Annual horoscope 2021 - by Alex

Hello folks and welcome to the Annual horoscope 2021

Behind the dance of fate and free will lurks the question of power and who has it. Remember, power is not necessarily a dirty word. And yet, our sense of power will define so many of both our attitudes and our actions. In a world of constraint, such questions take on a huge significance for our mental well being and therefore functionality. Imagine not being able to push a boundary, simply because of power lying outside of your hands. Or imagine that the energy available to push were present, yet the act of pushing guarantees your peril. How to deploy your energy and where, is the million dollar question, after the year we all just experienced.

As the sun conjuncts Pluto on January 14th we face the challenges of our greater light penetrating the shadows. The day after, Mars semi-squares the nodes of the moon. Then we are at the point of practical decision on the fate versus free will drama which so puzzles our brains. Your power and “their” power (whoever “they” happen to be and at whatever scale) in an epic tug-of-war. Win or lose, everything is invested in that dynamic, that game. Had you ever considered putting the rope down? Does it make sense any longer to pit yourself against “them”? Who are you fighting really, other than some echo of yourself, seen in others? What would happen, should you embrace the journey of travelling in the direction your life has been unveiling in these recent turbulent times? The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction on the solstice has ushered in a fresh era of external possibilities. Being free to harness the potentials will require your divesting entirely of the old energies. Here it is!

No doubt, presidential inauguration day will be some spectacle, loaded with political gravitas. Yet this will take place under a void of course moon. In this sense, it carries the energy of 9/11 as well as last year’s Jupiter/Pluto conjunctions in the sign of Jupiter’s fall. All told, political processes will encounter a strange inertia. No energy will seem to have any momentum. Deadlock! Yet Mars will conjunct Uranus that day too. Disruption is portended. All the political power issues of recent years are in the one, huge melting pot. And amid all this, individuals will be making decisions, aligned with convictions (underpinned with sensitized emotions). But here is the thing: This soap opera, this spectacle we shall see, constitutes a bonfire of the vanities.

Once January 26th dawns, folk will either recognise (or not) that consciousness elevation is the only way. As Neptune squares the nodes, the great delusion will be seen to have nothing to do with ‘the truth’. Rather, we will see hyper-reality for what it is, or we will not. The oceans of opinion are simply something inhospitable. Those who understand will see that the only outcome there… will be drowning. We are at the end of win/lose dynamics. Because that only produces real losers. So you either lose (everything) OR the journey begins wherein all parties benefit from interactions. Once power is severed from consciousness it becomes untamable. This is your choice in January. Will you work for the fabric of society, or seek to triumph against all comers? The pattern for the year is now set.

From May 13th to July 28th all of us will acquire the first meaningful opportunity to test how far our realignments have proven successful and worthwhile. Here is the point at which, if you have attended to seeding your own reality outside the old divisions and tug-of-war modalities, that you can say ‘yes’ to new blueprints and begin to see a new future unfold, wherein what you create is capable of sustaining itself and replacing the old limited expectations. This is the time to work hard and not be complacent. Creating the world (or should I say co-creating?) is arduous as well as rewarding. Follow your creative inner impulses now and your highest vision. Nothing can halt your forward movement at this time, because it is aligned with what is now evident about life, over against death.

Three squares of Saturn and Uranus on February 17th, June 14th and December 24th, all make crystal clear in the game of stick or twist, that true healing of generational karma which has plagued us down the family lineages, comes from achieving the correct balance between light and darkness, between body and mind, between secure foundations and openness to risk, but above all between order and chaos. This is the year we discover that we inhabit many worlds, not simply the one we think we experience. If you expect the world to be some sort of stable datum in 2021, you are shaping up for disappointment. If instead, you see yourself as one sailing for new territories and encountering the full range of weather conditions en route, then you will not go far wrong.

