Hello everybody and very warm wishes to you for a memorable year ahead. You will likely have read my annual Part One already. In this reading for all twelve signs, there is a carefully crafted synthesis between astrology, tarot, runes and animal augury. The augury incorporates forty-eight creature archetypes that span four seasons for each of the twelve zodiac signs. I have connected earth, fire, water and air elements to land animals, flying insects, aquatic creatures and birds respectively.

The winter season, as it is initiated when the Sun enters earth sign Capricorn, is represented by land animals for each sign. Aries heads up spring and so flying insects govern that season, with the summer heralded by the Sun entering Cancer being represented by aquatic critters. Finally, birds signify autumn through the air sign of Libra that announces the second equinox. The blending of these varying modes of reading portents and synthesising with psychological dimensions of personality and human experience is very enjoyable, as well as challenging.

Because part one was purely constructed around Saturn, Uranus and Chiron sign changes (with a little Jupiter in the mix), my use of astrological components will not be referenced in the reading. Neither will runes nor minor arcana cards from tarot, as related to the seasonal shifts. However, there is a major arcana card for the whole year and the four creatures for each season, as related to each sign and these are major elements of the story arc, which are all weaved into the broad picture presented in part one’s readings and which will be referenced, so that you may understand the points of entry that will define the navigational features of your year. Here are the archetypes for each sign:

Aries: The Tower – Rat, Midge, Dolphin and Robin
Taurus: The Devil – Rabbit, Lacewing, Diving Beetle and Seagull
Gemini: The Fool – Snake, Hornet, Koi Carp, Buzzard
Cancer: Judgement – Badger, Locust, Newt, Parrot
Leo: The Moon – Giraffe, Dragonfly, Turtle, Kingfisher
Virgo: The Magician – Raccoon, Butterfly, Otter, Crow
Libra: The Emperor – Lizard, Cranefly, Shark, Woodpecker
Scorpio: The Hanged Man – Deer, Firefly, Sea Horse, Pheasant
Sagittarius: The Hermit – Buffalo, Sunset Moth, Eel, Owl
Capricorn: Justice – Koala, Bumble Bee, Frog, Blue Tit
Aquarius: The High Priestess – Moose, Ladybird, Octopus, Pied Wagtail
Pisces: The Empress – Panther, Hoverfly, Salmon, Blackbird

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2018 Annual Horoscope Part TwoARIES: I had several encounters with Rat in recent months. Rat is in town and pairing up with the Tower to suggest that you are in the final throes of living opportunistically out of the tired, old layers of your personality and that it is time to move to a soul level as your life purpose. For this to happen, Rat suggests that you must make repairs to your foundations by unearthing the holes in your personal boundaries, caused by parental influences that forced you to assert yourself against the moulds they were attempting to fit you into. Maybe they curtailed your youthful energies and exuberance and admonished you to “stop rushing around” and “be more patient”? Old frustrations can be released as you begin to prepare to travel light and value new things at this time of your life. You are due a eureka moment just before the spring equinox, where all the jigsaw pieces finally fit. There will likely be a period of grieving for loss leading up to this, but the future is unwritten. You can explore this on your own terms, for you, once you are no longer wasting energy on old battles.

The healing of disillusionment is a prominent theme for you this spring. Loss of faith can occur for numerous reasons and not always because “all hope is gone”. Often, we have allowed ourselves to become fixed in our disposition. Change can be unusually scary, but it offers the prospect of new beginnings… remember those? The goal here is to notice how your personality structure has become your greatest obstacle. You have pioneering energies in the heart of you and yet, I get the impression that you have settled for seeing external obstacles as being more powerful than your own choices, somehow. This season, Midge becomes your spirit guide, here to show you that there is no territory (other than deep freeze) that you cannot colonise, no place where you cannot make life into a success. Sure, time is short. But even that provides you with the impetus to bring all of who you are to the forefront of your life. If you have never compiled a bucket list, Midge suggests that you do so. The soul is ancient, and the body quickly decays. Feed your soul with experiences until the solstice.

2018 Annual Horoscope Part TwoTAURUS: Rabbit joins forces with The Devil card to inform you that it is time to “face your demons”. A cycle is upon you which is stirring up your deepest fears – and such will be a theme all winter. The goal is a victory in a final battle that will end the grip such preoccupations exercise over your life. Essentially, this story arc was about the power others had over you but that you lacked in return. The deep healing of your core sees you finally able to relax into who you are, outside of all those ancient power plays. Your beliefs can transform this winter, as you internalise Rabbit’s lessons and translate them into new behaviours, by no longer obeying your fears. The Devil says you can no longer deflect your fears via relationship dreams. Instead, you must confront personal angst by moving beyond comforting ideals (that don’t actually comfort) and instead tackle, rather than avoid, each challenge – seeing yourself as a whole (not damaged) person, equipped to act so as to “change your circumstances” each time an old fear arises.

