Astroweekend Forecast 22nd 23rd 24th March 2019

Here is your Astroweekend forecast 22nd 23rd 24th March 2019

Here is your Astroweekend forecast 14th 15th 16th December

Welcome to your Astroweekend bonanza of astrology, tarot, and runes. Rayna gives you an overview of the weekend’s planetary emphasis, while Karen’s major arcana card adds an archetypal energetic flavour and direction to the astrology. Finally, I weave this into the three runes I draw to connect the divinatory modes into the message focus and conclusion. We hope you enjoy our collaborative efforts! Which is the very basis of everything we wish to bring about through Healthy Tree Frog… Alex  â¤



This weekend will be immersed in intense energies at the start of it but slowly the tensions will ease up and by the end of Sunday we will be feeling more relaxed, enjoying some nice time off before the beginning of the next week. Among the other strong transits, we will be experiencing again the conjunction between Mercury and Neptune which will take us on an inner journey to self-observation and sacral knowledge.

Friday carries powerful energies wrapping the end of this week with dense vibrations triggering mixed emotions. The day starts with the Moon squaring Saturn making most people emotionally numb, cold and insensitive but more focused and absorbed with more demanding jobs. This can be helpful energy if you need to finalise some last minute jobs or need concentration to complete specific tasks.  However, this could bring some dullness and unpleasant inner feelings which could elicit a dense emotional response when is combined with the negative expression of the square between Venus and Mars.

Venus square Mars carries to the surface archetypal ego-driven stubbornness and power struggles between different types of partnerships, both business and romantic.

When it comes to business dealings, this transit can cause difficulties in communications when the parties try to reach an agreement or try to seal a deal and achieve some sort of common ground. Mars is assertive and dominant, he likes to win but can be pushy and dominant while Venus insists on more subtle collaboration.

On the other hand for those who have a balanced approach Venusian influence will be more beneficial to reach an agreement with, between partners. It is all about balancing the powers and being at peace with people.

Venus is also ruling romantic relationships and for couples who are in an unstable or fragile bond this square with Mars can have a negative effect and might cause conflicts. For the others in harmonious connection, this square can bring powerful attraction and strong passionate emotions which will intensify by the end of the day.

Venus also forms sextile with Jupiter today adding powerful desire to be in harmony with everyone, people are more generous and feel very benevolent to each other. This transit softens the rigidity of the other aspects and can have a really positive effect on financial affairs and legal matters. Despite the tensions coming from Mars, those who manage to hold more constructive attitude can have a very successful end of the week.

Later today we will notice a tendency to probe our self-esteem relating to Sun conjunct Chiron in the first degree of Aries. Many will ponder over the understanding of that which cannot be changed, thinking about strategies to heal and develop confidence or challenging their inner insecurities.

This chain of energetic current will take us to Saturday when the vibrations will be more relaxed and will give us space to act in a more balanced manner. Venus and Mars are moving away from the tight square releasing love energy and bringing more harmony between partners.  By the end of Sunday, any tension that started earlier will be left in the past and most people will have a pleasant end to the weekend.

During these two days, the focus of our awareness is shifting inwards, we tend to be more conscious of what is going on inside of us and more people will be spending some time to observe and analyse this. There is a desire to move away from the old ways of dealing with people and situations; many can pick up subconsciously the new vibrations coming down to earth from the celestial sphere and will try to tune in. This will prompt some folks to find a new approach in their interactions with the closest ones or to change their attitude to familiar things, the vibes bring new higher awareness. In addition to this, we are still influenced by the energy of the full Moon that occurred earlier this week, it’s effect is still very strong, urging us to purge everything that does not resonate with this new reality.

Mercury is in its final retrograde phase, he is now slowing down and prepares to go direct on 28th March. This is a good time to become aware of the stress that has built up through the retrograde period and to see what needs to be released and let go. The shift in energy at this point can break a pattern of habitual or obsessive focus that you’ve become locked into during the retrograde.

On Sunday, for the second time, Mercury reaches exact conjunction with Neptune in Pisces. Many of us are experiencing vivid dreams, heightened creativity and strong connection to the higher consciousness within. We can connect with the invisible realm beyond the veil of perception and receive important guidance about our personal growth.

This is a great time for inner work, meditations and all type of mystical practices that lead to self-realisation.

In more practical terms Mercury in conjunction with Neptune enables us to express ideas and feelings that we usually cannot. However there is a negative side of it, the imaginative power of this energy can lead some people to self-deception, illusory escapism, unclear and confused thinking.

In all cases the end of the weekend is relaxing, the energies are helping us to release the pressure, to slow down and chill out.


The weekend tarot card is The Sun associated with the sign Leo which is ruled by The Sun

The sun - Astroweekend Forecast 22nd 23rd 24th MarchKeywords – wholeness, achievement, liberation, success, joy, attainment, happiness, material happiness, successful unions, accomplishments, contentment, opportunities, perfection, acceptance, good health, optimism, ambition, friendship, stability, union, conception.

