Annual Horoscope 2019 - by Alex

Welcome to your annual horoscope 2019 – part one

Part two is actually a runescope forecast for each sign that is an overview of the main focus, in terms of runic astrology.

The current forecast covers the progression of themes into one another, over the course of the four seasons. There are (apart from the usual eclipse events), two major shifts of Chiron (February 18th) and Uranus (March 6th) back into Aries and Taurus respectively after retrograde periods at the end of 2018. Between those dates, we are dealing with major personal and global shifts – the turning of a significant page – era-defining ‘moments of truth’.

The reason? Uranus brings a sudden epiphany. Chiron brings that which has been shrouded in darkness, abruptly into the light. Uranus brings chaos to stability. He is going to be in the summative (anaretic) degree of the sign of the self (Aries) as Chiron returns to the first degree of the sign of the self (yep Aries!) Roughly translated this means the end of identity chaos, which alone produces authentic individuation (becoming who you are) through various upheavals; which is now going to be replaced by the fast-track emotional first aid, required to heal the traumas of the wormhole processes of the past eight years or so.

As Mars conjuncts Chiron around the 28th of December 2018 there was likely a karma load of anger, if not rage being vented (projected outward) in terms of all you have carried. I trust you cried after you released all that pent-up anger of a lifetime? I sure hope so, because THAT was the beginning of this healing journey that Uranus/Chiron proclaim loudly to be in effect between February 18th and March 6th. Put those dates in your diary because there will be tests of your mettle then.

The ‘proof’ of healing comes when you face new types of crisis. You will need to be like the skilled surfer, riding the wave crest, rather than experiencing the usual ‘crash and drench’. Now you will finally be able to transmute pain into fuel. Pain becomes your accelerator, rather than your brake… and things are speeding up – that’s evolution baby! Are you up for the ride?

As well as this phase, Jupiter is in Sagittarius (which it rules) until early December. This is great news and especially in light of the Chiron/Uranus. This whole year is one of expansion. Everything is set and the starter gun is about to go off. The very tough 2018, due to the preponderance of heavy energies in the fixed signs (especially tough for Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio this past year) can now make way for a new adventure – one on which your evolution into a new phase of life, akin to being transported into a new universe, through a wormhole… is in view.

In this very spirit, I release my new book that dramatises just such an adventure that we are all aboard on. This work is a two and a half-hour read that describes the enchanting adventures wild camping, of an uncle and niece exploring the wonders, mysteries, joys and secrets of the natural world; as well as the magic it offers us once our eyes are open to just what a precious gift our life truly is.

This is the definitive spiritual manual for our times. And it’s available now on Amazon in both paperback and e-book form for Kindle, mobile phone and tablet readership (at less than the price of a Starbucks for the e-book)… If you follow and value the content of my horoscope writing, I suspect you might like it. It certainly opens up the territory regarding our times (and the roles you play as both a recipient of culture and agent with the capacity to shape it) in a way that resonates strikingly with the astrology of 2019.

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Everyone at Arts & Esoterics; myself, Kazzie, Rayna, James and Prahba would like to wish you all a very prosperous and adventurous new year.

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Alex ❤

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Enjoy Your Annual Horoscope 2019


Annual Horoscope 2019 - by AlexARIES:

This year, you get to re-work the very concept of relating, upon a new foundation – may be a core value is changing, perhaps you wish to experience different types of people that have populated your social circle in the past. You may experience this as the next step in any sense of reinvention you’ve undertaken in recent years. Certainly, your sense of social connectedness is being reshaped, both as a value and as a concrete project. Over winter, this may well lead into a total realignment, in terms of romance and creativity and your sense of old patterns and styles of relating coming to an abrupt end. Routines and comfortable associations can make us feel trapped in a rut. A fresh perspective upon the very root of your daily existence is within reach, from late January. The groundwork done in embracing free-spiritedness may well be consolidated in spring, as this energy transmutes into a more long-lasting form – quite possibly bringing a new type of committed relationship, radically unlike any you’ve ever experienced before. As summer lands, it may even be that there is scope for this to lead to a rearrangement of your home life and a new cycle of living conditions, involving your nearest and dearest. For sure, autumn brings new responsibilities at work (perhaps promotion is in the air) and all these expansions of the previous nine months on many fronts, herald a future of relating with all the significant people in your life that is both more mature and more exciting.

