2018 Annual Horoscope - Part One by Alex


Welcome to your 2018 annual horoscope – part one


A new year is dawning and the turning of yet another page. How do you feel about that? Are your sentiments nostalgic or sad, perhaps because of a year that carried significant losses? Or are you feeling excited at the prospects of green shoots of emerging new life and opportunity? Maybe, given the complexities and richness of human experience, it is a little of both. Wherever you are positioned on the turning Wheel of Fortune, 2018 is upon us and what it will bring will be something it might be nice to have a clue about. And this is where your annual reading comes in, in two parts.

Part One is pure astrology. In this reading, I will present you with the core challenges and opportunities for your year – this will help you be prepared and equip you to navigate better than flying completely blind. In Part Two, I will be using a hybrid of astrology, tarot, runes and animal archetype augury, to give you a little more detail regarding the seasonal themes that will embroider the general picture for the year, with those tantalising details. The two approaches complement each other effectively to cover the bases for the year. Why not take a retrospective at both your 2017 readings to see just how it all works and to gauge how the readings fit your actual experiences?

I use varying methods in approaching the writing of the annual forecasts. It is easier to be intuitive with the monthlies. More research and extended reflection and synthesis are required to make sense of a one year period. The planet Jupiter takes around a year to transit each sign of the zodiac. And this makes it a reliable guide for our annual trek, each time it dawns. Archetypally, Jupiter resonates with both The Wheel of Fortune in tarot and the harvest rune, Jera. All of these speak about reliable human cycles and their connection to seasonal/physical cycles. Outwith Jupiter, this coming year sees a significant series of connected heavyweight planet shifts and I factor these into your first instalment of the annual.

Saturn occupies Capricorn (which it rules) from 20/12/2017 and it will remain there for three years. Centaur planet Chiron leaves Pisces for Aries on April 17th after a seven-year tenure and Uranus leaves Aries for Taurus on May 15th, also after a seven-year stay. Saturn, Chiron and Uranus are intertwined for a number of astronomical and astrological reasons. In essence, these shifts are all focused on transforming awareness within different, but interconnected, areas of life.

Basically, Chiron provides a bridge between the unconscious drivers behind many of our actions (Uranus) and the conscious plane of our daily experiences and the horizon of what is visible to us (Saturn). Chiron brings the unconscious into the arena of the conscious, in order for us to process stuff, so that we can live more purposefully. With three major sign shifts of these cosmic actors, we have a picture of both seismic challenge and opportunity. With Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio most of the year, we have a further snapshot of death/resurrection imagery. Is this cause for concern? Not really… unless you have an unquenchable addiction to remaining stuck!

Nobody said that you have to fly. I just now (from my bedroom window) witnessed a magpie (symbol of light and dark, conscious and unconscious), walk resolutely along a moss-covered, dry stone wall then drop down into some undergrowth. Sometimes there are steps to take that necessitate the avoidance of shortcuts. Every stride on that journey is significant. The seemingly ‘impossibly daunting’ task of looking up at Everest’s pinnacle from its base and imagining climbing it, might be considered an exercise in self-defeat. Scale it down. Decide that things can shift for you this year and have faith that the cosmos will assist you with your intentions to reach new heights in your life, based on discarding old, no longer relevant, baggage, from a life that no longer fits who you are capable of becoming today. As you change, the world changes imperceptibly with you. When we all do our bit, the world can alter significantly. Here’s to transformation and a bright 2018 for one and all.

Here is the link to 2018 Annual Horoscope -Part Two

Enjoy your 2018 Annual Horoscope – Part One.

With love

Alex ❤

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2018 Annual Horoscope Part TwoARIES:

One of the differences distinguishing western and eastern astrological systems involves a distinction between the eternal and the ephemeral – or for you especially this year, the soul level and the personality level. The message appears to be that your very vocation, the direction of your life in recent years, has been to shift from your personality to your soul. Uranus has been like the rake and hoe used to break up the solid earth. Personalities can easily become rigid through conflicts and clashes with others and this does not serve soulful Aries functioning particularly well. A dogmatism can grow over time that becomes like enamel. The deeper possibilities can get lost. Chiron arrives in your sign on April 17th as the awakener. Dormant seeds finally acquire their opportunity to be nourished by water, air, nutrients and light. What are the ‘spiritual’, visionary and creative parts of yourself that you may have dismissed in the past as impractical fantasies? This year, you begin to allow these deeper aspects of you to emerge. Saturn in your solar 10th house of Capricorn will be offering you the impetus to build new structures around these creative impulses. Your energy will find unbridled expression once you are able to recognise this as your new mission and trust it fully. I can assure you that this is going to feel extremely alien to you at first because it runs counter to every belief you ever developed to ensure that you are seen as a “practical, common sense person”. But I’m wagering that although your mind will be resistive, your heart truly understands that this has been on the cards ever since you realised that your personality is no longer sufficient to contain YOU. You must grow now, because the alternative is unattractive. Moreover, Jupiter suggests that sacred contracts with others will support you in this transition on a soul level, so welcome in those you can sense offer you that added dimension. Let go of who you were, in 2018, and welcome the excitement of who you are truly destined to become!

