2020 Vision: Your Annual Horoscope - by Alex

2020 Vision: Your Annual Horoscope

Welcome to the 2020 Vision: Your Annual Horoscope. The twelve readings are pertinent to the personal circumstances that have been brewing and will be presenting for your Sun sign in the year ahead. In an annual reading, we select several key points, significant features and timings within the astrological cycles that have a bearing on the natives of your sign. See this forecast as presenting the guiding features underpinning the year ahead for you. Of course, astrological alignments and placements affect everybody on a mundane level as well.

This is particularly significant when looking at planets from Jupiter to Pluto. I also include centaur planet Chiron in my prognostications. It too carries mundane significance, as do eclipses. Interestingly this year, on 12th January Saturn conjuncts Pluto (last did so November 1982). Saturn is involved again on the 21st December in a new, cycle conjunction with Jupiter. This conjunction happens every twenty years. However, it also changes pattern every two hundred years or so by changing the element the conjunction takes place in. In 1802 Jupiter and Saturn began a conjunction cycle in the earth element. Next December they shift into air in the key first degree of Aquarius. This is an epochal shift, symbolising the final transition from the industrial age to technological age (Aquarius). It is no coincidence that 2020 will be the year that 5G will be rolled out across the face of the planet. Both these events involving Saturn occur near eclipses. There will be a lunar eclipse on 10th January, two days before the Saturn/Pluto conjunction and a total solar eclipse on 14th December, just one week before the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction on the 21st around the winter solstice. These events define the year for the whole globe, not simply for you and your Sun sign. The solstice marks a changing of the guard as the Sun sits stationary in the sky, while Jupiter conjuncts Saturn. The era of technocracy is being born. But the start of the year sees titans Saturn and Pluto clashing, just two days after a lunar eclipse.

It is crucially important in January to examine how you feel about the likely monumental changes you face. It is like you are facing the final boss in some computer game. If you overcome him then you complete the game and move on to something else. If not, you start again. If you are feeling profoundly under assault that has a ‘do or die’ feel in the first ten days of January, know that this is pressing on you to come to the table and address the arch-nemesis… the one thing you know has held you back repeatedly.

It’s not just you. People are under the cosh to transform fundamentally. Will you continue to be ruled by fears? Speaking of ruling, governance of every sort including financial, political, social, cultural and familial are operating within the same energetic parameters. Britain just had its general election and Brexit impasse, clash of the factions titanic struggle reach a watershed. The Trump impeachment spectacle will likely be impacted by these energies too. And with Mercury closely conjunct Saturn and Pluto between the lunar eclipse and the main event, we can be sure that propaganda will be flying around on both sides as victories are claimed and struggles rage. All this is simply indicating that now is the time to get clear on where you stand regarding world events and what they represent.

What view of the world is driving you? On what level of consciousness do you wish to function? Now dawns a year in which we will either wake up to our world or slide deeper into our comfortable factions. If we awaken then we can hope to shape our world, rather than it shaping us without us having any say. Once Jupiter conjuncts Saturn in December we will discover either that technology is our friend or our enemy. It will either be used to enhance the quality of life for all, or for the few at the expense of the rest. The stakes are ridiculously high. If you choose a comatose state, do not be surprised if you wake up in a strangely terrifying new world in 2021. This is the year you get to choose the future not only of yourself but of the world. You can make a difference if you awaken to the rapid processes of change and refuse to be left behind. Becoming a part of a community is a pressing requirement for people this year. Isolation is certainly not something you should settle for. You may feel like you are equipped for it but nothing could be further from the truth.

Given that your preparations will be everything this year it helps to understand that the first six months are foundational. January sees something fundamentally shift, not just within your circumstances and psyche but in terms of world balance of power. This does not simply involve governments. It also includes central banks and institutions like NATO the United Nations, The World Trade Organisation, The World Health Organisation, significant courts and even entities like the European Union. Challenges are being issued to old structures at every level, including the legal, to test what is fit for purpose and what must go. Even governing ideas, like that of democracy, will be tested and if found wanting will have to be fundamentally revised, if they are to survive. This accounts for the rise of populism, as old myths about democratic institutions begin to crumble under the weight of their overblown mendacity.

