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A And E Publishing Services: Self-Publish Your Book

A and E Publishing Services: The pros of online publishing

Today’s audience lies on the internet. Although there are still people who prefer a traditional print, millions of readers have e-book readers like Kindle, iPad, smartphones. Publishing digitally is one way for writers to have more exposure at little to no cost at all while having a large audience.  You can even sell your work on your own website and it’s faster, imagine the speed of a few clicks.

Some of the online bookstores offer a print on demand service whereby you are only charged per print when it is ordered so there are no large upfront costs.

A and E Publishing Services – editing and publishing

A and E self-publishing services are about getting your Ebook to market faster. We’ll efficiently have your edited manuscript ready for you in 6 to 8 business days.

Are you dreaming of being a best selling author? Do you have a new manuscript to publish? Industry research has shown that 95% of all books submitted to publishers are sent back because of bad editing.
James Lynn Page – author/editor
Here’s my solution for getting your ebook published. My professional editing service will provide expert feedback and advice on your book, and then I’ll get it ready for the publisher. I’ll advise you on content, grammar, punctuation, spelling and overall structure and then make the necessary edits before I email back the result.
If you want to be the publisher yourself, take advantage of my additional Ebook conversion service. Here is where you get the required files to upload to self-publishing platforms like Amazon Kindle or Lulu Publishing. Amazon, by the way, accounts for 80% of all English-language Ebook sales.
It’s affordable, too: Copy Editing is charged at £2.80 per page, and basic Ebook conversions cost £30 per book, whatever the size. Please email at the address below and I’ll send you a full-colour PDF with all the details of all my online services. 
Let’s talk for free to discuss your requirements, contact me at:

A and E Publishing Services – Ebook Cover Design
Great covers sell books. Our A and E Self-Publishing Services graphic designers will work with you to create a professional cover based on your vision.

A and E Self-Publishing Services offers authors award-winning Ebook cover design at author-friendly prices. In today’s click-and-go world, a professionally-designed book cover needs to convey your message to your readers in a single glance. Our designer will design your book cover and send you a proof for your approval.

Dragan Vukićević Graphic Designer

Started as a brand identity and graphic designer 15 years ago, I dove in headfirst into the visual design world. Over the years, the industry changed and I developed my skills and widened my interests.

Today, I am a digital product designer with a wide range of design and programming skills, centred on a firm belief in the well-crafted and meaningful design that solves problems and enhances the visual experience.

Prices start from $100 for 4 hours work.
Send me a simple brief about the project and your own ideas, it’s free to get a quote.
Contact me at:


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