Annual Horoscope 2019 - by AlexTAURUS:

There is you and then there is ‘the world’. Have you been a spectator or a participant? This is no idle question. As a child, you peer out into a world. Those early experiences serve to shape your view of what the world is and your place within it. Taurus is a fixed sign. Can you see where I’m going with this? Since late 2011 you’ve likely been questioning those outlooks, as Uranus has been systematically breaking up ancient perceptions of ‘reality’. Interestingly, it is easier to dismantle ideas about the world than it is to reconfigure your personality – which, naturally, would be experienced as ‘death’. You face the end of the defence mechanism of all defence mechanisms. Once Chiron enters Aries in mid-April, you’ll begin to notice that what you imagined to be the hard work, was simply preparation for the required change. Newsflash: Challenging a fixed view of the world does not transform you! Defence mechanisms are designed to make things okay, but that can never work when you are fundamentally not okay. Once Uranus enters your sign on May 15th (with the Sun already there), the process of becoming your fullest self, launches. You will no longer be able to fake it. Preparation is advisable. However, the truly reassuring news is that key partnerships will be both a mirror and practical help to you at this time… you are not alone! Your very first requirement is to be pliable. ‘Go with’ suggestions of partners during this phase. The more uncomfortable these suggestions feel, the better. But the key is not the discomfort, rather acting upon things. Saturn, in your solar 9th house for three years, is teaching you that you are what you do. The building of the ‘new improved’ you, requires concerted activities that are no longer attempts to defend against an external threat. Neither will it be sufficient to be any kind of guru or wise teacher at this time. This year, you MUST journey from the ‘safety’ of your head into wider worlds. Refuse and you will find every fear you ever entertained making its home inside your comfort zone. It’s cold in there!

Annual Horoscope 2019 - by AlexGEMINI:

Faith in other human beings – what a vexed question! Oh, how wonderful it would be if we could rely on the hope in our hearts for “peace on Earth, goodwill to all men”. Alas, it would appear that there has been considerable pain for you in this area. Your core communities and their connection to your highest aspirations for a fulfilled life have been shaken by Uranus over seven years. Here is a key question for you: How far had your adult expectations been based on childhood disappointments that morphed into naïve visions? It’s never pleasant when dreams are found to be illusions. Chiron wishes to work the soil that Uranus raked up. You may find yourself going deeper into childhood territory. People may appear this year, who embody aspects of those early disappointments – this is all designed to bring the unconscious material onto your radar for clearing out ancient karma. I suspect that rejection by peer groups (maybe even severe bullying) when younger, made you a less than willing participant within group dynamics. It’s likely that your independence is largely based upon such hurts. You may have reinvented your relationship to your core communities in recent years, all of which proved useful, as you separated the wheat from the chaff. This purification period is a vital correlate, however, to you going deeper with other human beings. And Saturn’s move into your solar 8th house of Capricorn is exactly bringing such requirements to your door. You see that you are not powerless any more but the goal this year is to begin to function by no longer avoiding the intertwining that interpersonal depth demands of you. Hint: When we fear our capacity to be a genuine equal, we regularly seek out gurus, or even attempt to function as somebody else’s! Beware such common snares, masquerading as spiritual questing. You are called upon by Jupiter to forsake the lofty and instead to become ‘master of the mundane’ – that’s where ‘the masses’ are and that is where you are called to be, not as a guru but as co-creator and role model.

Annual Horoscope 2019 - by AlexCANCER:

The tenth and sixth houses in astrology are related. An easy way of seeing their connection is to understand that the tenth house is where you reap the fruits of your ‘career’ aspirations, from your application to the everyday details of the ‘day job’. Saturn has been the taskmaster with the daily detail since 2014, while Uranus has been reshaping your career focus with a fresh, creative impetus, since 2010. Sign shifts involving Saturn and Uranus are emphasising that you cannot maximise your success when your life is managed ‘in compartments’. Even if that has been your approach in the past and it has secured some successes, it implies a defensive relationship to your existence. Yet your goal is pleasure in living. The key problem for you has been lack of those who truly support (or even understand) your core values. Collaboration is going to be crucial to your projects over the coming seven years; collaboration at ALL levels – but it starts with close partners. “No man is an island” (John Donne – 1624) and self-reliance can become our drug of choice. What will drive these dynamics will be your best, creative vocational ideas, coming on strong. They need a vehicle in order to manifest – and that vehicle is collaboration. But there is a process of ‘letting go’ that involves confidence. Doubt, felt within, often gets planted there by all those people carrying their own fears and projecting them all onto you. Such things can seriously undermine your sense of authority and confidence. Once Chiron moves into your tenth house (in mid-April, one month before Uranus leaves it), you are called to begin unearthing all those ways in which ‘authority’ figures judged your daily efforts and pronounced them ‘wanting’. One of your reluctances in collaboration is around boundaries, feeling overwhelmed and being overpowered. You are delicate (not fragile) and you must understand and own your power with true authority (including faith in your ideas) before you can express confidently. Reworking this can be your joy in 2018!

Annual Horoscope 2019 - by AlexLEO:

Where do we acquire knowledge about the world? And how are we able to determine whether or not said knowledge will prove reliable? Experience is both a great teacher and a poor master. You have to shape a productive relationship to your own experience, whereby you can remain ‘in the present’. You must allow new information from your experiences to challenge older conclusions you have drawn from transacting life. Life provides both highs and lows but Jupiter in Scorpio is asking you to reconceive your sense of who you are and what makes you secure, in regard to all those ‘lessons’ you thought life had taught you. My feeling is that you allowed the experience to be the master which has turned you into its slave. It seems that the past six years have seen you immersed in experiences which have challenged that particular status quo. And yet, although you have risen to the challenge of making new discoveries, my sense is that you’ve yet to translate your findings into a reconfigured sense of self. The past three years, in particular, have seen you doing the ‘hard yards’ that have seemed quite devoid of pleasure! As Saturn transits your sixth house, you will find that the work you’ve done thus far (on challenging old patterns), will help you consolidate real change and new daily living formats, more aligned with who you are becoming (and actually wish to be in this world). This amounts to maximising the life you have been given and finally making it work in your favour, rather than feeling bossed by circumstance. In mid-April, you begin a new chapter wherein you finally come to understand how far old beliefs about ‘how the world is’ have limited your prospects. Although this is a sobering moment, do not worry! These changes are not designed to cause you grief. The purpose of noticing these things is to free you into new energetic possibilities. Your ultimate success in the world will require liberation from old fears so that you can stride forward confidently, rather than procrastinate or dwell in crippling doubt. Apply yourself in 2018 to the idea that your highest self-expression is your truest mission.

Annual Horoscope 2019 - by AlexVIRGO:

Where did your ideas about relationships and attachments really come from? Notwithstanding this being a complex matter, based on subtleties (and not-so-subtle) of early experiences, we get a clue from the current planetary configuration along with shifts over the coming months. In recent years you’ve been battling to reconfigure your sense of security around identity and ‘home’. Maybe when we were children the notion of “heaven on Earth” might have felt like a description of what a home should feel like. With Uranus and Chiron working your houses of serious relating, it has been inevitable that deep material (with an ancient quality) has been touched upon, by events forcing the questioning of primary attachments. Whenever such transits are in the mix, with such a configuration of house impacts, a keyword is ‘upheaval’. All attachment issues are at root connected to ‘death fears’ or, if you like, the most primal layers of our being. In many ways, the seriousness is set to continue – but you do have cosmic allies and power to shape some new developments. This can feel a bit like taking off the thumbscrews! In many respects, this is possible because the past three years have seen you successfully rework your sense of self. The power dynamic in your significant relationships has been under the spotlight and you’ve had to look at how and why you do and don’t assert yourself in key scenarios – one of the popular descriptions of which is “who wears the trousers?” While you may continue to face major parental challenges you hoped would’ve eased by now, you can certainly hope to experience more liberated interpersonal relating. Remember that funny old word “romance”? Prioritise that amid any serious matters this year – consistently remember to make time for loving, adult connection that is fun. You will begin to feel the activity of Uranus in your solar 9th house, demanding you revise your beliefs about what shapes your world. Jupiter will assist you greatly if you seed the new life patterns Uranus prods for.