The people are not buying into the system tropes any more. Once that happens at a larger scale then fundamental change is ripe to occur. However, this is not all rosy. Because once that begins, power in desperation and with little to lose, is more likely to make its long-held covert policies overt… because they are no longer fit to manage the scenarios they were set up to manage. February will see a period of revision and consolidation after a tumultuous three months of political manoeuvring. March through May will see considerable restructuring. The question is really whether this is simply an optical illusion designed to placate the watching public. After epic political struggles, there are often rebirths that are still pandering to the interests of a select few. It is important in April not be placated by a few scraps thrown from the master’s table. We the people must continue to hold public figures to account for their offices. It will be vital not to allow feelgood factors to dupe us into new levels of denial. If we are not vigilant then new levels of impoverishment await.

Autumn gives everyone a much-needed boost, as we are able to breathe out a little and get in touch with our feelings after the dust of the previous several months begins to settle. The United States Presidential Election will be a proving point as to how far the man and woman in the street have woken up to the realities of our modern world. Whatever the outcome, December will be a time when many people’s worst fears will feel as if they have materialised. In truth, as always, the reality will be evidenced in terms of how things look on the ground. This year, it is vital that you develop perspicacity and the ability to see past the deep-seated lies which have been keeping planetary inhabitants in the grip of illusion. Once sufficient people wake up to the true extent of world corruption and the abuse of power, it will be impossible for the old system to maintain its grip. A huge year awaits. You may not be able to sit in a parliament or wield political power, but you certainly can discover your personal power through new awareness. Do not underestimate the impact of your personal awakening in 2020. It just might be the tipping point that changes the world decisively.

The very best of wishes from me to you in 2020 and from all contributors to Arts and Esoterics.

Alex ❤

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ARIES:2020 Vision: Your Annual Horoscope

What happens when you try to conduct relationships without your foundations being right? Well, as with all else, you will reap what you have sown! It might seem odd me having to say this to an Aries. Yet this is not simply about some generic self-orientation. It is more about how you have invested in your own life, via preparatory actions. We all make some sorts of plan and yet these plans may not always be based on either a thorough appreciation of self at the deepest level and ‘what makes me tick’, or on the kind of authenticity that provides strong foundations for long term success. This year you are examining your tendency to ‘drift’ and ‘tread water’. You know it does not satisfy. Willpower is your key. Speaking of keys… The glyph of Chiron springs to mind – Chiron, who remains in the early degrees of your sign. The indications are that your authentic self has not achieved as much in the world as your talent alone might have produced. It is time to bring some awareness to the scenario. A cycle is due to end and you are in a position to plant new seeds. These seeds contain a blueprint of you that is more aligned with authentic purpose. You can transform, starting in January and this is a core aspect of your healing journey. Frustrations can ease finally and a new cycle of expansion can begin. By the end of 2020, you should be ready to embark on a new trajectory of life that incorporates a collaborative project that benefits everyone. There will be tremendous satisfaction in this development. It will set the tone of your mission for the following five years. So use the opportunities for new beginnings that present early in the year to propel you decisively forward.

2020 Vision: Your Annual Horoscope- by AlexTAURUS:

The last time Jupiter entered Capricorn (around twelve years ago) self-restricting views began to crack. They have been collapsing ever since. Jupiter heralded Pluto’s joining the party in 2008 and Jupiter is back. Saturn re-entered Capricorn late 2017. The moon’s south node is also there. The message is clear: The past no longer exercises tyranny over you. Beliefs have transformed under Pluto’s attrition and your need to grow. Jupiter is relatively weak now, with Saturn particularly strong. Beliefs 2.0 manifest this year. Consequently, you enter this cycle with 20/20 vision! Finally, an old nemesis no longer has the power to define your life. This is because you are now ready to make peace with yourself. The great liberator, Uranus, remains in the early degrees of your sign. This means that who you are is no longer simply an expression of what you believe to be true… no matter how accurate and quality-assured those beliefs now are. This frees you to be experimental because your sense of security no longer depends on correct belief. Personality adds colour to life. In the past, it was hard for you to value such things. Experimenting with who you are by being bold, open and friendly toward risk (like garlic to vampires for Taurus) becomes a playground this year. Having found yourself there is now, little risk of losing yourself. As you embark on new adventures that will launch you into a new sense of mission, be aware that further blossoming can occur as you open up consciously to incoming energies. Chiron in your twelfth house promises that you need no longer shape the limits of your world to preserve the integrity and stability of yourself. Prize curiosity this year!