Behold, the old has gone and the new is knocking at the door. It is those who cling to the past (as the piece of driftwood it now is) who will drown. Got to keep on moving. No time to waste on nostalgia. What are you waiting for?
All the best for 2021. Alex ❤
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ARIES:Annual horoscope 2021 - by Alex

This year is the one, had you been in any doubt in the past, where you realise the true value of your contacts and how all your life prospects are intimately related to the choices you make, regarding who to travel the journey of life with, as your truly significant community. This insight points to a notion of ‘human resources’ much more than any insular concepts of family (no matter how cosy). Do not labour under the error that such contacts are long-established ones only. The cosmic climate suggests that your financial fortunes may not be best supported by ploughing old, reliable fields for their yields. There is an expansive sense of new beginnings which will attend only the promoting of your highest vision in fresh collaborations. This may involve either new ideas (the easy part) or new people (the more demanding aspect) or both. The energy which is constellated in established configurations is ripe for release. You may not need to remove old contacts but you do need to tend and nurture new ones. The old world is slipping away. In 2021, please ensure you do not spend too much time turning around and waving at the past. Look around you, at those with you on this new journey, and resolve to say ‘yes’ to every disruption that would previously have made you nervous. Pay special attention to the time period between May 13th and June 14th. This particular month will see your level of creative output feel like a nuclear power station, after a lifetime of harnessing coal. Ensure that you say “yes” to every idea arising in your imagination and every offer presenting itself to you at this time for collaboration involving all things novel. This will be the seeding time which, if used to the maximum, will usher in 2022 with levels of achievement you never dared contemplate.

TAURUS:Annual horoscope 2021 - by Alex

With Aquarius as your solar 10th house, it is no surprise that you are a resolute humanitarian in your nuts and bolts. And pleasure for you is found in making sense of often seemingly unconnected details (Virgo as your solar 5th house). Moreover, with Aries as your solar 12th house, accessing your core self ends up being a challenge. This is why Taurus is the sign of becoming. You do not undertake projects, you become them! Coming back to your 10th, in the light of these observations, it is clear that you have ‘become’. You have arrived. You cracked the code. Now, ironically, you do not cease being a humanitarian. Even though Jupiter and Saturn meet at zero Aquarius, sparking a new epoch, you do not begin again, nor discard what you became. No, this year you begin to work smarter, not harder. You do things in a fresh way. Solving problems and correcting errors can be very taxing. Who would not want to discard that? But do not discard the mission. Instead, work differently. As Neptune squares the moon’s nodes on January 26th, you are being called to shift from an esoteric view of consciousness elevation and into collaboration with others who have the skills to construct new structures. That which is obsolete should be discarded. This is your year to embrace your evolution and jettison guilt about those you leave behind. Begin to deploy your skills and knowledge in the creation of new forms. With Uranus in your sign squaring Saturn on three occasions this year, please be aware that diligence is needed to avoid settling for the comforts of earlier hard work and old achievements. Societal change demands both ideas and pioneers. Ideas aren’t enough. So…

GEMINI:Annual horoscope 2021 - by Alex

It looks like some ancient beliefs have been holding you back for a long time. I might be wrong but it would not surprise me if such beliefs have a religious quality. This is not necessarily an overtly religious quality. It could be that your grandparents were incredibly religious and passed down guilt and shame to your parents, who jettisoned the religious beliefs but retained all the psychology of the religious outlook. Religion is not simply beliefs about God. There are ways of seeing the world that abides in a sense of obligation and necessity or even purity ethics, which can have a deeply stifling effect when it comes to you moving forward in your life to fulfil your own potentials. Whatever these beliefs are they certainly seem to be the kind which has had a limiting effect upon you. They have a karmic quality akin to having been passed down to you. At the beginning of this new cycle, the old karma can be released and you are in a position no longer to see yourself as an indentured servant. The place we are most free is in our imagination. But that does not mean we settle for escapism and a life of servitude. Who really writes the rules of life? No system which says it is not you is worthy of you, underwritten from whatever made-up authority. The Almighty would not impose that upon you, even though many theologians might disagree. You have life as a gift and you must make the most of it. Using God as an excuse would not make any deity happy with you. So it is then that this year, you must step into your full authority and resolve to make this life the best ride it can possibly be. There are no rules other than ‘do no harm’ and ‘do not be reckless’. There is one principle you should adhere to though. Silence the stern voice in your head which tries to convince you that you are somehow letting somebody down by following your path. The more or the louder it shouts, the more you should resolutely continue on the path you have chosen. The more unexpected and spontaneous your impulses to do something fresh and expansive, the better the guidance value of the thing in question. Surf the waves of serendipity in 2021.