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Annual Horoscope 2019 - by AlexLIBRA:

Transacting unusual and unconventional patterns of relationship can help give us the illusion that we are internally free. The psychological fireworks show that ensues, provides a great distraction from discomfort on a deep, feeling level. To be sure, there is merit in the unusual and a liveliness that can help us fend off feelings of emptiness inside. But after several years of that particular trip, the veneer can wear thin. It’s time to go deeper. Relationships at their best, function as a clear mirror, which can show us many things about our inner terrain. The first thing Chiron wishes to support you with from mid-April is the ceasing of projection. All those things which you have been unable to face within yourself (especially confidence issues) must be taken back and owned for what they are. You do not really desire an ‘alternative lifestyle’ from where I am sitting. Indeed, Saturn residing in your solar 4th house of Capricorn over the next three years is instead encouraging you to cement and consolidate your foundations when it comes to physical space, structures and relating process as connected to your sense of inner security. The whole point of such preparations is that in being honest with yourself you can hope to accomplish something of vital importance to you; namely materialising the most important thing that you desire for your life. What resources have been missing from your life? Please remember that love and human contact are a resource, even if it is not customary to think of them in such functional terms. It’s finally time to stop running the scripts about what you are “supposed to want”. You do not need to disguise your deepest desires behind ‘realism’. You have perfected the art of service and its shadow side is failing to serve yourself. This year it is time to embrace the possibilities of complete self-reinvention. But for this to happen you must stop seeing ‘the other’ as a counterpart to your defences around trusting. Bad energy is drawn to bad energy. Raise the bar. Chase what feels good!

Annual Horoscope 2019 - by AlexSCORPIO:

Humans are capable of anything and you are human. Sometimes, rather than allowing such a disturbing thought into our minds, we allow ourselves to be enslaved in guilt. The same energy that allows us potentially to scale the heights, permits us to plummet into the depths. What would happen if that energy were allowed free rein and unrestricted expression? Can society afford scores of folk the opportunity to go with their impulses? The question for you this year is whether you continue to self-censor, or instead challenge comfort zones. You know what you are capable of, but it is perhaps the darker side of that equation that has been uppermost in your psyche. It is actually quite safe to remain a slave! Especially if that excepts you from reaching for something that may lead to any kind of failure. It is easier to work hard, keep your head down, conform and win the approval of superiors than to branch out on your lonesome and take the risk of being labelled a ‘failure’, or worse, a ‘renegade’. What you must ask yourself, when you question what your limits might be, is whether it is fear of rejection, fear of misunderstanding, or fear of being ‘less than perfect’ that curtails any impulse to free yourself into soaring high. Jupiter in your sign for most of 2018, insists that you confront the shadow side of what expansion might bring about. In a word, this means asking what you feel you stand to lose. It is only when you face a reckoning on that question that you will be able to make a clear and decisive choice about what is going to become the focus of your life mission for the foreseeable future. All this will not be made any easier with Saturn challenging areas of communication and how you take authority over these areas of life. Expect people in authority to resist your process of transcending old limits. They do not understand your journey and see it only superficially. You are much deeper than that. Concern yourself in 2018 only with a restructuring of your operational thinking about your highest possibilities.

Annual Horoscope 2019 - by AlexSAGITTARIUS:

Do all the gods have feet of clay? In fact, might it not be a vital qualification for any god that they do? After all, to err is human; to forgive divine. But how can you know the importance of forgiveness, unless you have erred? Healing our own ‘darkness’ is perhaps the single, most important, aspect of the quest to be truly human. From where I am sitting, it looks very much as if your journey these past three years has involved consolidation of such lessons, as they related to security versus self-expression. It feels as if freedom of expression has required the space (over many months) to challenge any traditional notions of security you may have been clinging onto. Lust, decadence and using other people for pleasure is an ever-present reality for many people that often hide (or at least minimises) the consequences of conducting oneself that way. Manipulation is a given of much human experience. Can an angel of light EVER have been on the dark side? Well, this is how many humans learn… if they choose to. It seems to me that perhaps you may have ‘been there’ in recent times, as a necessary step to liberating yourself from the moulds of conventional moralities. Certainly, freeing yourself from the demands of others feels like the natural next step. It is so easy for humans to enslave others with their needs and expectations. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Now you come to realise that the wheel turns whichever way it will and sometimes you are ahead, sometimes behind. In order to be truly free yourself, you must give others their freedom. Freedom is a principle that has no room for insecurity within it. In 2018 you begin to understand that your journey is that of the pioneer. Nobody’s freedom must come at the expense of anyone else’s. To allow freedom at any cost is the highest form of non-attachment. Your mission to enjoy the fullness of your own unfolding purpose demands that you be an avatar – one who shows the way home. It is finally time to embody all the lessons you’ve learnt.