2020 Vision: Your Annual Horoscope- by AlexGEMINI:

Death is a great teacher. We fear it because it challenges us with liminality. Threshold experiences where we realise there is no going back, are Pluto’s speciality. We all come to a point of realisation of our own mortality, but we only ever see it dramatised around us. Each time we see reality ripped apart and then reconfigured (so as to heal the rupture), it reminds us that placing confidence in the stability of momentary experiences is illusory. The eighth house represents our investments in others and vice versa. This is where the messy stuff happens. It is why divorce (a type of death) has such far-reaching consequences. The fabric of our ‘separate’ existences merge and clean breaks become tough. And yet sometimes they become necessary. Most of the time though we are not dealing directly with death. How will we come to terms with the impact of other people’s values and commitments upon our own life structures, once we are intertwined with them? Becoming intertwined carries heavy risk. Death may be necessitated should we choose unwisely. Yet such death is catharsis. This is part of the growth mechanism. And yet, suffering should not become professional masochism! Failure as a learning tool makes no plea to reject successes. This year your mission is to work out how to grow with someone. Toward the end of the year it will become obvious that you have to conduct an audit about your old beliefs. Shared experiences have likely shaped many of your life expectations. My prescription for you in 2020 is to seek out folk who break the mould and who surprise you at every turn. Such experiences will aid your growth, beyond old ideas of worthwhile entanglement.

2020 Vision: Your Annual Horoscope- by AlexCANCER:

Being open about our feelings or hiding our feelings can become a real bind. Access to our deepest feelings is perhaps the best guidance system we possess. The mind pales in comparison to the heart as a navigational tool. And therefore, in a sense, our relationship life is in some respects best approached from the space of feeling, rather than reasoning. The key advantage offered by authentic feeling is that it keeps us in the present with our finger on the pulse of vitality, rather than in past experiences, or future scenarios we compare present situations with. This year, your greatest natural asset grants you the scope to make good on transformative forces that have been shaping your relationship experience over the past twelve years. You can, in 2020, find a new level of joy within your firm commitments, provided that you stay in touch with, and choose to be led by, how you feel at all times, rather than what you think. The one thing to be absolutely vigilant about is not making plans or commitments to structures (such as marriage), while you cultivate deep comfort in navigating with heart rather than the mind. The temptation when things are going well is to cement something. Resist this temptation, because it will shortcut your process and therefore your learning about what works best for you. In 2021 you will be able to turn your attention to matters of consolidation and practical dimensions around shared realities and forging new structures with significant others. January’s lunar eclipse makes clear that healthy polarities for you in the coming year, pivot on you being properly aligned. This will be key to not losing yourself in any new relationship adventures.

2020 Vision: Your Annual Horoscope- by AlexLEO:

The structures which govern the regulation of everyday life require two seemingly contradictory properties. They must be sufficiently repeatable to grant a sense of containment – so we do not feel we must reinvent ourselves constantly. And they must also be sufficiently fluid to ensure we do not become imprisoned; identified solely with our habits and routines. Mastering this balance is the ultimate sixth house challenge. The clash of titans Saturn and Pluto in your solar sixth house confronts you with this existential question in January. An exercise perhaps? Write a list of all the key things you do unfailingly each week. Now by the side of that list write another one, containing things you’ve done spontaneously this past year. How does the balance feel? The items on the second list matter far less than it actually existing. When did you last do something that was not scripted? Please note: Feeling conflicted about your scripted life is no surrogate for breaking the treadmill patterns. Practical wisdom would best address such matters by setting aside a day (itself a scripted scheme) and allowing nothing to interfere with your cultivating spontaneity on that day. Practice such things in 2020. For once 2021 arrives the effort invested will see you in the place necessary to exploit new opportunities. Do not settle for being a fantasist! Learn to travel light. It is stick or twist in the unfolding story of your life path come December. Partnership will be key. But if you are still making excuses about obstacles, you will be left behind. A new vision and new life beckon. Prepare for it by experimentation in 2020. Unlearn habituation. Learn the art of spontaneity. Say ‘yes’ to life, instead of ‘no’.

