Ansuz: Daily Psychic Tarot Reading

Ansuz: Daily Psychic Tarot ReadingKeywords for Ansuz are communication, inspiration, good, truth, joy and prosperity.

Ansuz was drawn today from the Viking Oracle, Wisdom of the Ancient Norse by Stacey Demarco, artwork by Jimmy Manton. It is the 4th rune in the set. Element air.

In numerology, the number 4 vibrates with the energy of; practicality, organisation and exactitude, service, patience, devotion, application, pragmatism, patriotism, dignity, trust, worthiness, endurance, loyalty, mastery, building solid foundations, conservatism, determination, production.  Number 4 also relates to high morals, traditional values, integrity, inner-wisdom, security, self-control, loyalty, conscientiousness, realistic values, stability.

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When you see Ansuz it means the arrival of a period of joy, openness and progress is possible now. There is also a possibility that an important message will arrive that helps you to better understand a chaotic situation. Ansuz suggests the arrival of good luck in love and friendship.

Become aware of synchronicity in your life for this could be a sign and message of importance for you at this time.

Ansuz could also mean that financially, gains and achievements are in sight. It’s rather about inspired choices and favourable directions than about spectacular gains.

In terms of health, this rune brings plenty of health, good moods, increased immunity and peace. In the case of current sickness, it foretells recovery.

Message from the book
Good communication, clear thinking and wise action are all of great importance now. Do not deny what someone or something really is in favour of a kinder perspective. Find order in chaos. We have inherited both positive and negative aspects from our ancestors and it is useful to know both. The universe is conspiring to open up new ways for you.

I inhale,
I am filled with your divinity,
The spark of all that is.
Awareness floods ignorance.
My blood sings in recognition.
I exhale
The chaos and stagnancy.
I am Ansuz.

The great Allfather Odin breathed life and inspiration into every human. The Norse believed that our intellect and life began in the very first inhalation after birth and ended with the final exhalation after death. So every breath was a gift from the gods and the universe itself. The nature of this gift of air was Ansuz.

Ansuz (pronounced, “awn-sooze”) a rune from the Elder Futark, concerns itself with all aspects of communication ̶ listening to thought to speech. But its key relates to the energy behind the communication. Ansuz asks that we communicate with clarity, honesty, accuracy and with some order. The Norse understood that the world was chaotic and dynamic, but to name things, to describe them well, gave the world some order and stability, which was useful at all levels of experience.

Listening to our own intuition and the messages of the higher powers, including ancestor and divine energies, is also part of the message here. We have inherited the blood of countless ancestors, known and unknown, and with it their life force and physicality. It is not enough to believe that we have the blue eyes of our grandmother or the hands of our great-grandfather. It is also important to understand that we have the bravery of the first and the ability to build of the second. Yet too, we may have inherited negative aspects of a forebear, and we must name these as well, to bring balance to our lives.

Ansuz reversed indicates either a lack of critical thinking or outright dishonesty. You or someone around you is not seeing a situation accurately or is denying the existence of something that is evident to everyone else. Denial, and the refusal to name something so that you can change, it is central to Ansuz reversed. If this refusal continues, the situation will deteriorate further. Liberate yourself with honesty and plain speech.


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