April 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

April 2020 Horoscope

Hello everybody and welcome to your April 2020 horoscope. I am again offering a considered look at the big picture for all of us, due to the impacts of the current disease control measures, being implemented worldwide!

I strongly recommend you read (or re-read) my introduction to the 2020 Vision Annual Horoscope for a picture of this year that I wrote late December. If you cannot be bothered, here are four extracts:

Becoming part of a community is a pressing requirement for people this year. Isolation is certainly not something you should settle for. You may feel like you are equipped for it but nothing could be further from the truth.

The people are not buying into the system tropes any more. Once that happens at a larger scale then fundamental change is ripe to occur. However, this is not all rosy. Because once that begins, power in desperation and with little to lose, is more likely to make its long-held covert policies overt… because they are no longer fit to manage the scenarios they were set up to manage.

The stakes are ridiculously high. If you choose a comatose state, do not be surprised if you wake up in a strangely terrifying new world in 2021.

It is important in April not to be placated by a few scraps thrown from the master’s table. We the people must continue to hold public figures to account for their offices. It will be vital not to allow feelgood factors to dupe us into new levels of denial. If we are not vigilant then new levels of impoverishment await.”

April is now upon us and so, it seems, is the end of the (old) world!

I am writing your sign predictions based upon the chart of the first Jupiter/Pluto conjunction of 4th/5th April, cast from where I am writing. This is a divinatory picture expressing important themes, aligned with the moment of conjunction. Before getting to your sign forecasts, here are some astrological observations on the overall feel of our times. Matters which are, of course, impacting everybody.

Here is the chart for those who are interested:

We see in this chart that Jupiter/Pluto, Mars/Saturn and Mercury/Neptune have just completed cycles. We see them as conjunctions at this moment in time, but those are culminations and new beginnings in planetary cycles. All these pairings are significant at this time for everyone. Moreover, Chiron has some significance, as does the position of the sun. The sun is conjunct the nadir (or IC) of the chart. This is when it is ‘darkest’. We are sort of ‘in the dungeon’ – this is lockdown, graphically connoted to Jupiter conjunct Pluto.

The Saturn/Pluto conjunction of 12th January, I designated as the struggle between covert power behind the scenes and legitimate governance. That certainly set the tone for the year’s struggle. When Jupiter conjuncts Pluto this feels like covert power trying to reassert its lost grip. Thankfully, Jupiter is in fall in Capricorn and so the magnifying effect is lessened and covert power (surveillance state?) is not able to assert a totally cast iron grip. This is especially the case since Mars is separating from Saturn and Mars is new. It galvanises forces of legitimate governance, so as to be able to hold excessive power abuses at bay. On the specific question of infection as related to this chart, we need to consider the Mercury/Neptune conjunction in Pisces. Mercury (which governs transmission) is separating from Neptune and is on its way to both enter Aries (April 11th) and conjunct Chiron (April 15th).

Neptune relates to infectious disease and in watery Pisces, the infection seems still to have legs. We can hope that Mercury entering fiery Aries will help bring the heat to bear on Covid-19 (There, I said it!) Especially important will be the point at which Mercury conjuncts Chiron. Chiron is associated with both awareness and healing – and especially the case for Chiron is that he brings hidden or covert contaminants to the surface. This does not simply relate to bodily systems but also psychological ones. Fear is the biggest viral agent humans ever come into contact with. Fear makes Covid-19 look like the tooth fairy! I expect improvements in the overall situation to be in tandem with an increase in awareness within people that those things which stirred in hidden caverns are being forced out into the light and the air. Breathe! Saturn in the first degree of Aquarius (where the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction occurs December 21st) suggests that we notice. This noticing is a form of prescience about what is coming. This has been an early clarion call to us all to awaken. If we fail to hold authorities to account then they WILL impose their agenda upon us. That agenda is technocracy. Do not allow yourself to internalise messages that we should expect ‘more of this in the future’. We can all be trained like lab rats when we are in fear and under regulatory compliance. Repeat after me, three times “I AM a FREE person.”

This month, take the opportunity to have a deep meeting with yourself. Confront all those fears you have studiously ran away from. I said in the annual that January was the time to do that. If you did not, you are still in a position to do it now. You face the final boss at the end of the video game. Your deepest fears are crying out for resolution. Make peace with yourself in April – it will be the best investment you can make of your time, while in the dungeon of captivity. The very best of health and good wishes…

Alex ❤

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ARIES:April 2020 Horoscope - by Alex

It is possibly more difficult for Aries than any other sign to be locked down. Your light is not able to shine in the world. You have a restlessness to express your life force outwardly, rather than inwardly. With Chiron assisting you however, please recognise that output is not always the measure of productivity. Neither is perfectionism. You would rather be spontaneous than anal about planning. But use this time to reflect on your investment in your attachments, your feelings about significant people in your life and to recognise that well being requires emotional honesty in your exchanges. You miss your contacts. You need them. Now is the time to appreciate that.

April 2020 Horoscope - by AlexTAURUS:

Your ruler (Venus) and exalted planet (moon) make a square in your 2nd and 5th houses respectively. With Gemini as your second house of resources, you can be split between being risk-averse and indulgent. Both are characteristics of Taurus. Venus your ruler is there, now. You might be overthinking the financial state of the world and your bank balance. Yet with the moon in your 5th (Virgo) house, self-care involves a measure of ordered pleasure. That luxurious bath, time taken to give extra attention to your food.  A lock down and external worries may see you biting your fingernails down. Don’t! The more dignified, healthy way this month, will be self-nourishment.