CANCER:Annual horoscope 2021 - by Alex

Looking outside of ourselves instead of within can make for a fine decoying strategy – one where we refuse to examine our pain, picked up on this life journey of both ups and downs. Ask yourself whether you could truly appreciate the joys if you refused to embrace the pain of the heartbreaks. At times you do operate like the ostrich and refuse to look at the ugly things. It’s time to cease with that approach. Maturation in the deepest sense requires us to be bold in confronting such things, not running away when it all gets messy. Arguably, your propensity to imitate the large flightless bird has had an enduring impact upon your ability to develop the fullest levels of trust and the highest potentials of relationship. Whenever we refuse the journey of confronting pain, it becomes impossible to address some of the enduring difficulties in relating honestly and with any prospect of developing bonds which are beyond the wildest imagination of so many people. And yet a part of all of us longs for that greater connection. If we cannot deal with pain because we have not learnt how to then this will be forever out of our reach. In 2021 you have the opportunity (finally) to address any family of origin material that may have made you reluctant to go deep. Perhaps you saw your parents’ relationship be full of mendacity and thought better of dreaming of going deep ever yourself. But you cannot take your cues from those who may well have messed up. You have to trust yourself and find courage. The rewards will be worth it, for sure. Should you encounter any majorly disruptive influences in the communities you affiliate with, do not allow yourself to get distracted from the goals you have set yourself for the year. It may well be that such disruptions are a catalyst to show you clearly via contrast, the true difference between being stuck in a rut and having the flexibility to ride through the rapids without your boat capsizing. Embrace every setback as an arrow pointing you back to your deepest mission of addressing the hidden things. This is what constitutes the best preparation for anything which might arise in 2021.

LEO:Annual horoscope 2021 - by Alex

The big questions for you this year all revolve around your traditional coveting of freedom. The pleasure you derive from feeling free is likely almost indescribable. What a sublime feeling… but one that comes at a price. As the moon’s nodes straddle your 11th and 5th houses and especially as Neptune in your 8th house squares said nodes on January 26th, the scene is set for you for a shift. Close collaborations with others can entail a sort of work which compromises the pleasure we extract from our freedoms. Yet the spotlight for you this year is very much on the relational side of life. So something must give. The epochal Jupiter, Saturn conjunction launches a new dawn in your relationship life (relating of every type including business and people with whom you clash and experience disharmony). A Lot of folk settle for sound bites… “we’re all one” or “everything’s connected”. How do they know this? And if it is true, why aren’t they out there demonstrating it? Every human being is like a point within the brain which can be connected to another, in order to create a greater mind that is more than the sum of all the separate intelligences. Being plugged in to such a neural system is your goal in 2021. Uranus in your solar 10th house provides the electricity to do the connecting necessary. You simply have to be willing to connect up. Yes, you will inevitably lose something of your old pleasures in freedoms from others’ demands, but you will gain so much more. You will be learning karmic relationship lessons this year. But, more importantly, this will be teaching you much more about yourself. Especially in the phase between May 13th and July 28th, you will begin to acquire a whole new vision about your life mission. Creative collaborations with others, in order to rebuild society along new lines, will be something you will not be able to separate from the “messiness” of going deep with others. No longer will you be able to keep people at arm’s length and remain ‘together’. In this game of pontoon, sticking will no longer be an option. Got to twist and to hell with your risk assessments!

VIRGO:Annual horoscope 2021 - by Alex

It feels to me almost like you can no longer connect with an old part of yourself. It seems like you have perhaps been living with a sense of running on autopilot for quite some considerable time now. I have spoken to you many many times in recent years about the old Virgo chestnut of service. When service becomes sacrifice (or even compromise) it rapidly becomes a slippery slope. I sense that you had enough of ideas of service a long time ago because they became associated with a sense of drudgery and yet… continue to serve you did! The good news for you is that a new cycle commences now that can change this orientation permanently. In order for that to happen, however, it seems to me as if the emphasis must shift for you from finding your meaning structures in family relationships. It’s not really you that is it? Where did that whole thing come from? Regardless of the answer, please recognise that your intelligence is beckoning you on into new territories. These all revolve around switching focus to your truest mission. Do you know what that mission is I wonder? One of the curses of investing in service is that the focus is so much on others that we simply take no meaningful time to explore what we ourselves are truly all about. Our needs, wants and passions go on the backburner as subsidiary to the requirements of others. Sucks don’t it?! Certainly though, since Jupiter and Saturn vacate your solar 5th house in late December, it feels clear that you at least now have a clearer understanding of what you simply enjoy for the sake of it. This leads me to conclude that you should make the experience of your highest levels of personal enjoyment your mission for 2021. Out of this, I suspect all other opportunities will unfold. It may well be that in late January you encounter somebody who shows the way in these respects. Do not look a gift horse in the mouth!