It’s one thing to play around with creative ideas, quite another to embody them. There’s nothing wrong with being experimental as a mode of preparation for launch. Well, here comes launch! The values, beliefs and ideals that have driven you, encounter a shakeup this spring, as you cross the threshold into expressing who you have been becoming, in recent years of cautious exploration. You may have pictured yourself as the potter, but now you must also see yourself as the clay. Yet, in order for this new phase to begin an old one must decisively end. This is where Lacewing has a message for you. Fear of predation makes us reluctant to roam far from the safety of the nest. It’s like a whole predator/prey fear comes to dominate the psyche. We desire to be nurtured, not exposed to predation. When the world feels unsafe, we prefer to stay home. This is not about physical travel, so much as an expansion of competence, rather than over-reliance on a protector. Facing fears and taking risks this spring, begins the fateful process of emerging into a bolder existence.

2018 Annual Horoscope Part TwoGEMINI: The Fool announces a time of breaking free of ancient paths you have travelled and a leaving behind of older community configurations that neither energise you nor offer any further relevance. This goes in tandem with Snake pointing to a transmutation of your functioning on an energetic level. Moving from mundane concerns toward immersion into spiritual practices and bodily discipline parallels your commitment to new experiences of community and greater interpersonal depth of relating with significant peers. It is necessary for you to develop your core strength, in order to move into these new ventures. This is mind/body/spirit material on a different level to a self-help manual! All this is preparing you to take on a whole new vision of ‘security’. Snake instructs you that wisdom is a community business and you can no longer conceive of your home as a ‘fortress’. Home is your base, yes. It needs to be secure and comfortable, certainly. But, ‘opening up’ now means feeling safe and actually allowing certain others access to your inner sanctum.

As spring arrives, your spirit messenger Hornet, asks that you build upon the preparations of winter by consolidating your deep collaborations. Hornet is always social in nature and brings you a message about a community experience, based upon the depth of connection and shared purpose. This will be a profoundly healing experience for you and it will likely change your relationship to communities of women, profoundly. As Hornet makes hexagonal nest structures you should be open to collaboration especially with women who are Sun sign Aries and Sun sign Leo. From mid-May expect some kinds of disruptive exchanges between yourself and traditionally-minded women (perhaps within your family) who disapprove, or fail to understand, the direction your journey has taken over the past year. Being embedded in a community of supportive, like-minded peers, will help you as you seek to continue on the path of following your intuitive leanings and deepest passions, toward making a difference in the world. This is your initiation into the ‘wounded healer’ archetype.

2018 Annual Horoscope Part TwoCANCER: Badger helps you unearth all the judgments others have made about you and your work, which you internalised as self-doubt and questions about your path and the value of what you wish to transact as an expression of your life’s purpose. This constitutes the final ‘casting off’ of what significant people with influence over your life, have ‘imprisoned’ you with. You know that you are well equipped to meet most of life’s challenges and offer something unique to the world. Badger requests that you heal your core beliefs, at the outset of 2018, about others being inevitably overwhelming and harmful boundary crashers. Instead, Badger asks you to allow new ideas about collaboration not as ‘loss of power’ but rather, mutual enrichment and the expectation of win-win scenarios. Little leaps of faith are what you must enact. Small scale experiments and a new communicative flow will allow fresh energies to percolate like the ebb and flow of the tide you feel so very keenly. The Judgement card insists that such will revamp your experience of alliances.

Locust wishes to affirm the ways in which you have individuated within your vocational focus. It appears that you have struck out and secured much more personal freedom within your career activities. This is always the consequence of following inner leadings above external pressures to appear just like everybody else. You are certainly on the verge of reaping the benefits of energy investment in such alternative paths, whether that be with creative artefacts or scope and time for new projects. Nevertheless, Locust is making clear that such foundations that you have personally fashioned, now need to transform to accommodate the famous gregarious turn that is taken once the solitary specimens connect up with each other. This alchemy is birthed through contact increasing serotonin and transforming behaviours. Thankfully, although we can end up with plagues of locusts (and maybe even humans), this is not on the menu for you! It is simply that the next level of success in your existence sees you no longer able to “go it alone”. You begin to transform in tandem with others.

