An Ecstatic Dance Sensation by Prabha

An Ecstatic Dance Sensation

Deep heat
Extreme red, orange and yellow
Intense fire
Floods the mind
Behind the blind

Nothing can stop what’s about to happen
The music already creating shivers through my body
Excitement reaching my crown
No room in my head to decide how to dance

Just move!
Trust my feet
And my body
They know what to do
The mind has no place here

Moving the head to the tempo
Cautious of losing the colours
But excitement takes the lead
Feet not able to withstand the beat
Hips and knees join in
Without any hesitation

I know no one can see me
But they will feel me!
Rage and fury
Just like fire
Out of control
I know I’m about to
Start a blaze

As the ecstasy overwhelms
Hair and gown
Are swished around

Moving faster and harder
To the rhythm
The trio of colours
In a dance of their own

Sensations everywhere rising
Arms and legs working
Like never before

Shaking, jumping and stamping
Eager, emotive, ecstasy
Exploding outwards

The Native drums
Euphoria tops ecstasy
I just can’t stop
I won’t!

The heat
Is it the body
Or energy?
I don’t know
Who cares!

Blinding colours
I close my illusional eyes
They re-open again
In Arizona
On the edge of The Grand Canyon

I just know
It’s where I need to dance
The heat feeling real
And dry

I need water
Dancing a priority
Drums merge with a different beat
I can see them
The Native Americans
Playing the beat
On the edge
In their dress

Enjoying them in the crowd
I break away to dance
Everyone staring
At my erraticness
And pure madness

The players enjoy my passion
And carry on
Until I can no longer see them
Or hear them.

© P Bathina 2019


Poetics describes a whole range of engagements with life that are storied, reflective and filled with imagination and inspiration, as opposed to analysis in the strict sense. When science rules, the magic fades. When thinking ascends the throne, the soul may atrophy. Yet poetics is not irrational – it is a take which reaches into a different aspect of our humanity – one where we can celebrate that which moves us, not dwell on what limits us. Expect surprises. One or many may lead. None or a few may follow and then decide to take the lead. This is a fluidity to break the mould of rigidity. Join us on this journey. Let us hold hands boldly and join voices transformatively. Prabha will be leading us. Feel free to join us.


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