Astroweekend 19th 20th 21st April 2019

Here is your Astroweekend 19th 20th 21st April 2019

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Welcome to your Astroweekend bonanza of astrology, tarot, and runes. Rayna gives you an overview of the weekend’s planetary emphasis, while Karen’s major arcana card adds an archetypal energetic flavour and direction to the astrology. Finally, I weave this into the three runes I draw to connect the divinatory modes into the message focus and conclusion. We hope you enjoy our collaborative efforts! Which is the very basis of everything we wish to bring about through Healthy Tree Frog… Alex  â¤



It finally feels like the skies are clearing out but we are still in a time of close Saturn/Pluto South node conjunction. Steering away from the negativity will help to keep the vibrations higher and will lower the internal tensions. The old structures are burning down, the new ones are emerging driven by heightened awareness and a new type of energy.

Friday the Earth is illuminated by the full Moon in the critical 29 degrees of Libra. There is a powerful message that focuses attention on personal relationships and matters concerning our approach to them. It is almost like we have been given time to contemplate, examine and weigh the various perspectives and alternatives. Moon in Libra activates our sense of balance and justice as we seek fairness and mutually beneficial resolution using instinctual response. It provokes internal awareness about the needs of others and an understanding that many times they are moved by circumstances beyond their control.

This is all closely related to our karmic responsibility to people connected to us reinforced by the Saturn/Pluto South node conjunction in Capricorn that is taking place now. We are called to look into letting go of the past, reconstructing our values and looking into the future from a new perspective.

Mercury is in Aries, he is finally free to move forward, out of the shadow period, giving more clarity and ability to proceed with one clear-cut course of action. We have many brilliant ideas as the mind is charged by the enthusiasm of Aries, urging us to communicate and share everything we know.

The enhanced mental abilities today are amplified even more by the exact Mercury/Chiron conjunction. This energy encourages people to deal with issues that might be painful but need fixing. It helps some to understand and clarify their thoughts, reveals abilities to communicate on many levels using intuition or other nonverbal ways of expression. This can be a very good day for brainstorming activities or presenting ideas that define our course of action in relation to the future. There is a strong motivation to reveal the truth no matter how difficult it is.

This Saturday the Moon moves through Scorpio, bringing instinctually hidden but intense feelings of obsession and uncontrollable desire, we need to try and avoid the impulse to create drama. The question is how to deal with these powerful subconscious desires amplified by the trine between Moon and Neptune/Lilith conjunction. This can reveal hidden aspiration for domination and power but also highlights issues about constraints, independence and trust.

On a more practical level, the Neptune/Moon trine triggers substance sensitivity, today consumption of alcohol or taking drugs needs to be in moderation. People should be aware that allergies will be on the rise, and those who have a food intolerance or hay fever need to take precautions.

On the positive side this transit brings strong intuition and heightened empathy, we can sense other people’s feelings and be aware of their thoughts. It is good to try and surround ourselves with a positive emotional field that cultivates good vibes and encourages others to respond in the same way.

This can be a very creative time and people with artistic talents will be able to benefit from some easily accessible inspirational boost. In addition, the sextile between Moon/Saturn and Pluto invokes subconscious desire to be calm and reflective and we feel the need to balance our emotional needs, to create structure and clarity. This is a mystical time which awakens our love for the occult and urges us to seek understanding of mysterious and esoteric concepts.

In the last hours of Saturday the Sun is in its final degrees of Aries, as it is getting closer to the exact conjunction with Uranus it might unlock unpredictable psychological responses. There is a strong impulse to individualism and understanding of the deeper truths hidden behind the appearance of everyday life.

On Sunday the energy is shifting towards grounding and it will tend to be a more practical day today. The Sun moves into Taurus and we will seek stability and feel closer to nature, many will engage in sustainable activities.

The underlining energies, however, will bring many contrasting emotional cravings as the Moon moves through Sagittarius and the Sun in Taurus conjuncts tightly Uranus. The everyday patterns seem more erratic. Many will feel the need to experience something more exciting but at the same time will resent moving away from what is known and established.

Uranus is a planet of rebellion and denies restrictions but we are in a very strong Saturn/Pluto conjunction opposing exactly the north node in Cancer. This provokes tensions related to traditional values and established family patterns. If we move away from what is known and try something new today we will feel greater satisfaction. Outdoor activities will bring joy and lightness, connecting with nature and meeting friends can make the last day of the weekend very pleasant.