The archetype of The Sun represents the child and your inner child that must be healed. The child playing joyfully in the foreground represents the happiness of your inner spirit when you are tuned in with your true self. The white horse upon which the child rides represents strength and purity of spirit.

The Sun is freedom and joy from taboos or self-consciousness. Only pure and natural innocence, with no fear, only love. It announces triumphs, enjoyment, and spontaneity, living to the full, do not restrict yourself. It is a time of positive action, energy in abundance and of clear vision.

Joy, happiness, and contentment will soon be yours. You may already know this or it may come as a lovely surprise. Either way, life will soon become very happy indeed. There may be a new relationship on the way and conception is also signified by this card.


The emphasis for the weekend in the major comes from The Sun. This is pivotal since the rune related to the Sun is what comes out for Saturday. There is a key Sun contact late Friday UK time, which seems to clarify the thematic emphasis. The rune Sowelu is designated ‘Wholeness’ by Ralph Blum – and this feels like the visual on the card, with everything in its proper place, working correctly. Sun is your essential self. That key contact is in conjunction with centaur planet Chiron, who recently completed some key healing/clearing work for us all in the final degree of the zodiac. This was emotional clearing, with likely lots of grief in play. Subsequently, Mercury stationed retrograde in that degree – and I spoke about that last week. That Mercury station signified the beginning of developing new conceptuality – or to cite Jesus, developing new wineskins for the new wine, which has replaced the old. Once you transform, you require a new conceptual framework. New ideas and beliefs may now serve you in a way that old ones no longer can. That is a reconstruction metaphor if ever I saw one. Sun conjunct Chiron on Saturday would suggest a changing of the guard, in terms of having moved from a focus on the past onto one grounded in the now. The now is the only space in which your future can realistically deviate from the repeating of old, stuck patterns. That is what is at stake.

Can you identify now, typical mistakes you’ve made over and over? Or can you finally see experiences you’ve been seemingly magnetically drawn back to time and again? Those are what are to change now. You are likely, over the weekend to encounter offers and opportunities, which in the past you would have accepted without a thought – even if your intuition gave you doubts. Now, you can see clearly in the light of the Sun, just exactly what is inadequate in a potential scenario. Hallelujah! You will spot all the old rationalisations in your head no longer working. You see, it is no longer about the offer itself and how you assess it mentally. It IS about what you truly want, based on who you know yourself truly to be.

Rune Art by Gabrielle Gern:

Astroweekend Forecast 22nd 23rd 24th March 2019Friday brings Mars into sextile with the north node of the moon, before the Sun/Chiron later on. And the rune for this day is the card of Separation in Ralph Blum’s deck, in the Futhark known as Othila. Sacredness is connected to this rune, as well as notions of clan and boundaries. Mars is the principle of harnessing your life force in a particular direction – testosterone on the most basic, organic level. It is up to you today to ensure that you are not merely passively waiting for life to happen to you. After you have come out of what may feel like an extended boxing match, you may still feel ‘punch drunk’ and prefer to be passive and rest up. The current climate suggests that such passivity will draw you back into older habituations. Make some kind of statement today about the path forward. Celebrate the heartaches that formed you and feel your readiness to move past them. Action is required. Clearing out is not just emotional. It requires a new principle to be enacted – make your fate!


Astroweekend Forecast 22nd 23rd 24th March 2019We have noted that Sun conjuncts Chiron; well on Saturday Saturn quintiles (72-degree aspect) Chiron. The message is very definitely one about not remaining in old and unconscious patterns, but instead moving into a new system of beliefs and ideas that are rooted in manifesting new discipline and enacting a different relationship to your daily existence and within your boundaries. It is time now to flex your muscles in a good way. It is time to begin connecting, based upon your more whole self and a more pristine belief in your own possibilities, those of others and those involving your interactions with others.



Astroweekend Forecast 22nd 23rd 24th March 2019Mercury’s station direct begins with conjunction to Neptune on Sunday. This is all about emotional honesty in entering the room. The old approaches may be considered as having been non-deliberate deceptions. Protections of ourselves often lead us into murky waters, where ‘what is what’ is certainly anything but clear and certainly very confusing. This requires courage. And this courage was never possible to be mustered as long as you were passively defending against possible hurts from any direction. If you began to transact with a different energy in your relating over the weekend then Sunday brings opportunity for that insight and work to bear more fruit. The rune of Tiwaz is the Warrior card in Blum’s deck. It is time to reveal your truth, from the heart, in a way that banishes pain and celebrates openness and vulnerability – that can truly be your strength from now, rather than the dreaded weakness. This is now possible only because you know exactly who you are – and NOBODY else can dictate that unless you let them. The Sun simply shines and that is this new cycle in a nutshell for you when you show people who you really are, not fettered by expectations of what ‘people really prefer to experience’. You will no longer be living for others at the core but in the energy of your own life force and the indomitable human spirit.


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