptune is the master of the illusions, he gives us powerful dreams and inspiration but also powerful illusions. We need to watch out for unintentional ego traps and self-importance issues caused by misunderstandings and misconceptions. You need to stand your ground and follow your own intuition because the temptations can come in many forms. Those who are already in a holiday mood need to be careful when drinking alcohol or taking drugs because we are extra sensitive to all sorts of substances at this time.

As the Moon goes through the last degrees of Cancer, she will oppose Saturn, and consequently, Pluto and Venus making the end of Saturday very emotionally intense. This is the time for everyone to remain as passive as possible in order to avoid serious emotional drainage.

On Sunday all of the celestial noise will be toned down and we will be able to rest, reflect and recover from the energetic influx of emotions that might have caused havoc during this wild weekend.


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