We should be mindful of the potential tensions in the second half of the day but if we keep the positive attitude these will have an insignificant effect.


The tarot card this weekend is The Tower, associated with the Planet Mars. Mars rules Aries, Scorpio and represents how you assert yourself and express your desires. The essential keywords for Mars are: will, energy, drive.

Keywords – Destruction, problems, situations that must change, a profound transformation, warnings, liberation, freedom from old patterns of relating, letting go.

The archetype of The Tower is the liberator, freeing the psyche from the prison that the ego has made to keep you safe. Most of us will experience The Tower process several times within our lifetime.

Astroweekend 19th 20th 21st April 2019The Tower challenges the masks you hide behind. It shows you the naked truth about yourself, and that truth is always more glorious than you expect. You have a choice whether to react by emotionally shutting down or by seeing it from a higher perspective.

What masks are you wearing?

The Tower can bring great healing. It lifts you out of the stagnation of your life and liberates you from old patterns that have become your prison. If you are in control of your mind and can let yourself ride the change without fighting it, The Tower is a gift of refreshing water after a long journey. The real challenge of The Tower is to be prepared to let go of what has kept you safe. If you hold on to those things, you allow your prison to stand.

When all pretence falls away, who are you?

The Tower is what happens to you when you’ve clung on to things, people, attitudes or beliefs way past their sell-by date. It is a time to release and let go of what you have been clinging onto for so long. It really is time for liberation.


There is a full moon in the last degree of Libra on Friday, which symbolises the end of a karmic life phase. Just to emphasise this fact, Mercury conjuncts Chiron half a day later in Aries. The old emanation of you, which may have felt deeply wounded, can finally make way for a fresh beginning. The Sun enters Taurus Saturday, just before the ruler of Taurus, Venus, enters Aries. Who you are is no mere idea. You live in a body and the whole axis of healthy living is now staring you in the face. Unconscious habits must be unearthed and put right, on the journey to your healthy expression of life force. I think you know that unhealthy ones, supported by clinging to others for assistance, is not going to bring you the desired results for your life. There is a business-like, no-nonsense time in the air on Sunday – maybe even a little war-like with Mercury quintile Pluto and the Sun semi-sextile Venus – some things simply jar a little today. The weekend tarot major is The Tower – this brings attention to the Sun approaching Uranus in early Taurus. Disruption is coming – but the kind designed to promote your growth. The chick that recently hatched will soon need to consider its maiden flight.

Rune Art by Gabrielle Gern:

Astroweekend 19th 20th 21st April 2019Friday’s rune is Kenaz which Blum christens ‘Opening’. It is linked with sex magic and is a primal force to be reckoned with. It illuminates the path like a flaming torch in an otherwise pitch black, cave. With the resonance to the astrology of the full moon and Chiron/Mercury here is an opportunity to completely revise some old stance or stale energy which may have served to destroy a relationship dynamic with misunderstandings, based on faulty expectations either of the person or of what one can expect realistically in relationship arrangements. It appears that idealism has needed to die a death and that in its place, a new outlook is possible. Remember, it takes two to tango – so be very attentive to the messages coming in from all around you. Only those on the ‘same page’ will find any resonance in your life now.


Astroweekend 19th 20th 21st April 2019Saturday’s ingress of Sun in Taurus and Venus into Aries is supported by the rune of Thor, Thurisaz. This is Gateway in Ralph Blum’s deck. This really is the transitioning point for you. The image here is firmly one of regeneration following the destruction. Some things which are destroyed can never be returned to. Often it was the form or shape of something which was not appropriate or fitting for the life you need to be leading now. Sometimes your break from the past is decisive and completely irreversible. Other times, a radically changed you and radically changed others can reunite with the necessary remedial work having been done. There is a possibility of both scenarios, but Friday’s energy makes clear that reconciliations are unmistakably in the air. Tread carefully, remembering that the point is not anything other than your highest possibilities. Settle for nothing less.


Astroweekend 19th 20th 21st April 2019Sunday’s rune also resonates with the energy of The Tower. With Pluto aspecting Mercury, be aware that power plays in communication of every kind is possible. The Sun is struggling to speak with Venus, so remember that being overly assertive may not produce the results that are in your best interests. A bit of assertive energy is no bad thing however and you must remember not to be a pushover today. This is more a case of standing your ground than aggressively taking territory. Be confident and bold, however. You have earned the right to be sure-footed regarding who you are and what you both need and want. Do not make any unnecessary concessions today. What you want matters just as much as what anybody else wants.


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