2018 Annual Horoscope Part TwoLEO: Something chafes away at your unconscious this year. Old complexes cry out to be resolved and integrated within your personality. Certainly, if you can adopt the characteristics of Giraffe this winter – feet on the ground, head in the sky, you will have unearthed a great secret/resource toward transcending old gremlins – which involved getting too worn down by life and too idealistic about the way out of that conundrum. Giraffe calls upon you to translate your ideals into lived realities, rather than using said values as a defence against all those factors you do not relish within your day-to-day experiences. In truth, this is all simply preparation for uncovering your soul’s purpose. Use every disruption and every experience of uncertainty/discomfort that confronts your most deeply held beliefs, as fuel toward real change, up until April. This will fertilise the soil for the changes of spring, where your transformed ideas about the world and changes implemented in your life, will be birthed as a fresh understanding of why you do what you do.

Transitioning from dark to light, from troubled waters to calm ones, from anxieties to peacefulness, are all possible this spring. But this is squarely down to you and how you manage the tension between the expansive parts of yourself and the more restrictive ones. This is a little like the battle between religious obligations and spiritual (faith-based) inspirations. I see ‘drudgery’ as something you do not wish to own – it is cut off in your shadow and you are called upon to reverse the polarity so that what is right becomes more prominent in your thinking than what is wrong. And it is Dragonfly that wishes to assist you with this game-changer. Dragonfly has powerful medicine for frustration. Strong associations with colour/light and capacity for dimension shifts, panoramic vision and flying backwards, all offer needed attributes this spring. Here comes the potential for real magic. Dragonfly says your expectations of negative outcomes must be purged. All your dreams lie on the other side of that transition. Finally, ditch the critical voice of mother!

2018 Annual Horoscope Part TwoVIRGO: This winter, Raccoon offers you the opportunity to be quite The Magician and to change direction completely, should you so wish. Such a change would involve a total transformation of thinking style. Thankfully, you do not require cognitive therapy to achieve this. You must simply harness life’s teachings to you in recent years. Raccoon says you must alter a belief about a role you continually seem to play. The seemingly ever-present chaos, all around you, has been a vital catalyst in showing you what is yours to own and what is not. At root, Raccoon’s medicine is the power to disregard people’s attitudes toward your unique life choices, which are based on both who you are and what you need. Where others have sought to pin you down into roles that suit their version of ‘reality’, be bold in changing these prescriptions, so releasing them without guilt. Emulate Raccoon, who is fierce when standing ground. Choose when any role feels valid. Such choosing heralds spring’s changes, when transforming old ideas will free your creativity as never before.

Taking on board other people’s stuff can be a very burdensome experience. Having a feeling of ‘specialness’ can seem very far away when you feel like a donkey! You’ll be relieved no doubt that it is not Donkey who is your guide over spring. Happily, it is Butterfly who accompanies you. A butterfly floats in a carefree fashion. It seems as if reality has just become too real over several long months of piling up pressures and demands. Your spark has disappeared along with your expectation for life to be much other than a juggling act. The lightness of spirit and a new vibrancy are offered you, but this will necessitate cutting off your attachment to your current state of dissatisfaction. Sure, there have been many a challenge, but it is vital that you reject any martyr role over the coming months. Instead, keep the focus on what makes you truly smile. The genuine smile is your most potent medicine now. A smile adds colour to a bland world and finesse to the dancing beat of the heart. This is what we truly live for. Butterfly asks “When did you forget that?” And helps you remember.

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2018 Annual Horoscope Part TwoLIBRA: Lizard suggests that there is a part of you that has always tripped you up. You have so far been unable to detach yourself from that aspect which has dominated your relationship experience. It looks like you ‘lived in the cracks’ and ‘survived off scraps’. A fresh sense of self, within your everyday experiences and relationships, demands that you let go of that aspect of your history, where the tail has wagged the dog! Other people have been too high a priority for you to truly focus on your own requirements. It is now time to do the repair work in your foundations, around self-nurture and self-belief, which underpin your truest security in the world. Being willing to bring yourself out of deep freeze and to experiment with what you truly wish to achieve in your life, is your medicine this winter. The lizard will help you regenerate and to face your fears and doubts about this journey of self-actualisation. Instead of seeking out unusual others or partnership configurations, it is time to project who you wish to be into your environment.