2020 Vision: Your Annual Horoscope- by AlexVIRGO:

A sense of impoverishment can be addressed this year. Your experience of entanglements with others may have left you with a bitter taste, inclining you to be overly careful re who you open up to. While entirely understandable, this has a diminishing effect. Why? Well, there is (or at least should be) something natural about sharing burdens. In other words, you shouldn’t have to fear censure for speaking up. Many take this as being critical or moaning. It can go in that direction, sure. But the burdens of dissatisfaction we carry, benefit from airing and non-judgmental acceptance. The key for you is always being both realistic about human nature (you are) and open to share meaningfully with those you consider sound (you resist this in large measure). It is this second component you must address this year. The goal is not to wear heart on sleeve but to get real about what really matters to you. The lighter and more joyous dimensions of life have likely been shrouded in heaviness these past two years or so. But victory is at hand. A new version of yourself is seeking to manifest. A new playfulness coupled with an expanded sense of fun in relating to significant people that you value, is on the cards. Just to say that these people are likely those who have been on the fringes of your life but you know their quality. Let them in! The old tired energies can be reserved for those with whom you have little wiggle room. Time to expand your horizons. Swimming around in a goldfish bowl sits well with your hermit attributes. 2021 will see you considering oceans thus far feared. Start small this year. Show certain key folk who you might dare to be, beneath the layers of dutiful old you.

2020 Vision: Your Annual Horoscope- by AlexLIBRA:

Conventions can feel empty and meaningless when we are longing for torrents of passion. We may believe feeling alive to be more important than being alive. Passion can be the thing which makes us feel vibrantly present, in the face of seemingly sterile traditions, which entrap and bind us to a wheel of drudgery and responsibilities to everyone but ourselves. This year, perennial struggles defining you as legacy within your family of origin, get to be confronted, as your day-to-day experience of kinship takes on a different feel. New adventures in shared space will force a reevaluation of both your priorities and your relationship to certain ancient demands or time-honoured patterns. My guess is that although this may cause a measure of stress, there is going to be a strong feeling of liberation and coming into your own. There is a sense of ‘graduating within the school of life’. Please be aware though that while such developments are part of your growth, an element of what is in play will be dealing with unexpected surprises in the area of shared realities, such as finances. These issues will prove disruptive or liberating, depending on your flexibility and how far you have been preparing the ground. Carrying others is not an option. Resentments aren’t something you can live healthily with. At 2020’s outset, please take a moment to sit down with anyone you will be taking any major step with and get clear on the key roles and responsibilities each will discharge within a fair division of labour. Spend 2020 implementing workable shared protocols and smooth, enjoyable and expansive living, will flow easily. Moreover, you will finally heal certain hurts that have dogged you for decades.

2020 Vision: Your Annual Horoscope- by AlexSCORPIO:

Between 2008 and 2017 you were evolving in a way that led to more or less a reconstitution of how your mind apprehends reality. We might describe that as maturation. But it was a case of evolving or fade into the shadows. You stepped up! Since late 2017 processes that were in flux have started to crystallise. You know your mind better than ever before. You have been digging out old mental patterns and subjecting them to testing. You found that they do not work these days. The transformation completes soon. A butterfly emerges mid-January. The lunar eclipse suggests that you will find a new alignment in which moving away from the comfortable and familiar will begin to feel more natural to you. When you fully know your own mind you can unleash the feeling level of your existence to powerful effect. Not just old ideas but old beliefs can be outgrown, under this lunar energy in January. It seems to me that the struggle of the past twelve or so years has amounted to you attempting to completely reconfigure your ideas about your clan. Family is not always the same thing and often, quite the opposite. In order to be happy, one has to find one’s true home. And in that regard, blood is not always thicker than water. It appears that 2020 is all about trying out new ideas. The old ones are worn out and discarded. But this year you need new. This is like changing your wardrobe once things no longer fit, wear out or fashions change. You go down to the shop and try out a new kit. This is you in 2020. All this is preparation for a homecoming which begins in December. Time to ditch obligations as an excuse. If you want to be seen, you have to choose visibility. That means you!

2020 Vision: Your Annual Horoscope- by AlexSAGITTARIUS:

There is who you are and also what you possess. These two aspects are connected to how you engage the world – whether you operate expressively or cautiously, you can lead from who you are or what you own, and relegate the other dimension. In 2021 you’ll be embarking on a new cycle and making fundamental choices about risk management in your life, over against living the way you feel you need to. This means 2020 will essentially be a preparatory year for you. This brings me to the topic of material things and specifically money as your most significant topic in 2020: Regarding your financial situation, it will be crucial to consolidate sources of supply. You know what you need to sustain yourself. You must first decide whether you lead from a material vantage point or an actualised one. The first will require revenue streams growing, the second will involve tightening the belt to allow loftier goals to displace material pressures. It’s of course up to you which path you prefer in the end. But 2021 speaks of a cycle beginning of new expansion from solid foundations. My reading is that this year’s cosmic climate prefers wealth acquisition above frugality. It may be that you sacrifice considerable time, in order to top up your finances significantly this year. Alternatively, an innovation may facilitate longer-term income streams, via some business angle or niche you have had in mind for a few years. Perhaps, after percolating, now is the time for launch and the laying of foundations for sustainable revenue. You simply require the discipline and maturity to commit to a year of preparations. Be willing to take the lead in your life this year. Nobody is going to do it for you.