April 2020 Horoscope - by AlexGEMINI:

How are truths related to values and beliefs? This question is looming for you, now. Life and death seem to be the great arbiters. In the highest court, they preside over our sense of karma. For Gemini, a sober relation to facts and truth would be your usual watchword. In these times, however, old rules are no longer sufficient – even our most basic ones. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to use your skills set in service to the collective – helping them by wielding the sword of truth, to separate the wheat from the chaff. Your beliefs are firming up, all the while that your authentic self is changing. Understand in April, that your values can no longer sustain neutrality.

April 2020 Horoscope - by AlexCANCER:

“I’ve not been out once since this started, my family now throw bread at me and don’t stop to talk.” We may feel like we are characters in the latest Netflix, post-apocalyptic, series. But no, this is real! It’s proving increasingly difficult to distinguish enemies from friends. We don’t consider viruses, bacteria and the like to be our friends – yet often, they are. Likewise, too much hand washing with ‘friendly’ detergents may launch eczema war against our skin. In April, you get to see who your real friends are and feel the value of the connections within your core community. Don’t mistake those who throw bread at you, with those who take time to share with you.

April 2020 Horoscope - by AlexLEO:

There is perhaps never going to be a better time to dig down into your beliefs about the world. Why? Because you cannot go out at the moment and experience it. With your ruler in the 9th house and at the moment of the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction, unable to shine, we search for a helper. Take a bow Chiron! (Also positioned in your solar 9th). Unexplored beliefs allied to ‘inaccessible’ feelings are now ripe for examination. Saturn seems to suggest that your expectations are being challenged, about the way you’ve weighed significant others. ‘Significance’ is the key. Where did the old ideas come from? Many are in survival mode. In April, ask how long that has been so for you…

April 2020 Horoscope - by AlexVIRGO:

I suspect that your enjoyment of the hermit cave gives you an advantage over the other eleven zodiacal signs right about now. The sense coming through in April is of your organisational penchant being tested. This won’t be in point of practicalities, rather you’ll notice the extent to which you micro-manage even your own emotions. Let me say now that dependent upon other factors within your personality, this containment may have had deleterious effects. It’s time to jump into the Piscean ocean which always invites you to drown. Recognise this more as baptism than literal death. Coming out the other side, you will be whole. A beautiful mission awaits!

April 2020 Horoscope - by AlexLIBRA:

It is so nice, isn’t it? You know, being known to be the gentle caring one, thinking about everybody behind the scenes, weighing every nuance to ensure that fairness is resolutely adhered to and secured for all alike. Let me just say that such takes up a great deal of your energy. How about telling us what you really feel? In fact, in these frustrating days of borderline captivity, would it not be nice simply to be able to explode, without any sense of blame or recrimination rebounding back? There is another option I should tell you about! Perhaps you might consider ditching your inherent indecisiveness? Leadership is a quality folk need right now. Head above the parapet time!

April 2020 Horoscope - by AlexSCORPIO:

Many are working from home under current conditions. And you don’t need me to tell you that such a situation quite suits your nature. Mars is currently in your solar 4th house and Saturn has just begun a three-year sojourn there. Your 4th is the sign of Aquarius and this is the zodiac’s home of all things technology, where Jupiter and Saturn herald a new era at the winter solstice (December 21st). Saturn governs structures and the 4th is kith and kin, plus bricks and mortar. In the age of Skype and Zoom, it will be necessary to have a tech-friendly living space and functionality. A culture shock for some, begin future-proofing your nest now. Invite others in, virtually!

April 2020 Horoscope - by AlexSAGITTARIUS: 

The current climate is very challenging for you. Not only may cabin fever be exerting restrictions on Sagittarian wanderlust, but your ruler (Jupiter) is having a tough time of it in your solar 2nd house. The reason is Jupiter is in fall in Capricorn (so it lacks status), conjunct Pluto. Status is very important when it comes to finances and Capricorn is the sign which relates to everybody’s financial fortunes, embedded as they are in global structures. It feels as if your fortunes may not be faring too well just at the moment. Jupiter also gives access to leaps of faith. Yet few leaps seem possible in these times. Place your faith in higher power in April. After Pluto comes reset.

April 2020 Horoscope - by AlexCAPRICORN:

I want to talk about filters. Often they remove impurities. However, colour filters screen out all colours but one. The unconscious is a filter. Not just harmful things, but things we do not wish to face, can be screened out. But something happens (often in astrology, a significant outer planet contact in our chart) with the character of the crisis. Kaboom! The ‘good’ news for you is that the ruler of your unconscious (Jupiter) conjuncts the great transformer (Pluto). You’ve been building your resilience for a while now. In April, know that your whole unconscious frame is being relieved of its duties in driving your life. The conscious you must make the big decisions now.

April 2020 Horoscope - by AlexAQUARIUS:

Chiron the centaur integrates your co-rulers Saturn and Uranus. The more I ponder, the more I conclude that Chiron should be your new ruler. Discovered in 1977, this feels like the time that Aquarius received the call to leadership. We enter the technocratic era on 21st December, with Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in the first degree of your sign. Saturn is there now. Saturn is authority, Aquarius is visionary. Mars is giving you both a boost and an admonition: Step up! Lead by example. Show the world what courage means. Demonstrate that leaving behind anxieties and acting in confident authority is the model all humans should follow. Be the fearless pioneer.

April 2020 Horoscope - by AlexPISCES:

“As above, so below”. Actually, we may question this aphorism! There is a lot of ‘above’ out there, however. We find it easier to deal with the ‘below’ aspect. Temporarily, you along with the rest of us, are being asked to live in a dungeon. I say temporarily because dungeons are not simply physical places of confinement. The real prisons are constructed by ourselves. At this time, we are getting to observe the division that Jesus spoke of between ‘the sheep and the goats’. These two respective communities represent evolutionary paths that people have chosen to travel. Both are in lockdown. In April, Jupiter and Pluto call you to identify your soul compatriots, before you re-emerge.

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