Astroweekend 12th 13th 14th April 2019

Here is your Astroweekend 12th 13th 14th April 2019

Here is your Astroweekend forecast 14th 15th 16th December


Welcome to your Astroweekend bonanza of astrology, tarot, and runes. Rayna gives you an overview of the weekend’s planetary emphasis, while Karen’s major arcana card adds an archetypal energetic flavour and direction to the astrology. Finally, I weave this into the three runes I draw to connect the divinatory modes into the message focus and conclusion. We hope you enjoy our collaborative efforts! Which is the very basis of everything we wish to bring about through Healthy Tree Frog… Alex  â¤


Those who think our week has been busy and emotionally demanding will have to wait another day before everything starts moving in a more positive direction. We haven’t seen yet what is prepared for us at the weekend. There will be a very intense planetary activity at the end of the week but from Friday everything starts wearing off. We will feel a change in the energetic vibrations, allowing us to relax and even have some fun.

Although this weekend will be emotionally intense, for most people these are positive experiences with healing potential. We will be given an opportunity to shift a large amount of emotional baggage, transforming the trauma and letting go of the pain. There could also be demanding situations and heightened flares of passionate sentiments. There are too many aspects in the sky this weekend causing high-frequency noise, bringing contrasting experiences.

This Friday the Sun forms a T-square to the nodes, Saturn, and Pluto which is within a couple of degrees of each other. The exact square between the Sun and Saturn was on Wednesday but we are still feeling the intensity in the air. Most of us will be feeling under pressure in many ways but mainly to complete all our weekly tasks by the end of Friday. It’s as if the air is saturated with challenging vibrations and nearly everyone will experience some kind of heaviness, constraint or limitation. These sensations are wearing off slowly leaving a strong aftertaste that keeps us in motion. Although the events from the past week can be perceived as a burden, they brought an awareness of an important lesson, a reminder from Saturn which is saying, “No pain, no gain”. There is an invitation to accept this lesson with gratitude and an open mind because it is related to our past and will play a role in our growth and our future. It is an indication that the past and the future are two seemingly opposing but interconnected points in our earthly existence, a notion further reinforced by the square of the Sun with the nodes.

At the end of the day as the Moon approaches an opposition with Saturn some might sense that their relationship with friends and partners have become tinted in slightly colder, darker colours. People will tend to focus on the negative and depressive modalities instead of avoiding them. This could lead to conflicting situations or tense conversations. Try to do as little as possible, be passive and stay away from negative emotional triggers to avoid being dragged into the unnecessary drama. Being neutral can be a bit of good advice because soon after this transit the Moon will reach exact opposition with Pluto. Most people will become too sensitive and those who had been involved in conflicts earlier will have to deal with intense psychological energy. Try not to reach conclusions because the mind is clouded by compulsive subconscious forces. Pluto asks us to look deep into our emotions, to know the real source of conflict, in order to transform them.

One more alert for today comes from the square between Mercury and Jupiter which just turned retrograde. In its most practical expression, this energy will make some people talkative and too vocal about their beliefs and principles. Don’t hold grudges or rigid opinions and try to be flexible, to look at everything from the brighter side. Some people can become overly irritated by insignificant things.

Despite all this pressure, we will have some good vibes as well. Venus sextiles Saturn and many are feeling positive and happy with their partner. Great time for more intimate connections, this evening can be a time for experiencing the bond with your partner on a very deep, profound level.

Finally, on Saturday the clouds are dissipating and we can sense that it is easier to breathe. The Moon leaves Cancer in the morning leaving behind all subconscious fears or anxieties.

Shortly after that, in the first degree of Leo, the Moon makes an exact square with Uranus. This is a brief transit but will make us very impatient and crave excitement. Those who had a rough Friday should be careful not to get involved in negative loops this morning, there is a tendency to seek independence and to be in a rebellious mood.

On the hand, over the next two days, we are experiencing new contrasting energy coming from the benevolent trine between the Sun and Jupiter. This will mitigate to a great extent the negative heavy vibes from yesterday and will make our weekend more colourful; people will feel generous and friendly. There is goodwill and desire to resolve everything in a peaceful and harmonious manner, we are finally feeling lucky and the horizon is bright. This trine releases eagerness for participating in group activities or attending larger events.

Over this whole weekend, the sextile between Venus and Saturn and Venus and Pluto will be releasing pleasant but strong energies. They will harmonise the dynamics within most types of relationship, people will be inclined to talk openly to each other, to be real and to reach common grounds. As this Venusian energy evolves, Venus will reach exact sextile with Pluto, making our feelings deeper and enabling us to peer directly in the soul of our partner. This creates perfect conditions for experiencing a transcendental connection between partners who can perceive their bond in every level of their being. The emotions flared by this sextile are very vigorous and even extraordinary, for most people these are positive and intense experiences. Lilith is also within a degree with Venus reinforcing this multidimensional desire for deep connection with your partner on every level, beyond time and space. This is also magnified by the square of Lilith and Jupiter which enhances our perceptions further.