Annual Horoscope 2019 - by AlexCAPRICORN:

At what point does security become rigidity? This is a concept to analyse, yet it is more truly answered experientially. When you cease identifying security with rigidity, what you find is that previously trapped energy is released – and Uranus is the great releaser, allowing us to shapeshift into Harry Houdini! Quite literally, Uranus may well have ‘forced’ multiple disruptions and even shifts in your physical spaces called ‘home’ since 2010. But beneath all the (seismic) outward movements, there has been necessary disruption to your sense of security, because it has been locked into external appearances. Security and foundations must have internal coherence and consistency before the external structures can offer any real and durable containment (and durable is what you are after). Before Uranus shifts sign in mid-May, Chiron joins it in Aries – and here Chiron offers to take all those disruptions and heal the security wounds over the coming several years. That process will be aided and abetted by your ruler Saturn being in your own sign. This is like your self becoming your true home – alignment. Saturn rules the bone structure, so start with your body as a sacred priority when it comes to ‘housing’. With longstanding security issues finally loosening their grip over your daily focus, you will be liberated into a different set of possibilities in relating to the folk at every level. Firstly, Jupiter is offering positive prospects of expansive, shared visions within significant communities you inhabit. This year, you will notice that it is more difficult, more effective and more rewarding to lead not “from the front” but from the side. Your role becomes more to motivate and inspire than excel with ‘personal’ achievements. In May, Uranus moving into Taurus heralds a much freer time of exploring your self-expression through relating more spontaneously – there may also be shifts in ‘parental’ roles, with the development of young people becoming prominent. In 2018 you become the person you were always meant to be.

Annual Horoscope 2019 - by AlexAQUARIUS:

You need ‘freedom to move’ – why is that and, more importantly, where did that requirement come from? It would appear that you’ve had a history of seeing restriction as originating from outside yourself. One of the persistent sources of restriction from outside is other people’s expectations. And so our focus can come to rest on that, almost like some form of dread. Now think about the areas where you may have internal restrictions (imposed by yourself actually). My feeling is that your values maybe a little more wild and decadent than you have been allowing them to be. Aquarius can have a highly moralistic view of things like manners, decency and etiquette – basically how other people (and yourself) are supposed to conduct themselves. There is nothing wrong with this as such! It’s just that behind that particular choice lies erotic energy, one you may be quite terrified of. What do you do with your sensual side? Does it even make any sense to you? One of the persistent challenges Aquarius faces is that of remaining more comfortable learning ‘in the head’ (e.g. hypothetical scenarios) than in the trenches (where you might get unutterably dirty). Well, it’s all about ‘dirt’ for you this year. Think about soil and all the essential nutrients it contains – well that is where the nutrients are that you need in 2018. Fear of contamination (especially by others) has left your boundary (and sense of self) somewhat less fluid than it ideally might be. Think here of the concept of osmosis from biology. The membrane separating you and the world needs to become more permeable now. It seems that certain ‘voices of authority’ from the past retain a hold over you and your values. Your commitment to purity has soiled your life force in some ways. Over the next three years, you are to tie up loose ends that have hampered your paths to true wholeness. This year, Jupiter holds up a mirror to you saying “Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to discover that which is precious within the slurry.” What is visceral is truly human. Explore it all!

Annual Horoscope 2019 - by AlexPISCES:

What is truly important to you has transformed over the past seven years. You just might have noticed how material constraints can be significantly hindering of free movement. It’s likely you’ve shed old values about physical possessions, but this year it is time to experience releasing your material attachments as a form of exploration – in other words, it is time to rewire your consciousness into a much more expansive space of experimental travel and ‘learning by doing’, especially doing differently. Chiron begins to rework your ideas about money and its purpose, starting mid-April. The key is not so much to ‘give away all your goods to the poor’ as it is to notice the life possibilities that can be opened up, once a material resource is utilised expansively, rather than being viewed from a vantage point of fear of loss. Identifying with your attachments is no longer going to provide any sense of meaningful security. The calling of the past three years in terms of your life mission has demanded that your values have a quality of ‘devotion to the cause’ and in recent months it has likely dawned on you that such devotion has a quality more of faith than religion. Faith is always a journey taking you someplace else. You are not called upon to appease either God or your parents, by your acts of devotion to your mission. Nope! You have been preparing for a phase where all the fruits of what you have been learning are to be brought to the table and shared with your most significant communities. Your quest over the next three years is to be as Jesus when he fed the five thousand with five loaves and two fish. Remember, Jesus also fed four thousand with seven loaves. The point is that the less you are attached to the material factors and the more to faith in the mission you are on, the greater the provision will be. You are to be a source of nourishment to your peers this year. This does not mean you are at the ‘back of the queue’. Your payoff in 2018 is growth in maturation and wisdom – all coming from freeing yourself from routine and opening out.

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