Annual Horoscope 2019 - by AlexTAURUS:

I think it fair to say that human beings have been perplexing you somewhat of late. You continue to encounter entrenched issues of human nature, particularly relationally. This is not far short of the ‘story of your life’. In 2019 you will find tools to help modify and mitigate the impact of said factors upon your life and relationships. This will feel very much like easing the build-up of pressure inside a central heating boiler that was reaching a critical point. As the Sun enters Aquarius, a process of reckoning and “coming home to yourself” bubbling for several months culminates, dramatically altering your perceptions of your necessary life structures. Ancient mother wounds can be resolved now – especially if she failed to grant you security in your skin, for want of it in her own. It’s time to end the quest to replace her. As spring arrives, the energy of culmination will reach full tilt as you sense that a reorientation of your life must follow this ‘deep insecurities processing’ that you have undertaken. Uranus will be asking you to replace the need for the experience of ‘security’, with a willingness to push your most deep-seated comfort zones – and toward previously unimaginable courses of action and ways of viewing life opportunities. Summer then sees you living you’re everyday existence in a completely rearranged relationship to space, time and locality. Your old ideas of what constitutes responsibility will be replaced by a commitment to your own unfolding process, as autumn’s energy gets into full swing.

Annual Horoscope 2019 - by AlexGEMINI:

This year, many unique and creative opportunities cross your path – predominantly in the form of mould-breaking individuals (especially from early March). These folk have much to show you about yourself and the person you have always aspired to be. Ask yourself at 2019’s outset “to what have I been conforming?” It will help if you are prepared because that way you’ll neither be overly fascinated by such individuals nor overly resistant to them. They are here to show you what ingredients have been missing within your partnerships (of every kind) up until this point in your life – and this is going to open up possibilities you’d long since written off. Perhaps you’ve been restless about the locality in which you live and have experienced itchy feet? At January’s end, you reach some insight and resolution about the feelings which have led to this restless phase. In the spring you may finally find yourself in a position to recognise that being fully expressive of your creative impulses is the true source of contentment and feel fully able to commit to projects in the pipeline. As summer arrives, financial constraints ease and release wiggle room, which will prepare you for a few calculated risks, you might normally avoid. If your projects and emphases require any sort of outside financial commitment then you can rest assured that come autumn, your hard work in creative experimentation and partnering with inventive people, will lead to a light-hearted and productive period – key allies bring missing jigsaw pieces, able to help rejuvenate your weary soul.

Annual Horoscope 2019 - by AlexCANCER:

What a year for experiencing your daily work as giving you an expansive sense of purpose and direction. Okay, freedom in other areas of your life (and growth) may have to be put on the back burner, while you explore this satisfying new sense of mission, but you have enjoyed much experimental freedom in recent years that has led you to this – so try to see this simply as a year to cash in and exercise some focused self-discipline regarding temporary ‘losses’ in other areas. As the Sun enters Aquarius, you will have to make a few decisions about whether independence and self-sufficiency are going to be more important to you than the resources that partners may be able and willing to furnish you with. Saturn is teaching you lessons about the mechanics of relating and you face key choices between self-reliance and trust, regarding your future life path. As spring dawns, the work you have done on being clear about work/life balance will put you in a strong position to feel more secure than ever before in living memory. The goal of such feelings of security should be to procure a sense of wholeness and satisfaction – and the solar eclipse on July 2nd indicates the possibility of just such a feeling in your life – one that can be sustained. If you can build successfully on that feeling while keeping partnerships balanced, then autumn could see you making new and durable living arrangements with a current partner, or even a long lost, old flame.

Annual Horoscope 2019 - by AlexLEO:

Perhaps you have had a tendency to hide away from the world in the past. Those who have contact with the Sun understand its great power either to destroy or vitalise; to expose flaws or showcase beauty. In that sense, being a Leo heightens confidence issues. One can either shrink away from the spotlight due to fears about exposure and being found wanting, or exhibit grandiose and superior attitudes that one imagines are automatically valid. With Jupiter in your 5th house, you will be more in the spotlight – and your past attitude will determine whether this is liberating your confidence, or oppressive to others. Late January’s total lunar eclipse in your sign encourages you to get the balance right between attending to the emotional qualities of your inner terrain and transactions with other human beings, with every foible and demand they bring to your door. If fulfilment is to be found, equilibrium must be attained. As spring arrives, the psychological adjustments you have made over winter, in line with self/other balance, will provide you with opportunities for travel, or other forms of expansion e.g. your belief system. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. All such changes press upon old ways of transacting. Perhaps you’ve feared vulnerability if demonstrative? Over the summer you get a chance to unlock old ‘self-sabotage complexes’ in such matters. You no longer need fear exhibiting warmth. You won’t be invisible! Autumn offers chance finally to embrace what win/win relationships mean. Nobody need be a loser.