2020 Vision: Your Annual Horoscope- by AlexCAPRICORN:

The reshaping of who you happen to be has been more or less ongoing for eleven years now. Thankfully, two years ago your ruler returned to your sign. Just a few months later, Uranus shifted from your house of foundations to your house of pleasure as Chiron, in turn, began the work of awareness and inner integration, (shifting your sense of security from bricks and mortar, plus kith and kin, back into the core of you). The most stable aspect of your person is your bone structure. Pay attention to yours this year (especially your posture). But the inner sense of self is the next most important marker of your core. Saturn and Pluto meeting in mid-January signifies that your new emanation is imminent. You have done the structural work and come home to yourself in some significant way. Healing of some historic family karma can now proceed because you are strong enough to break away from the last dregs of its hold on you. Knowing who you are, and who your true clan are, grants security and confidence to take some risks and welcome a few surprises. This for you constitutes an unusual approach to growth. You are in a position to outgrow old behavioural complexes in 2020, ones in which your notions of kinship were grounded exclusively in similarity and compatibility. These things are not bad, or wrong. It is just that you need something fresh now. Your material prospects are due a boost, right at the end of the year. You will receive a slingshot into greater financial wiggle room. Spend this year getting clear on what might float your boat, based on being carefree and open to all things unfamiliar and off the beaten track. Burn all your old maps.

2020 Vision: Your Annual Horoscope- by AlexAQUARIUS:

Pluto has been relentlessly clearing away old psychic garbage and there may have been a longing for wholeness that you perhaps sensed as ‘something missing’. New cycles beckon and this means clearing up residue and completing old phases of your self-expression in the world. You have faced a reckoning on many old issues, with the moon’s south node transiting your solar twelfth house. Much of this has had a heavy feel to it. Thankfully, Jupiter recently moved into your twelfth and it appears that the new drivers in your life will come from a desire to explore more fully the positive dimensions of the hidden layers of your existence. Those things which seem hidden can easily provoke fears when we are anticipating explorations of our inner space. But Jupiter instead offers a vision of a voyage of imagination, possible only by saying yes to the journey into the deepest recesses of self. I am not suggesting that you go on a 1960s Beatles-Esque transcendental meditation, Yellow Submarine LSD trip here. What I am saying is that spiritual learning and spiritual teaching will open up new dimensions of meaning and interest that will expand your sense of life’s greatest possibilities. These are exciting times for you. 2020 should be experienced as a commitment to a roller coaster that will be exhilarating yet completely safe. We need to travel light if we are going to enjoy new experiences. Remember that! The clearing out followed by new inner questing is all about readiness for launch in 2021. Begin loosening certain ties and attachments, so that twelve months from now you will be able to maximise your growth, by choosing real-world adventures that open exciting doors!

2020 Vision: Your Annual Horoscope- by AlexPISCES:

It is hard when 11/12 of the zodiac does not share your specific vision of the importance of community as a means of creating meaning and a sense of completion. Most people see society in quite functional terms and in a sense, especially in the west, fundamentally impersonally. Pisces just understands the human drama and knows what humanity at its best can be. This does not make all Pisceans poets and dreamers, by the way. You have the capacity to be ruthlessly realistic and practical. Nevertheless, things obvious to you are completely lost on others. You will often facilitate groups and contribute social capital by creating optimal conditions for human connection. Ask yourself why though! When others do not get it, it is often necessary to drag them kicking and screaming into a confrontation with the realities. Imagine having to drag one who is dehydrated to an inviting lake. That would be the equivalent. But we are social creatures. If they don’t show up what can you do in isolation? This year, integrating into group structures on a more rewarding level than ever before is in view. Perhaps others will finally begin to step up too and recognise the value. The world needs solidarity now that is real and sustaining. Your long term hopes and dreams can materialise, insofar as you cultivate all such authentic group connections. This truly supportive community of equals will ground you in a way you never before have been able to experience. This will mean that come late December, once a new cycle of inner exploration of both light and darkness dawns, you will be in a place where the sharing of both joys and sorrows on your inner path, will bring comfort and satisfaction.

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