Astroweekend 11th 12th 13th October 2019

Here is your Astroweekend 11th 12th 13th October 2019


Astroweekend 11th 12th 13th October 2019

Welcome to your Astroweekend 11th 12th 13th October where I give you an overview of the weekend’s planetary emphasis. Rayna

This weekend we will receive some strong energy from the sky above us. We will have some bright spells thanks to Jupiter and its positive vibes but we will have to deal with some serious Plutonian intensity. The full moon in Aries will be sending very powerful messages for each one of us, highlighting internal struggles and strength. We will be challenged to go through situations that might expose our weaknesses but these are evolutionary forces supporting our growth.

The Moon will be the key player this weekend and will be affecting us from the early hours on Friday. The Moon in Pisces will almost make a simultaneous a square to Jupiter in Sagittarius and a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. Jupiter will bring positive attitudes and desire for seeking truth and wisdom while Pluto will take this to a deeper level of experience intensifying emotional perceptions.

Both planets magnify our understanding in a very mystical way asking us to expand our awareness both internally and externally, to become conscious of the hidden parts of our psyche. This is an excellent time for serious meditative work, contemplating on the methods that enhance our spiritual dimensions.

In more mundane terms Jupiter can push some of us to be too stubborn in proving our point of view disregarding the opinions of others. This unconscious arrogance can cause tensions and negative reactions as people might change their attitude towards those who act like they know it all.

In addition to this Pluto whisks some compulsive obsessive moods deepening any negative or positive emotions, provoking an adequate response.  It is advisable to avoid imposing our opinion on others no matter how truthful and relevant it can be. Also, those caught up in any tasks should try to avoid being too obsessed with the objectives and to forget about everything else.

As we move towards Saturday, the Sun approaches exact sextile with Jupiter brightening the weekend with a spell of very positive vibes. This can bring good luck and opportunities to manifest with ease everything we want. Most people are in a very cheerful frame of mind with optimistic aspirations and a broad view of their current situation. Group activities can be very successful today and those who are involved in participating or organising talks, or conferences will notice that everything runs smoothly.

On a personal level, the stroke of luck will illuminate the day for some of us but this can have a different connotation for others. Venus in Scorpio is opposing exactly Uranus in Taurus, highlighting some sudden events concerning our money situation or helping us to realise what is valuable for us and what we really want. This can be a moment of realisation for many who were hoping to move away from stagnation and work towards a new way of connecting to people.

Uranus can trigger a new mentality towards managing our possessions or relationships with those closest to us. We need to be patient with those we love because unresolved conflicts and quickly spoken words will cause surprising and sudden distress.

The good vibes from Saturday will be like a breath of fresh air that will help us to get through the challenging energies on Sunday when the full moon in Aries will highlight some unsettled tensions or power struggles. The full moon is a culmination of a cycle which can be an end of internal turmoil and will allow us to move on towards new goals or explorations of a new area of life.

As the Sun energises the Moon on this day, Pluto is in an almost exact square with the Sun purging old patterns of destructive behaviour and ego-driven attitudes. This can be an intensely emotional day triggering energies that are here to assist us to make changes in these parts of our life that don’t function well. It comes to open space for transformation and shifting our awareness in a more positive and creative direction.

In practical terms today everything that does not function well will be tested and will have to be repaired which might cause a change of plans or delays. This can manifest as a breakdown of machines, situations that reveal work which is poorly done or malfunctioning of things that need fixing. This energy will demand our full attention and assistance and will help us to get things sorted before it is too late.

Pluto is a creator and destructor, he rules the internal energies and leads to change and regeneration, squaring the Sun that illuminates the Moon will get us in deep emotional waters. This weekend might be too challenging for some but it will help us to receive important lessons and awareness about what is really important for us.

Remember to come back for next week’s Astroweekend

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