People misunderstand Crane-fly! The ‘mosquito hawk’ is often misperceived as having a bite or sting. It looks gangly and unimpressive and makes that weird noise when trapped in your bedroom with you at night. So misunderstood and so seemingly pointless, might you ever feel just a little like daddy long legs? The first thing to notice is that just like Lizard, Crane fly can sacrifice a part of itself that is compromising its safety. Again, you are required to maintain the emphasis of discarding old parts of you that no longer serve you. But the point is not survival here. Look at how it is perceived. Something harmless, that is considered unappealing, is thought to bite or sting. Here is a clear message about how easy you make things for other people. Instead, while you cannot change your external form, you can influence other people’s perception of you. Your tarot card for the year is The Emperor. This means your goal is to embody the characteristics of your opposite sign, Aries. Yet Crane-fly does no damage. You can assert yourself without others coming to harm!

2018 Annual Horoscope Part TwoSCORPIO: It looks rather like you have been holding back, instead of giving freely. Perhaps this is because you’ve had to conserve your resources. Maybe you feel you have had to sacrifice large parts of your creative side because of others’ practical demands. On top of this, there may have been resentment camped out in your heart. Deer says to you that you must release that resentment, just as you must stop sacrificing your creativity in favour of the needs of others. If you release both yourself and them, you will then be able to rise to every challenge with graciousness. Releasing of mundane pressures is going to become vital in spring when relationships begin to take on a “free me or lose me” feeling. Enslavement to ‘chores’ is finally feeling unsustainable. Deer brings you the vision of her freedom to explore the woodland, as both your birthright and your gift to others. This winter, recognise that everyone can win, but only when everyone has the scope to seek free and full self-expression. Be wary of those who do not truly desire that.

What is real and what is counterfeit? Mimicry and illusion serve all kinds of purpose. And sometimes we prefer a blindfold! The subtlest forms of illusion come when we misidentify. Think about ‘freedom’. Can it ever be strictly correlated to external conditions? Your familiar this spring is Firefly, who teaches you that true illumination comes only from inside you. Many folks adapt, rather than truly transform and you can never take your cues from the external presentation of others. It seems someone may have been ‘playing along’ with your wishes, so as to maintain a sort of fake harmony. That’s them, but so often we choose slavery whilst craving freedom. This is especially prominent in partnerships – where we experience such covert phenomena through a magnifying glass (of power struggles). Following your own light, in the final analysis, often means leaving imprisoning things behind. Firefly cautions that you recognise true freedom as being your choice, being vigilant not to misidentify your stuff as a partner’s because escape is not freedom.

2018 Annual Horoscope Part TwoSAGITTARIUS: You’ve reached the point on the journey where it is time to go inward to contemplate. This is very appropriate for wintertime. And this process is all about life mission as an expression of who you are on a soul level (something you’ve been working out these past three years). Your animal familiar on this three-month leg of your journey is Buffalo. Buffalo is here to show you that true freedom to roam always meets with practical restrictions and constraints. It appears as if you stand at a crossroads these next few months. Perhaps you do not really wish to look at this because it involves something very difficult. Your sense of responsibility may differ markedly from that of most other folks you know and so you must make a choice. Does responsibility restrict freedom? Or does true freedom encourage healthy responsibility? Buffalo asks you to remove your blindfold and see your mission to be role model for a new “way of freedom”. When we free each other, then there is an abundance for everyone. If only they knew.

In spring, your attitudes toward duty begin a phase of considerable testing. Humans have always domesticated animals to varying degrees. It’s funny how we resent that being done to ourselves. I’m not advocating that you become vegan here – but this may be one path you end up considering and implementing. Such would be a symbolic move by you, because you are in a place, energetically, where freedom can no longer remain as an ivory tower principle. The question that is uppermost in your psyche and which must be addressed is whether you are navigating life via a sense of obligation, or instead of following celestial leanings. This impulse for a different way will be supported this season by Sunset Moth. Often mistaken for the Swallowtail butterfly, you are being invited onto the pioneer path. What this means is inspiring others to follow your example, by becoming the brightest and best human being you can be, full of hope and positivity, in the face of stern challenges to your true path. Real freedom comes from within. How you tackle obstacles at this time will show others true liberation.

2018 Annual Horoscope Part TwoCAPRICORN: When you are diligent much energy is consumed in being attentive to details. You have many portents this year that intersect in a message about becoming fully grounded in yourself, balanced and fulfilled in your career and finally finding the kind of stability in your roots you have literally ached for. This is cosmic choreography at its best, even though, this is an inevitable alignment that will bring you ease and rest after a protracted struggle, this does not mean there is nothing that you must do. Your guide for winter is Koala. Talk about mellow! Laidback is not something you’ve likely been viewed as by others, since way back when. Koala is here to show you that this is something you should both look forward to and work at. Once the pressures ease, it would be easy to choose the familiar path by habit. What will help here, is Koala’s affinity for connection – a sense of memory, connection to Earth, protection and evolution. You are now called to nurture family life, social and career situations calmly. Your calm becomes everyone’s medicine… including your own.