LIBRA:Annual horoscope 2021 - by Alex

Perhaps you have never given sustained thought to the question regarding the place from where deep entanglements are born. Perhaps you simply assumed that out of deep commitments a deep connection grows. Have you ever in your life imagined that depth might grow out of something as flighty as passing pleasure? More to the point, did you ever think at all that pleasure simply for the sake of it, might become your guardian angel? An angel which protects you from the excesses of your own conscientiousness? Funny it is how life can contrive at times to show us that what we assumed was the natural path from A to B, is in fact something which makes little sense. It is invariably strange at first having our sacred assumptions torpedoed. Happily, this can shift to a profound sense of liberation in having our expectations completely pulverised by a novel idea. Rules are all well and good, but rules can shut us down. Life and vitality can offer us so much more! And for you between mid-May and mid-June, you will get your first insight into how life’s details and routines can become permanently exciting. You see, it all depends, from where your decisions led. Adventures are much more exciting than responsibilities. The latter you know too well. This year, it finally dawns on you that perspective is everything. All good things follow on from our capacity for spontaneity, driven by our love of every experience we freely choose. See past limitations in 2021. Let every step be one of saying yes to your own creative enjoyment and simple pleasure. What others do is their business. Swimming deep with others can, this year, become the norm rather than the dream.

SCORPIO:Annual horoscope 2021 - by Alex

It must be tough for a fly, or some other insect, once it gets trapped in the spider’s web. The whole adversarial thing is so tired now for humans. But insects have been doing it for millions of years. Of course, they can hardly do much else. The insects know that win/lose is the name of the game in biological terms. And so when I say tough once trapped in the web, it is only insofar as the struggle to escape produces pointless energy expenditure toward survival, nonetheless meeting with a gruesome end. In theory, it is not like that for us, except… we often make it that way. In fact, all of our connections can be like that silk lattice, a sheet of death. The only question may seem to be “who is the spider and who the fly?” Have you ever noticed when a larger and very powerful insect trespasses? It often does have the strength to escape the prison it gets caught up in. Perhaps for you this year you can stop playing the game, or doing the power plays around who sets the agenda. Much of this is legacy material of win/lose from our families of origin, which we carry along with us. Thankfully, you are a sufficiently large insect in this metaphor, to have fine prospects of transcending the web or needing to be the spider. For that to happen, however, it seems to me that you need to take stock of what your most basic connections are about and to decide whether or not they really do define the limit of your possibilities of happiness. You can settle for what you have, or you can escape and seek something better. Not necessarily something completely new. Perhaps something old that functions completely differently. Or perhaps by approaching life completely differently, you can rewrite the terms and conditions of your closest allegiances with kith and kin. This is certainly the year to attempt it!

SAGITTARIUS:Annual horoscope 2021 - by Alex

How long has it been since you have been able to feel carefree? The details of our lives can often leave us feeling imprisoned by challenging circumstances. How often is it the circumstances themselves? And how often instead is it the stories we have internalised which tie us down… stories from a difficult past? It seems to me that your challenging story has been built on some very taxing circumstances. But now it is time to let this story go. When summer arrives you will get a tangible sense of how the trials going back to late 2018 have changed your sense of who you are at your core. Previously you perhaps lacked balance and coveted freedom above all else. The past couple of years have been a great teacher and have shown you that your inner world is an even richer place to explore than the outer world. You are called upon this year to sever decisively the connections which have tied you to your past. If you are to move forward on your path with a clear road ahead, you must jettison those final ties. When Neptune squares the moon’s nodes on January 26th it will be the cue for you to embark upon the partnership adventure which will propel you into the future that has been waiting patiently for you. The past is gone. Now is the time for you to shift the level of your daily operation into being guided by your higher self.. the part of you which just knows the path. The shift which will impact all planetary inhabitants will affect each sign differently. For you, it will be vital to get clear with your commitments. These will be the bonds which will keep you grounded and secure in your everyday transactions. Choose wisely. The right people will make your forward movement so much smoother.