Annual Horoscope 2019 - by AlexVIRGO:

You have to be robust to continue venturing out into the world and shining when there are clouds aplenty. There are a couple of important prerequisites for the ability to keep going. Both involve root-level resilience. One of these is a strong support structure within your core living conditions. The other is resilience within your emotions, which you may have been very guarded about within your life thus far. Opening up can bring both vulnerability and support. It’s important that the support is vetted before you do – but then equally important to open up when it is safe. Jupiter helps you consolidate on your support structures in 2019. The eclipse in late January then urges you to open up to those you can trust and cease carrying your crippling burdens. As spring dawns you enter a season wherein (if you have done the work of allowing transparency) you can finally hope to exchange in emotionally satisfying ways that have the capacity to transform your values (especially re trust). Truth be told, we need communities beyond our families. It is more challenging to be open in such places, but in summer you are called upon to extend your learning about trust, garnered in family settings, into wider communities of interest. This opening up will secure even more feel-good feelings for you. If you follow through, then autumn promises to be a time when things like fun and joy can be expected to bless your experience like at no other time that you can ever recall.

Annual Horoscope 2019 - by AlexLIBRA:

If it weren’t for other people, your life would be easy! Well… yes and no. But I know what you mean. Do you see how I switched the roles there? That was my very best ventriloquist stunt. I approach things this way because a change in yourself is necessary before long-cherished dreams can manifest. You appear to be in the way of what is supposed to be unfolding. Why? Well, it is the ‘my pleasure, your pleasure’ conundrum and the old curse of guilt. It looks like this polarisation has continued to see you believe that you must sacrifice your creativity, in order for others to experience theirs. In reality, the overflow of your fulfilment is the true key to what will liberate others this year (and in truth, yourself). At January’s end, you must make a break for the hills, throwing off all that has incarcerated your creativity (caged the song bird’s melodies). You are called upon to step up to the plate and accept unfolding opportunities, becoming a pioneer of self-expression. (I can see you squirming!) You will notice in spring that your creative self then becomes the catalyst to major developments in your collaboration with key allies. As you persist in allowing expression of your core creativity, above your sense of responsibility, summer will find you in a position finally to implement long-held plans, due to it now seeming less of a chore (requiring laborious effort) and more of a natural progression. Your fullest sense of self and groundedness in your daily routines, announces autumn’s new cycle of fulfilment.

Annual Horoscope 2019 - by AlexSCORPIO:

How do you feel about revealing your deepest Scorpionic secrets? There are energies percolating within you which make you guarded. There are internal facts and there are external realities and it feels like you often polarise the material world and the inner terrain. When you focus on one of them, you tend to withdraw fully from the other as protection. It’s like you might be emotionally open when feeling in a safe space, but when venturing out where the risks are, you draw in your horns and become hard-working and productive instead of communicative. For me, there is basic insecurity there and at January’s end, you get to resolve some aspect of that as you rebalance your values between your most private life and your most public. Spring is a time when stepping out into the world and upping your game is going to necessitate you dealing with questions of full disclosure. Secrecy holds us back from expansion. See this therefore as an ongoing, gentle experiment, in revealing what you normally may not and seeing what comes back… In summer, with positive results under your belt, you should begin to make progress with transforming your ideas about relating openly. Your life will release a lot of energy as a result. And once autumn arrives you will actually begin to quite enjoy sharing things that at one time would have been too much for you. Don’t be surprised if new opportunities open up at that time, on a scale beyond your wildest dreams.

Annual Horoscope 2019 - by AlexSAGITTARIUS:

The purified soul can climb the heavenly ladder. This is akin to the process of transmuting lead into gold within the great work. We all pass through stages of darkness, purification, and maturation and with Jupiter in your sign it is finally time to reach for your highest purpose. My feeling is that 2018 carried a strong sense of the interplay between the stench of putrefaction and the healing of purification and transmutation beyond pain. Now comes the opportunity to transcend. You may have lofty aspirations but you are called to earthly service at the end of January and the recognition that you have a vital role to play in your locality. This will feel like finding a new ‘home’ – certainly a new stomping ground. Once spring arrives, the key for you is no longer simply blending in within your core communities. You are called upon to bring your creative talents and productivity to bear and make your mark with your art – this will inspire peers and raise the bar for all. It requires a real sense of innocence and connection to your inner child for trust to emerge, so as to illuminate the darkness but as summer lands, you’re called upon to engage in projects and partnerships of true sharing, outside the normal power dynamics. The dreamer in you gets chance finally to feel safe in the world, come autumn. Remember that fear of loss is a plague. Nobody would suggest you forego caution, but being mean-spirited would be a backward step now. Your soul is generous – and as December arrives, you will find that the peers you blessed in summer, will prove so too!