The tarot card this weekend is The Hermit, associated with the sign of Virgo. Virgo is ruled by Mercury and is a Mutable Earth sign. The key concept for Virgo is humility and the need to serve.

Astroweekend 12th 13th 14th April 2019 1Keywords – Soul-searching, introspection, being alone, inner guidance but can also be isolation, loneliness, withdrawal.

The archetype of The Hermit is inherent in the cycles of nature and transformation. Every year has a winter, and every journey of transformation has a time where turning inward is necessary for growth.

The Hermit shows you that the source of joy in your life is within your reach. He shows you the way to contentment and teaches you to look for it nearby. You may go on many quests, but the final journey is made in the heart. Peace comes when you perceive that the holy grail is near and you already have everything you need to find it. But your passion, your desire to find joy, must be kept alight.

If you let it all go, what would remain?

The Hermit signals a time of withdrawal, a moment to examine the road travelled so far. The wise one will give you the counsel and guidance you need. He is the voice of the inner guide or guardian angel.

You may be currently contemplating that you need to be alone. Never be afraid to take this chance to reflect, as it could help you clear your mind of all the clutter that comes with everyday life. The Hermit may also refer to your effort in taking action that is authentic and aligned with your true self. You are perhaps searching your inner soul for guidance on what is right, and where your next steps are to be.

You may not know all the facts, perhaps a new aspect of a current situation will be revealed.


The Hermit card represents a turning point within the human journey, where we have secured enough wisdom through experience so as to no longer be captivated by the vanities of youth. It is growth which has seen us become truly centred – to make peace with the fact that the reaper will eventually come. The battles can stop – more fulfilled living can begin. In the context of Mercury retracing the steps of the recent retrograde and Jupiter having just stationed retrograde in Sagittarius there is a definite sense of review of the whole story of personal growth for you that started around November 8th 2018. That time was quite possibly a maelstrom for you, under what was immense astrological synchronicity. Now you get to look back on how far you have come. But this is not simply reviewed. At some point, new things must begin to happen – new paths are ready to be embarked upon. Any subsequent review really is just the final ‘tidying up of loose ends’.

Rune Art by Gabrielle Gern:

Astroweekend 12th 13th 14th April 2019On Friday we see the two agent provocateurs Mercury and Jupiter squared. This feels like a change of batons in a relay race. You’ve had to rebuild much of the core of yourself. You’ve had to grieve and release and then reconstruct your ideas as a vehicle about how your life needs to be lived, then grieve again. But now the rebuilding work is near complete. The Sun also squares the nodes today and Venus drops a hint to us by sextiling Saturn. Sun square nodes show decisively the tipping point of your emanation into the new life orientation and Saturn/Venus show that how you transact relationally is now ripe to yield results, rather than the repeated disappointments of the past. Why is that? Because now you are very clear about who you are. So clear in fact that you can no longer lose sight of yourself while connected to another. Reflecting this beautifully is Blum’s Growth card, which is the rune Berkana. Essentially this is a ‘rites of passage’ rune. Things could not be much clearer! A transition is at hand… And this definitely carries a feeling of durable relational shifts, with Venus in harmony with Saturn.

Astroweekend 12th 13th 14th April 2019Saturday’s aspect of Sun square Pluto truly emphasises the idea that power-based relationships are the scourge which you will finally be able to get traction away from. It feels to me as if zero-sum games of win/lose have likely pained your soul in the past and you have likely been burned and possibly scarred by the machinations of raw power. Alongside this aspect, Venus (exalted in Pisces) trines the north node too. There is a fair chance that today, should you be circulating socially, you will connect up with a person who is set to become a significant player in the love stakes in your future. Keep your eyes and heart open. The appearance of Gebo as today’s rune, Blum’s Partnership card, simply reinforces what the astrology is making abundantly clear. And I can assure you that this is possible because and only because of the soul-level transformation that you have undergone, birthed in agony of the soul since the momentous astrology of early November.

Astroweekend 12th 13th 14th April 2019As Sunday arrives, the Sun trines Jupiter and Venus sextiles, Pluto. Intense feelings may be very near the surface, based on events of recent days. Interestingly, the force will be exhilarating and yet will feel not like in the past, where being out of control might have been the sense that you had. You sense now that the power is not within an experience that is volcanic, nor located within the intoxicating attributes of another person, rather grounded in something much more real, deep and meaningful – as an expression of who you, in fact, are at the core. This kind of chemistry is not based on lack and a sense of finally being satiated. This is based on deep knowing and a sense that something much deeper than intensity is going on. The rune card Fertility appears which is Inguz or Ingwaz in the Futhark. It is a strong indicator of sexual power and gestation and significantly, potential that will take time to come to fruition. So maturity today calls for patience. Take your time! Things are falling into place nicely. Allow them to unfold naturally.


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