CAPRICORN:Annual horoscope 2021 - by Alex

It is no kind of revelation to you I am sure, were I to propose that too much of your time in recent years has been invested (necessarily) in establishing the solid ground beneath your feet, as your most important task of living. All that arduous effort has certainly paid off. But what other things passed you by in the meantime? Much of your time may have been spent sorting out old legacy material. Our families of origin and then often the partners and associates we choose to travel the road with early on in our journey can lead to a drain which we must spend years putting right. Thankfully, you have done that work. I cannot promise you any sort of external gift riding valiantly into your life to help lift your burdens. But what I can say is that things are due to ease on the material front. A new cycle begins for you materially in 2021. Why that is, or what the real world trigger is in these uncertain times, is anyone’s guess. All I can tell you is that things can improve drastically. However, you must be prepared to make conscious choices about this regarding opportunities. If you think that playing it safe, or being cautious as a conservation strategy, will work well for you… think again. This cycle begins with you taking risks. Or at a minimum being willing and ready to, once the opportunity presents itself. So your number one attribute for success this year is the readiness to act swiftly and decisively in respect of opportunities coming your way. You may also need to push a little yourself to make opportunities flow. In that regard, be aware that a new job may be on the cards in June. Be especially proactive if such a thing feels timely for you around mid-May. This will be an auspicious time to seek the opening which is perhaps beginning to beckon you as the ideal next step on your vocational journey. Please be aware that optically such a job may feel like it is appealing in so many ways but “not really you”. Do not bow to anxiety caused by a sense of unfamiliarity. Exploring entirely new dimensions of yourself and your unrealised potentials is likely to be a large part of the deal with any such development. Sometimes a once in a lifetime opportunity arises. Be sure not to turn it down!

AQUARIUS:Annual horoscope 2021 - by Alex

I am sure that, in intellectual terms, you are aware that being a fully formed self is not simply some sort of liberated, subjective state. I’ll grant you that such a sense of autonomy of selfhood, within your immediate subjective sense of who you are, can be very satisfying. But life is, much as this may peeve you, a contact sport. Try walking a muddy trail without getting any splashes on your clothes. This analogy should make crystal clear that self-actualisation is no mere idea to reflect upon. Rather, it is something which comes out of every mundane experience imaginable. It is, in other words, no pristine ideal. Somewhere in the space between our family of origin and our emerging individuality there are testing grounds and opportunities within which we create clay models of ourselves. We fashion ourselves as a living experiment, against the background of our environment. Yet, if we fire these prototype selves too soon in the kiln, we lose the pliability to continue shaping the clay. And of course, the requirements of others that we be some sort of predictable and stable datum applies pressure for us to fit into their templates. I get the sense that you may have allowed the kiln to be fired while there was still so much to explore. The happy fact nonetheless remains that our environment is our supreme mirror, sitting in a reciprocal relationship to us. This year, please be aware that your healing journey is all about integration of differing aspects of yourself into a coherent whole. 2021 is a year to experiment lavishly. You are solid enough in your inner conditions these days to push the old boundaries a little. What is at stake is whether or not you finally smash the mould which your early family experiences fashioned for you, as a sort of prison or limit on your expectations of what you are truly capable of. Your allies are waiting for you on the opposite river bank. These are your true clan. 2021, in essence, is asking you whether or not you wish to undergo the defining rite of passage (in braving the strong currents), which if undertaken will put the past to bed… for good.

PISCES:Annual horoscope 2021 - by Alex

Here is the question for you in 2021: Do you see structures and predictable patterns concretely? Or do you instead tend to notice the potentials of manifestations? Another way of stating this involves whether you see things as they are or as they might become. In theory, it should not be impossible to do both. In practice, however, we tend to one or the other as a basic approach to how we construe what we consider most real within the cause/effect complex of our total environment. I read you this year as a person mustering up sufficient energy to be able to burst clear of all the forces which have ever held you back either within realistic expectations or escapist fantasies. In truth, it is quite possible to live on solid ground while having sublime experiences. The two modes are not mutually excluding. Right through until spring, it will likely seem that your creative forays of idea exploration and experiment are simply flights of grandeur and lofty distractions from practical demands. However, I would encourage you to view these thought experiments as ‘dry runs’ or dress rehearsals, for that moment between mid-May and mid-June, when you get your first opportunity for dreaming big to translate into living that dream as your ‘new normal’ beyond all man-made narratives. Remember, your environment only appears to be predictable. It contains every potential for change and magic once you are in living relationship to it. Let your bare feet regularly touch the soil this year. That way, your eyes will not lead you astray, while your heart WILL show the way.

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