Annual Horoscope 2019 - by AlexCAPRICORN:

2019 sees your progress significantly with questions around the darkness lurking within every human being – the ‘shadow’. It will be easier than usual for you to confront your old psychological complexes this year. You may think this is exclusive to your benefit. But really, the point is that you will gain insight like never before into what makes humans tick – even finding compassion for those darker aspects, especially those you’ve often been on the receiving end of. We can class this as real growth. Many people never arrive here. The corollary of fears about shadow is often fear of deep exchanges due to exploitation risk. In late January you get an opportunity to make peace with such fears and renew faith in what deep connection with others is all about on a ‘spiritual’ level, beyond the fear of loss. Once spring arrives, with Uranus out of your 4th house, you’ll be in a position to reassess your economic potentials through considering raising your earning power. Confidence in your qualities is the only quality required to make your CV shine, now! As you make changes based on realigning you will be prepared, come summer, for a whole new relationship cycle to emerge. When everything aligns and you step into your power, your sense of attractiveness is based not on what you do, but who you are – and this constitutes this year’s breakthrough. The ‘old you’ finally gets its marching orders in autumn, when the prospect of a lucrative new career path opens up to you. Walking through such a door will catapult you beyond old mentalities of scarcity, once and for all.

Annual Horoscope 2019 - by AlexAQUARIUS:

You of all the signs realise that love surpasses the pair-bond model that predominates in western societies. Your ‘error’ at times is to idealise love, but largely in a universal way, which may not seem quite so icky as those holding to romantic mythologies. Nevertheless, this year shows you that there is some grounding for you to do – and much revolves around the vital importance of nurture. You notice something of beauty and innocence of nurture when you see the simplicity of children, in their willingness to give and receive simple affection and care. You have an opportunity for rewarding liaisons that exemplify universal connectedness this year, but you must remember that its essential quality is nurture, not idealism. Toward the end of January, you acquire an opportunity to see this in action as a friend (or partner) in need requires all of your warmth and capacity to nourish, as they face certain challenges. This is where your road test 2019’s key theme for the first time. This process is truly a ripening in your Aquarian heart – wherein said heart comes up to speed with what your mind has known for an age. Once spring arrives you are on the cusp of a new set of emotional values that are not simply spiritual ideas or principles, but rather transformative potential energies inside your soul. Summer is the time when it dawns upon you that the ‘purpose’ of your life is actually to embody love as transformative (healing) nurture. This is some turning point for an Aquarian yet in autumn, your sense of fulfilled relating with peers will vindicate your new values.

Annual Horoscope 2019 - by AlexPISCES:

Just like Sagittarius, your fellow Jupiter buddy, this year finds you on a journey of alchemical transformation. But for you, this is more about your mission on terra firma. How do you feel about that? I suspect you felt growth pangs for a while, but perhaps fear and self-doubt have led to a reluctance to ‘shine’ out in the world. Toward the end of January, just after the Sun enters Aquarius, you get illumination regarding the work that you do every single day. Whatever you end up experiencing, I’ll wager you the urge to transmute comes on strong. Now is the time to stretch and you will do this first by expanding your imagination regarding all the possibilities you contain. This will involve getting real about certain fears and attaining a balanced sense of what is beyond you and what isn’t. It’s incumbent upon you to clarify your aspirations and what the practical obstacles are. This will necessitate taking seriously the importance of both commitment and trust, in terms of good old-fashioned, loyal friendship. Friends can be a great source of emotional and practical support on this journey to understand the deeper shades of you. If you lack clues, try asking directly how they see you best transforming. What summer will no doubt bring to your attention is your having become overly serious (maybe even unhelpfully intense) over the years and that a lighter energy cycle is now indicated, where vocation is simply to manifest beautiful things of deep value. Autumn brings new partnering, based on deeper trust because now you know you can’t take this trip on your own.

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