Working together to raise the young and a productive division of labour, are characteristics of Bumble Bee. Here is an insect that must balance all aspects of its life so as to be an expression of its physiology. Good habits are promoted in hydration, respiration, locomotion, rest, feeding, nurturance and cooperation. This is a model for human vitality and is your guiding focus through spring. You must both embody these things and demonstrate their importance to others. You are particularly charged with building on the message of Koala by bringing balance and vitality to everything you influence. This, for you, will prove to be a welcome season. Not only because you are coming into your own, but because the healing begins of much heartache and disruption within your family karma, which goes back some way in time. You begin to transition from a state of permanent background angst, into the relaxation you have questioned would ever be possible. Perhaps most welcome is that the struggle to experience satisfying partnership can now be achieved, with past nightmares finally banished.

2018 Annual Horoscope Part TwoAQUARIUS: It is all about perception for you this winter, Aquarius. And your guide on that journey is Moose. Moose teams up with The High Priestess to emphasise the role of water within your perceptual apparatus. As an air sign, you usually take your cues about knowledge and wisdom by reflecting on stimulating concepts. But Moose says that it is now time to take a dip into the waters to strengthen both your intuition and bodily perceptions about reality. Don’t worry, you will not drown. And your antlers will still offer that intellectual and problem-solving brilliance you uniquely display… you will not lose anything – only add one more string to your bow! Your ‘antlers’ have also been your protection in the past. But now you face a different sort of challenge than hostility and threat. You are called upon to face your fears about having too much close contact in messy human affairs. It is part of your passage now to get more acquainted with those elements of human living you’d traditionally find vulgar. You go into the abyss to learn. You won’t have to reside there forever.

Whenever the mind races in a seemingly endless loop, we can lose touch with very many other ways of interfacing with reality. The mind is a very powerful tool but a very demanding master, if we allow it to crowd out other aspects of our being. No matter how successful you were in utilising the lessons of Moose, there may be residual material to clear out from habits of a lifetime. And this is where Ladybird can help you to regenerate your fundamental orientation in the world – that orientation begins where your feet make contact with the ground. All the work you do until Mid-May is preparing you for a fundamental reworking of the foundations of your whole existence. The more proactively you work with these energies, the easier you will find the work of reconfiguring. Remember, denial is powerful. We often have reasons for not looking at our life format in the present, whenever patterns were forged in an unpalatable past. We worry about raking it all up, numbing out instead. Entry into your higher potentials requires a different relationship both to your body and your experience of the mother.

2018 Annual Horoscope Part TwoPISCES: What do you value and how hard are you prepared to secure the things you value? You can work hard and you can work smart. And, as everybody should know by now, smarter gets the plaudits and the rewards many times. There are six gratifying months of fulfilment awaiting you. The Empress promises abundance. Nevertheless, this is not especially about the traditional understanding of material blessings. You have much of that in hand. Instead, you choose a new path this winter and you make a choice. Black Panther grants you a different relationship to material reality and how you navigate relationships. It’s a different universe that’s inhabited once you detach from the dominance of money and open your eyes to all the alternative human and natural currencies. Making such a choice enables you to travel light enough on new experiential adventures that have the potential to thrill your soul. That is true abundance and it is available to you, should you have the courage to silence all the voices, both around you and in your head, that suggest you may have lost touch with reality. Far from it.

As spring lands, we see you thinking of branching out into new projects and new styles of communication and engagement with others. Having learned to be less attached to conventional structures and methods of living and mingling, you free up energy to move differently. This enables you to approach a more meditative and reflective relationship to your own existence. Why was it that you seek security in material objects, more than in enriching contacts with interesting people? That will soon be a purely academic question! Once you disconnect from the mainstream and begin to chart your unique, unfettered path, Hoverfly darts in to meet you and initiate you to a higher vibration of contact with every living entity that surrounds you. I’d recommend studying hoverflies if you are so inclined. They have much to teach you. Maybe even consider Hoverfly as your totem. This period of your life is about communing with every entity, speaking in a language beyond words. Even if you retain a fondness for material trappings, I’m sure you can feel like asking for more. And there is more!

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